Setting a PC shop

  • I've been wondering the last few months how could one go officially about setting a shop in one of Narfell's settlements that is only oriented towards PCs, and that is more than a on-the-fly flea market, as in, something more settled down and accessible to anyone at any time.

    For example, a scroll shop, or a potion shop, where only PCs can buy stuff (but not sell), and you have only as much stock as you produce yourself. Meaning, no unlimited stock such as NPC shops. If you have 10 potions of something, then you can only sell 10 potions until you restock them.

    Would in this case a forum post with some trashed GP fee suffice, where seller and buyer just find a way to meet IG? Or is it possible to purchase/rent a property where the shop would be set, and you get access to manage a NPC inventory where you can deposit the goods that will be sold to the PCs, set the prices, and gather the benefits?

  • Alvaniel and Gnarl are interested in opening a shop/quarters in Peltarch. With the rebuilding process and the new influx of adventurers a shop with everything from arrows to armor and the likes. Please advise.

  • Legion

    I think getting something like this scripted is very unlikely. It would take a lot of work from the dev team.

    I'd recommend attacking it from a different angle.

    1. Get a PS chest.
    2. Get multiple copies of the key.
    3. Hire PCs, give them keys.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.

    If something like this took off in interest I'd be willing to look into setting up a private forum for organizing prices. I'd also be willing to look into setting up a building to work out of if things really picked up. (Think guild activity requirements ;))

  • Yeah, I don't want to think of anything overcomplicated. I know how much bureucracy it takes to get a simple merchant NPC imported IG.

    I'm interested in both knowing if it's possible and what would be the IC requeriments/cost to get it running.

  • There would be some cost associated with this I assume (the rent of the store, the payment of the staff members that do the selling). Maybe a 40-50% "cost of doing business" rate?

  • @d2aabf21f1=Emerwyn:

    where only PCs can buy stuff (but not sell), and you have only as much stock as you produce yourself.

    I think Emer is suggesting the merchant doesn't need gold reserves at all, since he's not buying, just selling.

  • I thought of this myself.

    But where I could set custom buy and sell rates for potions, and the only stock would be what I put in, and what people sell to the potion merchant. Would be the same for the gold reserves, merchant only has as much coin available to buy as I put in and that's collected from the potion sales. Then I could take profits out of the till as I desire them.