Archon's Band

    Played Since: Late September 2004


    Warpriest of Tempus
    Played since: March 2009

    Inventory - Most commonly carried:
    Chaplain's Battle Armor
    A fine heavy plate armor, engraved with a number of liturgical phrases.
    Supposedly, it was earned by Hammer after an assault into the Abyss itself.

    Tempus Fury
    A well-balanced and wickedly sharp battleaxe, common among the faithful of Tempus. Taken from the remains of the leader of a hobgoblin warband that attacked Norwick, and against which Hammer lead a counter-attack.

    The Glaive of Time
    An ancient-looking glaive. According to myth, it has existed since before even Toril did, created by a long-gone deity as an anchor of the timeline. If so, its power has waned since then, though it still retains the ability to temporarily speed up someone.. or perhaps it slows time down around them.

    A light bow, originally of Romani make.

    Shield of Light(ness)
    A radiant large shield, made of a steel-mithril alloy. Part of the spoils recovered from one of the deep raids near Firthram's Colony, it provides the much-needed protection from arrows Hammer needs.

    Dread Cariboo Helm
    Recovered from a demi-plane of fire. Nothing's quite as scary while you wear this helmet.

    Firthtram's Gift
    A dark-red, heavy cloak that was gifted to Hammer as a reward for helping destroy Nightfall.

    Holy Symbol of Tempus
    A rather simple, steel holy symbol on a pendant. Perhaps it's an enchanted trinket, or perhaps it simply reinforces Hammer's faith. Either way, he always feels more confident while he wears it.

    Dodger's Bane
    A belt set with a peculiar red gem, which is lined with arcane runes.

    Rings of Battlefury
    Two rings, originally created by frost giants to honour Tempus, that can whip anyone wearing them into a rage. Hammer's never been known to actually use them.

    Armory - Stored away:
    Pneumatic Hammer
    A large hammer of gnomish design, that can crush just about anything.

    Cold Iron Blade
    A Cormyran sword, enchanted to be used against devils and demons.

    Black Network Plate of Defence
    Hammer's old armor, dented and worn, and still kept in storage.

    Battlepriest of Gond, Alchemist and Military Engineer/Demolitionist
    Played Since: September 2005

    Retired: Turned traitor during the N'Jast war, destroying the Peltarch Senate with a stolen Legion "doomsday device", as well as causing a great amount of collatoral damage with his "Shrieker" rockets. Also lead an attack on the then-gypsy camp that saw the majority of the Guard's leadership killed. Retreated from Narfell with a small band of converted N'Jastan soldiers.

  • Thomas Haley


    Time in Narfell: Since August 2005

  • Westran

    Retired. Left for better hunting grounds.

    Time in Narfell: Since June 2005

  • Devath (Nars Trader)


    Time in Narfell: Since Mid February 2005