• Eluriel Triallan'ravan

    Home and Location

    Eluriel and Meril's Tree House.

    A little way north of the Long Road, a narrow path relatively free of undergrowth winds through the trees.

    Following it for a few minutes brings you to a pretty tree-lined glade that is peaceful save for the noise of its waterfall and playful fey.

    Off to one side, supported by platforms and slings there is a two level dwelling among the branches of a Phandar tree. A strong hemp rope runs up the knobby central trunk to a locked hatchway granting access to the home.

    Wolves of Narfell
    Circle of Quercatha Terr
    Sheshae en’ i’Seldarine
    Order of the Divine Shield

    Custom Items
    Keenshot (reskined bow)
    Nephilim's Ring (Awakened) (plot item)
    Holy Symbol of Solonor (enchanted arrow head)
    Blended Animal Musk (encahanted necklace)
    Solonor's Grace (enchanted ring)
    Kuvriel (plot item)
    Toolkit (enchanted belt)
    Conical Earring (enchanted earring)
    Cloak of the People (enchanted cloak)
    Keen Eye Glasses (enchanted helm)
    Firthram's Gift (belt)
    Pendant of Detection (enchanted necklace)
    Scout Knife - Left and Right (enchanted daggers)
    Wilderness Knife - Left and Right (enchanted daggers)
    Head Scratcher of Inspiration (enchanted bracelet)
    Less Important Loop (enchanted belt)

    Time in Narfell
    Since late August 2004

    The Complete List

    OK, so I have a pack rat. All this stuff is what Eluriel carries on her person, along with arrows, potions, scrolls, traps, all the day to day stuff, and often crafting equipment. Er… and lots of containers.

    Each category is in date order.

    Greenleaf Formerly owned by someone who was eaten by the daughter of Enna San Sarab.

    Daeldil’s boots of Elvenkind Shop bought, but mostly paid for by Amith (El’s best friend and another person who was forever hearing Eluriel trying to be quiet)
    Velharn Map Competition Prize

    Keen Eye Glasses (glasses) (enchanted helm)
    Self enchanted from:
    Hawkeye Helm From the goodies given out by a dwarf who helped with the mighty quest to stop the ancient evil god Sottoth being resurrected. This was also the time a certain Tormish cleric cast heal on a construct thinking it was undead 😉 (reskinned, glasses)
    Tiara of Light: Yellow An ornate tiara bought from the Star Elves of Sildeyuir.

    Belt of Herbs I can’t remember where I heard about this one. I remember checking all the shops for it fruitlessly. Finally got it from Nico’s assistant Perennia Colfax in the Boarshead.
    Utility Belt Craziness running around after a super sneaky kobold in the scalesinger cave.
    Toolkit Enchanted belt. No history here, just used a plan mw crafted belt.
    Firthram's Gift There's a rumour caravan thread about the plot this is from.
    Less Important Loop Companion item to the Head Scratcher of Inspiration.

    Blended Animal Musk ::Wolf Howl:: My first Wolf Hunt after I’d joined, with Ohtar, Chiero and Ashen. Aelhaearn, Coal and Uthgar Son of Rathgar came too. We met lots of goblins, and a bugbear! And a crate of goodies, my pick being the Animal Musk I’ve since used as the base for an enchantment. We all came out of there at least half dead. Some more like 9-10ths dead by the time we got to the druid glen to recuperate.
    Amulet of Natural Armour This was appropriated from some undead following a near death experience in Jiyyd’s spider cave.
    Scarab of the Ice Queen From the bottom of a dungeon.
    Thieves Pick Shop Bought.
    Pendant of Detection Self enchanted wooden pendant. Her regular necklace.

    Cloak of the People Self enchanted.

    Elven Guard Bracers One of my favourite events, this one for the Shesae. My little elf under the influence of a moonblade charging into a room of orc destroyers. That’s what gave her the silver streak in her hair. Wielding a moonblade not of your family is Bad. Oh, she had a melee ac of 22 at the time. It was great!
    Greater Gloves of Animal Handling A present from Amith. I have no idea how she got them. El's old panter companion, Araukan (elven for ‘Swift One’) remained pretty wild, but she used to be impossible – would run off whenever anyone smiled in her general direction, or laughed anywhere remotely near her. Even El! With the calming scent of these gloves, she became a whole lot more manageable 🙂 Very cool.
    Gaultlets of Ogre Power Bought from a friend to be used against those very ogres in their name (and other giant kin).
    Head Scratcher of Inspiration It's a charm bracelet. But! Was out crafting and Z found something he couldn't mine, scratched his head, then tried again as if he'd be able to after scratching. Then he scratched again as if he thought scratching a second time would give insight as to why scratching the first time hadn't worked! Got talking to Sy'wyn and the Head Scratcher of Inspiration was thus named by him.

    Rings (lol what a list)
    Ring of Scholars (2) Shop bought – but oh what a palaver! Back in the day, El could not cope with ‘The City’. Heck, it’s only this month she’s started calling it Peltarch. In my first year of play she went through those gates a grand total of 6 times. She’d just sit under a tree outside the gates and wait. And wait and wait. To get the ring was the second of those I think. Amith bought ‘woman’s prismatic’ clothing at the same time. Ewwwwwwww! The second was purchased much later, and without the drama.
    Ring of Languages – Common I love this ring! Great event. Various people at the south fire, and Evil Malarite Mecc, the new Chancellor of Norwick, announces that he’s off to pick up something from Skara’s for Jandor – Ironwood – and that it’s to be taken from the Yuan-ti, also announcing that the treaty is ended. Well, not letting any stinking Malarite walk through the woods without keeping an eye on them!!! And perfectly happy to shoot at the race who’d declared a blood hunt on her, El joined up with Mecc, Mariston, Zoma, Orc Man, Elord, Kull, Merin Wyvernspell and Shard Rhal. We found the Yuan-ti breeding chamber with orgres who’d put a statue there that stopped the breeding. There was a bit of a mystery after that. A heated debated over what to do with the statue resolved to leave it there. Later there came suspicion that Merin may have sequestered the stone on his person somehow. Never found out for sure. Anyhows, along with the ironwood and the statue and whatever else was this ring. All our good guys divvied the loot while Mecc was off talking to someone else giggles Hey, he’s a bad guy! This ring allows you to ‘speak and read common fluently’. Mecc, well, his common isn’t so fluent. I was sure then the ring was for him, to help him in his new role of chancellor which would involve a lot of common speaking. If El knew that she’d… still keep it. Don’t want to go making it easier for him to preach! It was a funny, funny trip. Half the party wouldn’t let the only cleric cast anything on them. No healing!
    Ring of Hiding This was found after a long, long journey to a far off dungeon. This was a grand wolf event –Arandor’s get healed.
    Ring of Cyan Meril, Eluriel, Mariston and Suldin found a minotaur in the scalesinger cave. It had this ring.
    Scout Crossbones Bittersweet. A gift from Shyrae after Eluriel failed to talk her out of moving away to find Honsa the second time round. Never to be seen again 😕
    Ring of Protection A hugely unexpected and immensely generous gift from Roland in Pelt’s market shortly after joining ODS. Just… handed it to her. Eluriel of course played around that he was trying to make a proposal of marriage in his own gruff way 😉 Sadly, I think that sailed right by the old man.
    Ring of Crystal Another good memory. This of the first time I saw more than just the very start of the cold caves. Minotaurs and their rings!
    Solonor’s Grace My first self-enchanted item. It’s made from a pewter ring, with amethysts that Cyrian got for El. It was over a year coming and has an enchantment process description in excess of 2000 words. A story in itself.
    Ring of Medicine Random loot from Ettin caverns.
    Nephilim’s Ring The best story ever. Ever. Ever! First we thought he was a hero, then a baddie, then a hero again. That’s the simplified version 🙂
    Fey Band Gift from Little Sister of the Big Tree the third time I'd helped her. Queen spider and many babies had moved in to the nice warm bit which had been created for her poor thing!
    Tiger Eye Ring A very pretty souvenir from going off to reclaim Thierulf who having thought that his wife was dead had gone off to foreign parts to spread the light of Lathander. The design is a perfect complement to Solonor's Grace. Which I really appreciate.

    Keenshot Her bow. El was amazingly lucky that Braeth decided to sell it, and that she heard about it and got it. In the time I've been gone better bows have become ten-a-penny, but at one time it was one of the three best in the game, along with Rith and BSW.
    Exquisite Short Sword A gift from Meril, and a souvenir of the Eastlander War that Eluriel couldn’t take any part it, being a scarred wreck at the time.
    Kuvriel This is a holy relic. A Tyran long sword given to her by a cleric of Tyr. If Eluriel had to pick one item to keep, this would have to be it. You can’t go letting a holy relic infused with a god’s divine power get into the wrong hands, now can you? And the story behind it is sheer awesomeness. It would take me weeks to write what I know of it, and at that there is so much that I didn’t see. But I know that it’s all there. Either still to be found out, or we missed the opportunity to find it out, or else it’s something we were never likely to find out. But it’s all –there- which gave the most wonderful immersion in the story.
    Runic Tower Shield The actions of Karlsefni Wartooth, hero of the Moonshaes, held the demon Arvangel in check for many a year and provided for the fiend's final defeat. This shield belonged to one who was friend to Karlsefni in life, and was passed on by Karlsefni that it not rot in his grave.
    Wilderness Knife - Left and Right Self enchanted, inspired by Ferdinand, though he'll have no idea.
    Scout Knife - Left and Right Self enchanted, and I'll give goblin shamans credit for the idea behind them.
    Exquisite Warhammer Bizarrely, from a library. The high point of that trip was a smooth exorcism by Vander which staved off impending undeadification. And we don't mention the hammer in front of Aelthas.

    Light Blob Running off through a portal after a woman was abducted! The mage had made a few of these, which his killers appropriated.
    Holy Symbol of Solonor I’ve rp’d having this since year dot. It was so cool when the arrow head Cyrian made got turned into this with a bit of help from Torm and one of his nice clerics 🙂
    Medal of Honour Cute rp item, thanks Rev!
    Mark of Victory I carry it around everywhere… so that if she turns up I can wave it at her and tell her she can’t be real? Maybe!
    Censer of Controlling Air Elementals Shop bought.
    Conical Earirngs A pair of earings in steel, one enchanted with a starry tune.
    Horn of Blasting Shop Bought.

    In Storage
    Bandit Sheath It was just before of Defiler weekend and Nars Barbarian kept on hearing Eluriel so gave her the sheath saying that if she was on his side she shouldn’t be such a crap sneak. Something like that 😉 Since El didn’t like him, she exchanged half her coin for it (200 or 250). Course, the server immediately crashed and it didn’t save 😕 Oocly did the transaction again, I think it was the next day, at the good old trusty south fire just like the first time.
    Tree Nymph’s Gift From when Adlanail was stolen away for frolics in her tree, possibly.
    Elven Tower Shield A gift from Meril
    Divine Shield Knight Robes Guild outfit
    Book of Summons Shop bought
    Black Helm Recovered from an evil bad man when out with the Shesae.
    Rapier (enchanted) El got her mits on an LC scimitar in one of Nico’s auctions. Have you seen how ugly they were? Yuck! El moaned about it enough that Mariston swapped it for his rapier. It came from the Sottoth final the same as El's glasses. Zyphlin the parry maestro would have loved it, but Mariston won the roll. We had them stand next to each other with their rapiers in hand. It was the day we noticed Zyph and Mariston had the same clothes and hair! Later they had the same portrait too!
    Tenya en’i’Shesae Guild outfit
    Small Bundle of Beads Given to Eluriel by Mariston after a tremendous quest when we travelled back in time to fight demons, allowing a Green Cross temple to be retaken. Course, now we're back in the present, the temple wasn't ever lost for hundreds of years 🙂
    Talisman of Broken Dreams A hafling male had been selling 'treasure maps' to unwary adventurers which led them to undead, leaving him free to sell over and over. In actual fact, there was a treasure - that which had belonged to adventurers taken in by the hin, and the choker came from a chest that presumably contained their belongings. In our case, we were deceived by the person who bought the map, and we were there looking for a halfling girl.
    Dandy’s Monacle Shop bought.
    Glittering Necklace A pressie.
    Dragon Tooth There there, Sharn. You may be dead, but your teeth are still chromatically white.
    Hypnotic Shield A gift given in thanks for a gift.
    Silver Brooch A gift from the splinter circle of Quercatha Terr upon Irmunsul's growth.
    Laeral's Storm Armour From the final of a Talona plot. Lost the roll, generously given to El by Vick for her son.
    Lionsmane Cloak
    Choker of Eloquence
    Luckstone These three from the Shadovar plot.
    Ghostblade From the Star Elf Countess of Sildëyuir

    Past Items - so I remember the stories
    +1 Large Shield Again, a gift from her best friend. Not giving away gifts, so this one is out on permanent loan ie stored on another pc. It actually went poof at the lightning strike, so being lucky enough to see another shortly afterwards I grabbed it and so far as El’s concerned it’s the same one.
    Elven Runed Armour A gift from Tontou. Loaned out.
    Elven War Braid A gift from Ohtar upon being raised. El and Oats were outside Norwick’s south gate playing with Flom’s pixie, Annabelle. And… we didn’t notice a bugbear assassin going into town and killing folks and helping all his pals get in over the wall 😞 Town was over-run by buggies. With the only cleric in the whole place self buffing and charging into melee, boy that was a busy day in the fugue! Out on loan.
    Heart of Valour Demonic pocket planes = bad. Given to another pc.
    Tincyatost (Archer) Old guild item
    Tagwae'en'Nomo Old guild item
    Wolf Stalker Cloak Old guild item
    Embossed Greaves From a fun ODS romp in the cold caves with beholders at the bottom! Loaned out.
    Hawk Eyes Enchanted using the Dandy’s Monacle Tontou gave Eluriel long, long ago (glasses). Given to another pc.
    Sweet Salvation Shop bought, given to a battered prostitute in Hoarsgate so she could get out the establishment.

    Silver ring - Gift from Ranger. lost to lightning strike/ps bugs.
    Ring of curing cuts – gift from Amith. lost to lightning strike/ps bugs.
    Mw silver short sword – made by Foilir after she did a ton of work for a Union order. lost to lightning strike/ps bugs.
    Cloak of Winter’s Frost – shop bought. El bought Meril one and he bought her this one. Lost to lightning strike/ps bugs.

    Could add more, but they were things that came and went without meaning anything.

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