Aoth Sepret

  • Aoth Sepret

    Elder Windcaller

    Her eyes are the sky in winter. A glaze of blue over the unknowable. With her stark white hair, she could be an elemental from a cold, empty plane, but her gold complexion speaks to a Mulan heritage. The black tattoos that arc across her forehead reveal she comes from wealth in Thay.

    A petite woman, and thin as bone. Aoth is no warrior, nor has she ever worked a day's labor in her life if her soft skin is any evidence. She moves serenely, lingering with the sky's empty patience in every gesture. She appears youthful and has for over a decade now. Aoth favors elegant lines of silk in subtle but ornate patterns. The mute colors of her wardrobe let her kohl-lined eyes steal the light.

    Her tone is typically flat, as free of sympathy as her expression, and yet her laughter is the peal of small silver bells. A wind circles Aoth wherever she goes, gentle or fierce according to her mood.

    The clasp of her cloak is a silver cloud drifting on a field of sapphire: the symbol of Akadi, Queen of Air.


    Aoth is known to be a druid of significant power who quickly rose to the position of elder within the Circle of Quercatha Terr. During the War for Jiyyd, she was an active leader, communicating with allies across Narfell and gathering druid circles from wider Toril. She has appeared in fewer and fewer tales since then.

    When human, she is most often seen where adventurers gather - drinking wine, asking many questions. True to her elemental faith, she is better known for an emotionally unavailable presence, but she can be quick to fall into simmering storms of anger or bursts of laughter both. When adventuring, she usually adopts the role of a spellcaster, but in moments of need, she will dart into melee with her detached and deliberate air intact. Her fear of caves and prisons is known to become overwhelming when she feels trapped. When the opportunity is present, she will render cages and chains unusable.

    Theme Music

    Amused, serene

    Decisive, unmerciful, austere

    Triumphant, celebratory

    Animal Forms

    When wildshaped, Aoth often has a white-gray coat or streaks of pale feathers and fur. In the proper skin, she displays a savage viciousness unlike her demure human presence, and she seems to become another creature altogether.


    Aoth carries several artifacts of her faith.

    • Great Stag Leather of Thargaun Crell - The first Nentyarch of Dun Tharos enchanted this armor. Passed among druids of the Rawlinswood until disappearing centuries ago, it came into Aoth's possession during the final battles of the War for Jiyyd.
    • Staff of the Winds - Crafted by Akadians in the Glittering Spires of Kara Tur, this unworked branch of duskwood summons both violent and protective gusts. According to Narfell lore, the staff was brought to Aoth on the wind after she brought down a fallen angel serving Glyphimhor - the origin of her ritual name, Elder Windcaller.
    • Spear of Disunion - Its sky-blue sapphire is alight with the power of a summer storm. The whole spear vibrates and hums as if on the verge of its own destruction. Classical Mulhorandi hieroglyphs for Transformation Without End are carved into the edge.
    • Wind Shear - An ornate mithral scimitar that gleams with arcana. Once the possession of the Aldoon of the Silver Turban Legion, he was later imprisoned within the blade by the Great Caliph as a gift to Aoth.
    • Airy Cloak - Bordered with Auran runes, the cloak was a gift from High Hold for rescuing one of its own from a devil's trap. When one stands close, they might hear a woman's voice whispering to Aoth.
    • Praxi's Promise - This mithral ring, in the shape of a talon, once belonged to "Praxi the Eyes," a Malarite druid who followed the necromancer "Korvan the Undying.". When Aoth activates the ring, a protective mist surrounds her.

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