Build 8.75g

  • Running list for alterations since last build:

    Spell Weaver subterrainian training grounds removed, please submit replacemnt area.
    Directional signs around Jiyyd edited.
    Proper noun typographical error correction.
    Updated instances of outdated website references.
    Creature edited
    Factions Edited
    Factions Edited
    Removed impaled heads at the entrance to the camp.
    NPC removed ( and his little dog too! cackle )
    Treasure scripts removed from second level of the crypt
    PrC tokens are in.
    GC starting area lit
    Moo Moo, Rick, and Sue added to the GC.
    GC to Gnoll pass has altered transition area.
    The first Spider area has a new wall. This was built to keep gypsies from unwittingly wandering too far into spider infested areas and making L.B.J. cry.
    Katya has greater demand for spider parts. Untill some more in-depth economy changes are implimented for the camp, this will have to suffice for you campers.
    Remmy's conversation edited.
    GC added once again to starting area list.
    Fixed Familiar death penalty to be based on only caster levels.
    Fixed animal companion level restrictions ( broken by 1.65). Added Dire Rat at level restriction 3 (had no entry before).
    King Mearst is selling alcohol again.
    Moved the Boar's Head and the Phoenix hall in Norwick.
    Fixed Shadow Conjuration spells so they are no longer imune to normal spells. They are plane of Shadow, not Shadow Weave.