Build 902l

  • Narfell DM

    AI/NPC Changes

    • Water Elemental abilities now changed to direct cold damage rather than drown. Damage based on HD and DC based on constitution modifier.
    • NPCs will now respect null magic zones (meaning they won't cast unless they are specifically given null magic immunity by a DM if the area is null magic).
    • Magic Eaters will now only eat magical effects (knockdown and other similar effects will not be stripped).
    • Dispel/breach priority order and identification by NPCs has changed. NPCs will not always note most minor stat buffs and mage armor, for example, but will still always target things like mantles, visages, stoneskin, etc.

    Spell/Effect Changes

    • Greater Sanctuary has been changed to 2 rounds per level duration (extendable) and will now "break" when summons or planar allies/bindings are cast.
    • Mounted AC given to non-paladins has been fixed (separate script from paladin version).

    Map Updates

    • the Gypsy Camp and pass maps have been updated, but no spawns have been added as of yet.

    Misc Other

    • The current rumor system has been stripped out (old rumors were accumulating and the system was buggy (also writing to the wrong table in the database). A new system will be created/installed for a future build.