((Oscura Day 2012))

  • ((It's a-me again!

    Starting 2012, I'll be doing Oscura day again! For now, it'll be every Thursday (AEST). All day Oscura DMing! Non-Oscurans are welcome of course… but remember what kind of Oscura place is.

    So log in your Oscurans, there will be lots going on! By then the noble lists shall be ready, if people want to play noble PCs (keep an eye on it until then, you can play any from any families I've revised still)! And even if you don't, there's still lots of fun to be had in Oscura has a lowbie.

    The day itself may change come March when I start uni again, but it'll still happen.

    So I'll see you all then!

  • I won't be around much for today's one, it's a national holiday here for us (which means lots of drinking). Next week it'll be on for sure!

  • \For those in the US, the start of this is ~10 pm US EST

  • ((By Oscura day, I mean from about 8AM AEST to 11PM AEST, on and off. So it may be over two days for some, it's a long time!

  • I probably miss it TODAY… since I have to be in the stabels all day TODAY which is tomorrow for me 😢

  • ((It's today!

  • ((To throw you all off, I'll be away for a few hours for the first Oscura day since I'm getting more ink, but other than that, its still game on! This is also a reminder 😉

  • ICC


  • Sweet!

    im excited

  • cheers
    I thoroughly enjoyed the one Oscura night I went to with the parade and the party and all the NPCs trying (and managing) to creep out the surfacers.