Next Generation of possible HDL and Silver Dragoons

  • Mara calls a meeting for any of the younger generations of hin that would wish to attend.

    "Thank you for coming to meeting. As you know, HDL, and especially Silver dragoon is commit to protect this place. Though things have been peaceful for the most part, it seem that there has been many trouble that been arising for our neighboring town not too far from here."

    She goes onto explaining the various hobgoblin attacks, fights with shadow.

    "Just because most enemy focus on them does not mean we're safe though. Right now we are looking for young bloods that are willing to commit some time and efforts in order to help strengthen the rank of the HDL once more, whether it is doing patrols, guarding gate, going out to slay evils that may harm us, or coming up with ideas and strategy that might help us and maybe our neighbor deal with threat.

    Mooncandy narrows her eyes for a moment, looking to a certain member in the audience. She can be seen picking up a piece of chalk and throwing it at Maki's head as he's asleep in his chair. Falls over, "I'm awake! New blood, HDL, and the sort." the handsome young says.

    "Right.. now, what I do here, is trying to get people to sign names so we can know what youngblood be joining the ranks, and if there enough, it could be possible we might be able to order in guild item once more, depending how much interest we generate."

    On the board, she writes: 'People Interested' in hinnish, then sets the chalk down. Any any all names that are seen can be seen in plain sight by any other members. Her eyes narrow when she sees her son levitate the chalk and write his name on the board as the 'Marvelous Maki'.

    "Anyone else?"

    Current People Interested::

    Maki Hiltold
    Tressa Felf
    Roim (Roy)

  • Roim Signs his name on the list

    Always lookin' t' help wi' a good cause, like, might s'well lend a hand an' pull m' weight an' all!

  • Legion

    Tressa Felf's name shows up written in a bold signature.

  • The name Trotter appears on the list under Maki's. Though none saw who wrote it.