The Roost

  • Returning to a favorite haunt, the Roost, Therean contemplates the placement of windchimes as he overlooks the land that was the Hoaran stronghold on one side, and forested land he and Ama'bael are exploring for a Shesae home location on the other side.

    The two elves discuss the cleric's idea of building a temple to the Lady of Wind and Air in that location, and he points out the mouth of a cavern nearby. The Shesae Coran smiles at her companion and leads him inside to show him the walls and locked door inside to his utter astonishment.

    Therean's surprise turns to joy, however, at the realization that the dwelling, presumably abandoned, would potentially be a simple conversion rather than extensive construction. He pens a note and slips it under the door, addressed to the occupants:

    _To whom it may concern,

    Hello! My name is Therean Ferather. I am inquiring to determine the occupancy status of this cavern. Please respond with a note posted on your door with a time we can meet, perhaps in the Norwick Inn if that is convenient. If I do not get a response within a week, I will consider this property abandoned and establish a claim.

    Thank you for your time,
    ~ T_

    The two elves depart and continue their exploration. The wingless Winged Brother checks back every day to see if there is a response.

  • Therean and Ama'bael share an excited look as with an audible click, Jin's handiwork aligns the tumblers to the lock on the door.

    "Maybe I should put my armor on, just in case", Therean states. This he does as he looks around the small corridor with a smile. Ardent seems to be bouncing on her feet with anticipation. Sirion has adopted his usual aloof air, but today it seems to signal at least a mild curiosity. Uniel has a smile on her face. Therean believes it is a combination of the thrill of adventure, such as it is, and the pleasure of being with her friends once again. Romulus, having offered the use of his universal key, stands back and watches quietly.

    "That should do it!", Jin proclaims.

    Therean cannot read his expression. Usually, there is little doubt as to what Jin is feeling - and even thinking - with even the most cursory examination of his face. Now, Therean thinks he might just be more excited to explore the tent outside.

    Ama takes hold of Therean's hand and leads the way inside. It is clear the cozy space has been unoccupied for some time, but was clearly owned by a couple that shared a large bed. After some exploration, Ama and Therean stand to the side as the others make themselves comfortable. Ama's eyes are practically shining, and the cleric of Aerdrie can tell she is already planning. He wonders how she is thinking they are going to get a replacement bed up that cliff, but a twinge makes him realize he already knows the answer to that question. Therean makes a note to ask among the Shesae that knew the Hoarans and possibly the gypsies before them as to who might have lived up here.

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