Life at the Shiney Coppers

  • _Cray sits by the fire and unravels a fine cloth filled with various types of tobacco leaves. For the cigars he is about to roll, he carefully selects the fillers, binders, and wrappers. Cray takes his time rolling up these dark beauties, and he appears focused yet relaxed. Once complete Cray hands one of the sticks to Storn. Soon after the odours of earth, pepper and leather; fill the room as the pair lite up their evening.

    Kyan strolls into the Coppers a bit later and sits by the fire as well. The trio seem to be enjoying the dry heat of the blazing hearth, the perfect escape from the dank caverns of the underdark._

  • The Shiney Coppers seems to have a new regular... A Halfling named Fester has taken up residence there. He never mentions where he is from or where he has been. His manner of speaking is crude and dark. He is clearly averagely fit and robust enough, but also constantly has a sickliness to him. Coughing, wheezing, retching, and sniffling. His forehead often has a layer of sweat on it, looking almost as though it was covered in frost. Occasionally he moans or groans, especially when getting up from a chair. He has a strong and strange odor , you don't even need to look to see who just walked by... His smell is so distinct. The smell reminds one an overcrowded infirmary, or even mortuary, maybe also a hint of crematorium.

  • Drelan Ashire can be seen going into the Shining coppers and buying drinks and a meal for anyone willing to tell him a story of the lands and the city Oscura specifically.

  • The pale necromancer Chaevre' has been spending a bit more time in oscura lately. She says it's because travel has become somewhat inconvenient for certain reasons. Her being around however is not the strangest thing. It seems she now has some strange suit of armor, white like her skin but seemingly made of bone. Those who get close to her however will speak of a more disturbing revelation. The so called armor is far from it! For whatever insane reason the bone plates are completely grafted into her flesh! People who are not well aquitainted with her seem to avoid her more than before, calling her transformation sick and twisted. Some even flee in terror when they see it. It seems this alteration is permanent taking what little physical humanity she had left. The older members of the community only laugh at the gossip and fear saying they are not surprised.
    What twisted rituals or magic was used however is only speculation.

  • The golden lock mage is seen heading out the door with the expression shes gonna kill someone, passers by say she was heading straight to the docks

  • Mystic, by chance stumbled upon peacekeeper Shemaright in the coppers. She had never had the opportunity to meet with her before, however polite and sincere, Mystic seems to have expressed her confusion about the real threat Norwick is facing. Some say , Mystic objected with mixed feelings, clearly she did not what to think about Shemaright obsession about the goblin “slash” bug threat in Norwick furthermore why it be an interest of Oscura… this is what rumors say atleast…

  • The golden lock mage seem to be staying longer this time in Narfell, she can be seen in the Coppers. She seems to visit with various kinds of people or creatures for that matter, brief visits, in a steady flow comes and goes.

  • It was a still time in the Coppers, late into the off-hours. Keeper Cray and Keeper Vidar sat by the fire, enveloped in a dense fog of rich creamy cigar smoke. Often speaking in hushed tones when strangers lingered in the tavern, or passed to and from the inn rooms. By their manners and body language, the hours of conversation was regarding business rather than pleasure.

  • _A group of Oscuran's were celebrating in the Coppers recently. Laughing and cheering, as though they just pulled the wool over some great foe.

    After the party died down. Cray and Storn remained at the Coppers for quite a while, sitting in their usual seats by the fire.

    In typical fashion the pair were drinking, smoking, and worked up into a state of mischievous merriment. They kept going on about something they acquired, called Leviathan.

    Their behaviour would suggest an awesome moment in their life, as if they just achieved some epic personal victory._

  • After some sort of night-time adventure, a group of the typical Oscurran nare do wells, shuffle and stomp into the Coppers.

    After the initial commotion and parting of ways. Cray and Storn remained to spend a day sitting in front of the fire. All the while smoking cigars, pipe weed, and drinking. Seems these two haven't done this in a while and had some catching up to do.

  • "Feeling curious, are we?" Markus grins slyly to Mystic "Well, I do agree we have to seize the opportunity but I smell trap. He wouldn't just leave the blueprints there after so much trouble keeping them from our eyes. That being said, if you want to go take a look anyway, I don't particularly mind slaying that dwarf, considering his disrespectful attitude last time we met." He then proceeds to sip on his glass of wine. "Tell me more. How did you come across this information?"

  • On her way out Mystic spots Markus and walks over and slides down in the chair beside him. "I need your help, Mr Bleylock apperently left the blueprints with the dwarves, this is an opportunity we cannot miss.. a heavy storm passed through Peltarch yesterday I think its linked to the cargo transported to the docks.. I want to know what they are up to."

  • Markus sits by the fire in his usual spot, glancing at Mystic as she walks in. He raises his glass of wine to her, but otherwise keeps to himself.

  • Mystic walks in, trots over to the bar, leans over and whispers something to Jario… "tell all of them I need to speak with them, soon ... I need all of them, we have work to do"

  • Cray was seen in the Coppers recently. He was drinking, smoking cigars, and conducting trade with the dwarf Storn.

    Upon hearing of Vidar's query, Cray tells Jario he can be found or reached by letter at Warehouse #2 in Peltarch, for the time being.

  • A local sporting a Peace Keeper cloak walks into the Coppers and looks around the common room. After a moment he walks over to counter, plops down on a stool and has a word with Jario.

    'Ey Jario, if you see Cray in here any time soon mind lettin' him know that Vidar is looking for 'im? Might have a business proposition for the man.

    I'd appreciate it.

    Vidar walks on over to sit in front of the fire, enjoying several drinks before tipping the barkeep and stumbling out at the end of the night.

  • Cray notices Mystic sitting alone by the fire, so he slinks down in the chair beside her. He smiles and greets her.

  • Hearing about the rumor that Crays in town and wanting to catch up. Mystic makes a visit at the Coppers. She gets her usual from Jario, slightly heated and spiced red wine, walks over to the fire and slides down in a chair.

  • _After a long absence… Cray walks into the Coppers one night. He looks weary and a little tattered, but at the same time suspiciously youthful.

    One of his eyes gleam, as he sneaks off to a corner to sit by himself with a glass of wine. Cray begins to count endlessly through the night, from a mellon sized sack of assorted coins. Crays faithful Eyeball Lefty watches over, wary of any suspect characters, and their hands.

    If anyone asks Cray about his absence or youthfulness. With a wry grin, he simply says he was, "away at an exclusive spa"._

  • Mystic walks in, heading directly to the bar asking Jario:

    If anyone of these gentlemen happen to come by… Drelan Ashire, ... peacekeeper Cray Vincint or the other mage.. Kyan. Anyone of them will do... tell them Mystic River needs to speak with them and it is quite urgent.

    .. then she walks out