The Rose Of Teroldys

  • Character name: Ashena Teroldys
    Class: Paladin
    Deity: Torm
    Home/Location: Peltarch
    Guild/Organizations: The Order of the Divine Shield

    Custom Items:

    The Sanctifier (+2 vs Chaotic, +3 vs Chaotic Evil, +2 vs Evil, enchantment +1, only usable by Lawful Good, Paladin) - This old sword bears the mark of Torm on it's hilt. Once belonging to a paladin of Torm by the name of Marko Kirkasmieli, it was destined to be found by a fellow paladin Ashena Teroldys. After Ashena had dealt with the cult of Kiputyttö that Marko fell fighting, the full powers of the sword were unlocked in her knighting ceremony. It is truely a sword for the purest of souls, and as such it can only be wielded by paladins. ((DM Stuiped))

    As Marko Kirkasmieli met his grisly end at the hand of a cultist of Kiputyttö, a divine vision reached Ashena, commanding her to fill his duty. Alone, she fought her way through orcs and quasits in a winding cavern outside Peltarch, coming at last to confront a rotten-faced cultist and his animal minions. The fight did not go well, Ashena's life trickling out on the sands of the cave. But though the cultist believed her dead, faith carried her through and a last desperate stand was taken. This time, Ashena stood victorious, and from a chest nearby, Marko's possessions were recovered. The sword, at first covered in rust, grew in power with every successful strike against the cult of Kiputyttö, to finally shed all rust upon the eve of Ashena's knighting, mere hours after the cult had been defeated for good. It is by far and away the most treasured of Ashena's possessions.

    Paladin's Spellguard (spell resistance 10, white light 10 m, only usable by Paladin) - Belonging to a paladin of Torm, this helmet provides the wearer with limited resistance against spells of their evil foes. ((DM Vanquish))

    This shining helmet was one of several holy items recovered as the first strike was taken against the cult of Kiputyttö, following up on the note Ashena had recovered on her solo mission. The small party of six fought their way through cultists, troglodytes, quasits, dretches and undead to face down a powerful druid. However, his fall revealed a second threat as a screaching Vrock appeared to wreak havoc on the already exhausted party. While the six fought for their lives, a powerful, gargoyle-like Demon known as a Nabassu made its escape. With great effort and miraculously without loss of life, the fight was won, and the hunt for the Nabassu was sure to follow on the next leg of the quest.

    Tuigan Boots (ride +5) - The Tuigan practically live in the saddle, and never walk if they can ride. Because of this, their hardened leather boots aren't designed for long marches, and make uncomfortable footwear for infantry. ((DM Vanquish))

    These boots were Ashena's instant first choice amongst the varied items recovered on the third leg of the quest to put an end to the cult of Kiputyttö. A larger party had gathered this time, to venture below the swamps to the Nabassu's lair. Ending the demonic aid the cult had would greatly diminish their power and the undead at their service, and a determined group set forth to do just that. Past lizardmen, quasits, ropers and a great many undead, the Nabassu awaited, once again calling forth a Vrock to it's defence. While a close call for several, both demons were destroyed and the party, weakened by poison and disease, limped homewards through the rumbling cave, which collapsed just as the last person scrambled to the surface.

    The Protection (+2 AC, +1 saving throw vs negative energy, only usable by Good) - An armor worn by the highpriest of Kiputyttö, it contains most powerful blessings. Lady Daisy of the Temple of Triad later purged it of evil, and gave it as a reward for the heroes that stopped the cult of Kiputyttö from raising their dead god to life. ((DM Stuiped))

    Ashena wore this armor for her knighting ceremony, still splattered with the blood of the wicked high priest, the final confrontation of the cult of Kiputyttö but few hours ago. It has since been restyled in the colours of the Order of the Divine Shield, and serves Ashena well in her duty.

    Righteous Bulwark (large shield, +1 AC vs Evil, +2 AC vs Chaotic Evil, only usable by Lawful Good) - An item of utter righteousness, only the most selfless and holy could ever wield this. The shield wards off the attacks of the insane and wretched with great efficiency. ((DM Psilocybin))

    This shield was recovered from a Cyricist stronghold in a veritable den of evil faiths called Denville. To Ashena, it serves both as good protection against the evil forces she faces, and as a constant reminder of what lies in wait still.

    Skull Fetish (+2 AC vs undead) - A small skull hanging by a chain of vertebrae, enchanted to protect its wearer against the undead. ((DM Psilocybin))

    After the final defeat of Fendon, the fighters ally, a peculiar flesh golem known as the Alchemist, gifted the heroes with a number of items of his own making. This gruesome looking amulet was Ashena's pick, worn for particularily rough bouts with undead forces. Much like the Alchemist himself and the bone golems he created to aid in Fendon's downfall, the amulet certainly has an unsettling look to it… but works for a good cause.

    Vaes'Troth (+2 AC, 10/- Acid) - Made from a portion of the remains of their friend Rocky and enhanced with the magics of the Lizardfolk, this Tower Shield is imbued with a portion of the spirit of Rocky himself. Strong and resilient, it repels attacks like Rocky's skin once did, as well as making the wielder nigh impervious to acid, a favoured element of the Yuan-ti. The magics used to enhance the shield have had a side effect… causing the shield to be bonded to Ashena's soul. Should she die, it will pass with her to the afterlife, and she may never pass it to another. ((DM Skippy))

    In the wake of magical disturbances in the swamplands near Peltarch, the ever-plotting Yuan-ti caught wind of something powerful hidden within the lizardmen's lair, and promptly claimed it as theirs. The city's defenders and the Order worked with a friendly faction of the lizardmen in order to thwart the Yuan-Ti's evil and establish new and peaceful relations between men and lizardmen. During one leg of these endeavours, a seemingly normal rock elemental from the caves near Mintas forest was encountered and eventually befriended - Rocky. Through continual consumation of various precious and rare ore veins, the precise same ones the Yuan-Ti were after, Rocky grew both in size and intelligence. In the final stage of securing the lizardmen a new home, Rocky turned the tide of the last bloody battle, then valiantly gave his life to protect his friends from the gigantic blast of the Balor King defeated.

    Bone Masher (Warhammer +1 AB, 2 Divine Damage vs Undead) - like the Righteous Bulwark, this warhammer comes from the stash of items recovered from Denville, and serves Ashena well in shattering the bones of the skeletal undead she often faces.

    Froejya's Hide (Clothing, +1 Charisma, 5/- cold) - The hide of the stubborn winter wolf pack leader Froejya still radiates her forceful will. (No reskins. ONLY color changes allowed.) ((DM Psilocybin))

    This beautiful, pure white and fuzzy set of clothing was a gift from Cecil upon his return from a northern expedition, so that Ashena need never be cold when he is not around to warm her. The fact that she looks particularily fetching in it is but a happy sideeffect?

    Knight's Defense - This cloak was created to defend the most skilled Knights from the spells of the necromancers they fought. - DM Paella (Ser'Khal the Necromancer Plot - Orcs and a Fake Lair)

    Amulet of The Knight - These amulets were crafted in order to help the Knights of the kingdom defend their home. - DM Paella (Ser'Khal the Necromancer Plot - Searching Ormpur and Beyond)

    Paladins Final Grace - This is the paladin's most sought belt. Enchanted with the power of the Triad, this belt allows the Paladin to call upon their god's power in form of a spell of the highest circle. - DM Paella (Ser'Khal the Necromancer Plot - finale)

    Belt of the Performer (charisma +1, persuade +1) - a simple and unassuming looking leather belt with surprising powers, found amidst a stash of magical and wonderous items hidden away at the base of the Goblin Hold by the kidnappers of a young girl called Emily. While the party made all possible haste upon drawing near and hearing the girl's cries, they were still a moment too late, and had to carry the little child back lifeless. But the gods still smiled, and Emily was brought back to life without a hitch. This belt was Ashena's immediate fancy amongst the many treasures brought back, though lady Luck was not on the lawful paladin's side. Instead, she traded her own sturdy Brawler's belt to good friend Talindra Verados for it, afterwards. ((DM Black_Rider)) - now once more in Talindra's possession

    Falcon's Flight (charisma +1, bonus spell slot, 1st, +4 discipline) - _A beautifully made silver helm in the shape of a falcons head, the metallic feathers sprouting from the top of the helm inlaid with gold. Above the eye slits of the helm are fire opals set into the metal, cut amazingly to resemble the eyes of a falcon itself and catching the light around them and sparkling a bright reddish color. The helm is inspiring to look upon, almost feeling as if it gives off a holy aura which seems to calm those who look upon it and draw their attention to the wearer.

    Inscribed along the inside of the helm are the following words
    "Basihz celelt cuy pel ub phuut, saz Yzn phelll zuo Lilyeln"
    "Family need not be of blood, may Tyr bless you sister", written in celestial for any who can read it. The back of the helm itself holds a crest, engraved expertly into the metal, a falcon with talons outstretched holding what seems to be a peach in each set of talons, a set of balanced scales resting upon a warhammer above the falcon itself, the trademark of the enchanter._ ((Enchantment Item - 29/09/2012 - DM X - Talindra Verados to Ashena))

    Garnet Ring (purple light 10 m, persuade +1) - don't follow strange men into the forest for flowerpicking.. ((DM Vanquish))

    Pudding Ring (+2 saving throws vs poison, -1 vs mindaffecting) - This strangely rubbery ring was recovered from a flourescent, slime covered troll in the midst of the Peltarch sewers. While it has it's uses, the slightly befuddled sensation wearing it has on one's clarity of mind is a definite drawback.. ((DM Glittergold))

    Snowflake Obsidian Ring (bonus spell slots (Paladin) : 1 spellslot 1st circle, 1 spellslot 2nd circle, concentration +4) - _A perfectly smooth and seamless ring, made entirely of a glossy, pitch black obsidian, speckled with tiny bursts of pure white crystal, sparkling like snowflakes against the midnight of the stone. Despite the volcanic origins of the material itself, the ring is pleasantly cool and heavy, soothing fiery tempers and focusing it’s wearers mind, that they may remain ever calm and well grounded.

    The ring was formed from a lump of snowflake obsidian found amidst the crumbling remains of a crystal earth guardian, defeated by a party of explorers including Tormish paladin Ashena Teroldys in a mystery cave on a mystery island far, far away. Thanks to the plentiful healing magic of the Ilmateri priest Allestor Hollins and the rest of the able party, the guardian was deduced to rubble moments before pounding the paladin flat and bloodied. Despite the painful experience, Ashena wears this ring gladly, treasuring it for its unique beauty, serene qualities and of course the memories it holds of ~adventure~!_ ((DM Bastage 2012))

    Platinum Band (strength +2, discipline +2) - _Appearing to be a simple ring of platinum, etched along the inside of the band are runes of ancient Raumathar. Anyone who can read such will find them to be only a few words: "Gisela, forever bound to you."

    This band was given to Ashena Teroldys for her wedding present and for her efforts in defeating the Ansistris demon.

    Given to her by the demonbinder Blazetamer himself, it is said that this ring was once given to the woman he loved, Gisela, known to most as Sister Sorrow, strongest of the Six and a death knight reborn. Blazetamer gave this gift in the hopes that the love he once thought pure between him and Gisela will not be forgotten and that Ashena will live that love in her life as they could not._ ((DM Prismatic - Helm of Dischordant Echoes Finale Item))

    Briartans Boots of Untangling - Made by Briartan, the druid of the Forest of Lethyr, these boots are helpful in those "sticky" situations. These leather boots with intricate leaf designs and coloring in it are a special gift. One set was gifted to each person in the group which cured the Forest of Lethyr of the taint of Steiner, the Soulcatcher and his undead minions as well as rescuring Artimus Whiteknuckles, the Sage. For bringing balance once again to the forest, the Circle of Lethyr will be ever grateful and will welcome any who wear these boots as a symbol of friendship. ((DM Prismatic))

    Chasi's Tooth - _This dragon tooth once belonged in the mouth of the ancient silver dragon Chasi'lithik'tilithisis. Before his death at the hands of The Six, he enchanted these teeth for the brave men and women who went into battle with him to fight the rebirth of the Ansistris demon. Several powerful enchantments are placed upon the rune marked tooth, each brought forth by a different activation word. All the words are written in and must be said in the draconic language.

    (Dispel - Tyunmybaich) Activation of this power will send forth a dispel magic to strip your enemy of it's magical protections.

    (Quicken - Xonunstgoira) Activation of this rune will quicken the steps and attacks of the user and whatever allies are in close proximity to them.

    (Light - Chunknidr) Activation of this power will make the user or someone they choose glow a bright silver color._ ((DM Prismatic))

    Majak Namhias - This small scale is a silver colour, and sucks the warmth out of the air near it. By rubbing it and uttering the name in draconic carved on the rear of it (Namhias) one can call upon the talents of the silver dragon. This is a gift given willingly by a silver dragon to an ally, and as such may have other uses beyond the obvious. ((DM Skippy))

    Knights Order (rod) - _Designed for the Purple Dragon Knights, this device is given to only the highest command, due to the difficult and heavy magic needed to design. It not only has the ability to protect the wearer from foes, but to inspire those around the knight. Yet it can be used in offense also. It can be pointed and a shock of lightning will emerge from the tip to shock those who stand before the warrior.

    Rare, valuable and of great power, it is no surprise the Baron Locke would wish such an item and had one stolen for his own collection, where it was again stolen by a group of adventurers._ ((DM Infernal))

    Love in full bloom - _Before you lies a most singular piece of art. Made of gold and edged with silver, it is a life sized sculpture of a rose in bloom. Set upon the edges of the rose petals are drops of water, represented by paradise pearls that shimmer in the light like a rainbow.

    The stem of the rose is dotted with beautiful leaves, the top two of which have the names "Cecil" and "Ashena" on them, the lower ones have been left unmarked for the names of descendants to be added as time goes by.

    It is obvious from the skill and dedication that went into it that this work is the pinnacle of the creator's art, they will never make another piece like this. Handcrafted at special request by Cecil of the Black Lion for his bethrothed, Ashena, it is marked on the very bottom of the stem with the initials "VK".

    As a bonus, the rose has been enchanted to protect those whose names are upon it from harm. The magics will only work for them, just as a marriage is only made for two._ ((DM Skippy))

    Other Equipment:

    Ring of Fortitude +1 - from a noble warrior spirit, set free from torment by undead in Ashena's very first true paladin adventure! ((DM Black Rider))

    Amulet of Natural Armor +1 - from that same noble warrior spirit, whose armor is now worn by Laurentius, shield and sword in Aymon Teroldys' hands. ((DM Black Rider))

    Nymph Cloak (Charisma +1) - following the plea of a heartbroken old man, Ashena, Rath, Laurentius and Chea went looking for a missing child, only to find something more sinister afoot as the child's father was found murdered and raised as a zombie, behind the family's simple farmstead. The mother, confused and bloodied, was taken to custody while the party kept searching for the child, finding her about to be sacrificed to dark forces in the Norwick family crypt. Upon returning with the girl, the final twist in the tale unfolded as the old man, claiming to be the girl's grandfather, was revealed to be long dead. The kind old face of the grandfather melted away, and in his stead stood a lich-like figure, soon destroyed by the adventurers. But not for good.. ((DM Black Rider))

    Belt Of Brawling (Bludgeon resist 5-/ ) - Whilst on an easter-like quest to find delicious eggs, Ashena, Allestor and their tag-along elven companion instead found a veritable army of orcs, traps whiffing of poison, and finally a ~treasure chest~. It held no eggs, nor worn out boots, but actual, factual, often talked about but rarely ever seen treasure, to the wild excitement of the two often-pauper-do-gooders. ((DM Black_Rider)) - traded to Talindra Verados.

    Masterwork Elm Longbow - crafted by Rasuil, whose work is apparantly so good that even he himself cannot beat the weilder of this fine bow. To her own, and likely everyone elses amazement, Ashena actually won a bout of archery against the reknown bowman at the Peltarch jousting tournament, ending up claiming second place overall.

    Guild/Organization item/s:

    Hand of Torm (Gauntlets)

    Just as Torm gave his life to defeat the dark god Bane at Tantras, so too are the lives of all his followers bound by a duty to justice and righteousness. The Loyal Fury imbues these gauntlets with special protections for his knights and paladins in the Order of the Divine Shield. Masterfully crafted, then blessed by a High Priest of Torm, these gauntlets give added protection to the wearer. They also possess a firm grip, such that followers of the True will always be stern and unyielding in the face of evil on the battlefield.

    Boots of the Errant Knight

    The boots compliment any set of armour, their metal shimmers and glints in the light. The wearer of such, find that these wondrous boots seem to prevent even the strongest of blows from knocking them aside.