Build 902g2

  • Narfell DM

    Spell Changes

    • Horrid Wilting should now work properly
    • Ranges for Knock and Find Traps have been reduced from ridiculous to 10m a piece (radius). This is still a 1 tile radius around the caster. Additionally, knock now requires line of sight to doors.

    NPC/AI Changes

    • Troglodyte stench should now fall under use the same way other auras and abilities do for NPCs.
    • Skeleton/Wight Feats - removed blindsight, added blind-fight. Improved initiative added to all skeletons as per template.


    • Various items have been marked as evil and will detect as such via detect evil. In particular: Vial of blood.
    • Some locations have now been marked "no scrying." While there is no scrying system in place, this will block the GPS from seeing the location of a PC in that area.
    • Norwick Law signs added.
    • Peltarch Law signs updated.
    • Loot drops in battle mode FIXED.
    • Quests SHOULD be functioning better, but no guarantee they are completely fixed. (2das were missing from the overrides folder, this was not so much a scripting issue.)