Build 902e

  • Narfell DM


    • Spawns will now disarm hostile PC traps if they detect them and have proper disarm skills. They will not attempt this during combat if they have a target.
    • Fleeing spawns should be a BIT more reactive when locked into a corner - still not perfect.
    • Beholder and Mindflayer combat systems are fully operational again. WARNING: BEHOLDERS WILL RUIN YOUR DAY. They are currently the highest CR spawn in the game and FOR A REASON. Mindflayers will also suck your brains out if they catch you stunned. You have been warned.


    • CR tweaks.
    • Creature spell loadout changes.
    • Traps now will set as the PROPER trap. Who knew?
    • Fixed armor for N'jast spawns (DMs still like to use these).
    • Added a PS chest.
    • Altered identification code to hopefully get rid of the freezing issues (it now blanks on login).
    • Added a wait delay on language setup. This should avoid some language initialization issues.