Build 902c2

  • Narfell DM

    • Armor stripping of slain NPCs should now be a non-issue.
    • Fixed an issue with equipping items while mounted. This should fix a long-standing issue without mounted combat feat.
    • Jousting system tweaks in Peltarch.
    • Archery target responses should no longer cause PCs to speak in a language.
    • Passwording system in. This will be used to secure your account during master server down-time. You set your password with "!password set <password>" (do NOT use the brackets). This is a per-PC basis and as long as you log in with the same CD key every time, you will never be bugged for it again.
    • Characters with the "Mounted Combat" feat should now be able to roam far and wide with their horses.
    • Fixed an XP calculation issue.</password>