Complaints and Harassment

  • We want all players to be aware of the following Narfell Rules and Procedures:

    Complaints Procedure

    Complaints should not be discussed with other players but instead taken directly to one of the Narfell Staff. Players who become aware of serious issues affecting others are expected to report these to a staff member.


    All forms of harassment are prohibited in Narfell. It is unacceptable to use private tells to harass another player and doing so can result in a server ban. Any player who feels harassed is advised the same:

    1. Tell them that you have a problem with their behaviour.
    2. Be specific about what you want, eg:

    3. Screenshot this.
    4. Tell them you've screenshotted it.
    5. If unhappy to do any of this yourself, talk to a PG/PL who can assist.
    6. If he offending behaviour is repeated screenshot it and make a formal complaint through a PG/PL. Pull your chat window right up so that we can see both sides of the conversation.

    DO NOT let it continue until it gets to the stage that you don’t want to log in because of the other person.

    DO provide evidence. We can't take action against people without evidence.

  • Dev

  • A reminder - if you feel as though someone is harassing you, the time to deal with it is when it's happening.

    If you come to us months down the line without any proof there isn't much we can do.

    Also a note on player courtesy. A character may 'vanish' from an important event because they player needs to go, or 'abandon' their party as their player runs them off to help the character of a player who'd crashed earlier on the trip. These are OOC issues that no-one should be taking ICly and making a big deal about.

  • The Ignore Feature
    Included with the new language package is a function to ignore tells from another player.

    If you feel it's imperative that you send an ooc communication in game to someone who has you on ignore, please contact a PG to relay it for you.

    It is impossible to !ignore someone logged in on the DM client.