• Warning, all algorithm settings explained below are subject to (and likely to) change.


    • PCs with no ranger levels cannot track over DC 10.
    • Always round values down.

    Your tracking skill starts at 0

    +1 per ranger level
    +1/2 barb or druid levels
    +1/4 other levels if the PC has barb, ranger, or druid levels
    +1/8 per level otherwise
    +1/2 per invested search skill point

    Rangers only have their full int and wis modifiers added.
    Other classes have a fraction of their int and wis modifiers added.

    Rangers receive a bonus to tracking their favoured enemies in the form of a reduced DC.

    If that didn't confuse you, read it again.



    • Base DC 10

    • If it's a non-natural area, DC +10.

    • If it's dawn or dusk, DC +1

    • If it's night, DC +3

    • If it's raining, DC +3

    • If it's snowing, DC +10

    • Creature sizes are +2 DC tiny, +1 DC small, -1 DC large, -2 DC huge. (No modifier for medium creatures)

    • Take your distance from the creature in meters, subtract 20, and divide by six. Add this number to the DC even if negative.

    • Rangers get a -2 DC bonus against their favored enemies.

    • DC is decreased by 1/15th the "wound percentage" of a creature. (Ex: a creature that's 3/4 of the way to dead is 75% wounded)

    • Creatures in stealth mode receive at minimum +3 hide bonus DC to their tracking checks.

    • The hide bonus is (skill rank)/2 + (dex score - 10)/4

    • PCs in a party with a ranger that are also in stealth mode will use the ranger's bonus to their tracking DC.

    • Druids level 3 and over, as well as incorporeal undead or dead creatures (not PCs) cannot be tracked.