The Narfell Player Guide Team

  • Introduction
    The Guide program is a medium for communication. It is there to pass vital information to those that require it, as well as assist in sorting out situations where communication breaks down. We are the troubleshooters that keep things running smoothly when the DMs cannot. Information functions by always being in motion. We are the conduit for that motion, and the flow is both ways.

    Our Purpose
    The Narfell Player Guide team exist for the best interests of the server and specifically its players. We are a resource for you to call upon. Every member of the PG team is selected for the role because they have the desire and knowledge to help other players.

    We are here to serve the Players, not the DMs.

    Never think that an issue is too ‘minor’ to bring up.

    The chances are that if something’s bothering you, it’s bothering other people too. Passing your concerns on to the PG team ensures that they get listened to and can be addressed before they turn into major issues. If the DM team doesn’t know how the playerbase is feeling, nothing can change.

    Please make the PG team your first port of call when you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

    What We Do

    Answer Questions
    Ask us all your Narfell and NWN related questions. Don’t worry that it’s not worth asking and decide not to ask. We’re here as PGs because precisely because we like answering questions and otherwise being helpful.

    If the answer to a particular question’s something which should be asked and learned in character (IC) by your character (PC) we’ll say so.

    If we can’t answer your question right away we’ll find out the answer and get in touch with you once we have it.

    Provide Feedback
    We’re also the voice of the player base to the DM and Developer staff. If you talk to us about things you like and dislike we can collate the information to communicate player sentiment to the DM/Dev teams.

    The time comes for everyone that something leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If you’re unhappy about something that’s happened or stuck in the fugue, give one of us a holler. It’s better to talk to your PGs about it than the players of your character’s friends since they’ll probably want to get on with playing the game, whereas it’s our job to listen.

    Player Advocates
    It’s our job to speak for players. If a player has an issue that they would not feel comfortable addressing personally, we will present your case for you.

    Dispute Resolution between Players
    If one player has an issue with the activities of another player, the PGs will work with you to resolve the issue. This can take many forms.

    Dispute Resolution between Players and DMs
    If you would like to dispute a death which occurred during a DM event or disagree with a DM ruling, take your complaint to a Player Lead (PL). They will interview you to make sure they understand exactly what happened/how you feel/what you want then speak to the DM involved or the Head DM on your behalf, as your advocate. The ruling will be re-evaluated and you will be informed of the outcome.

    Keep Confidences
    As a team, the Player Guides will often discuss things among themselves. If you would prefer that they keep what you tell them anonymous (or private) tell them this and they will.

    With one caveat; if the issue is a gross breach of server policy and must be taken further, the PG will tell you this and inform a PL.

    How to Find a Guide

    Requesting Help in Game

    (a) Send a tell to a PC you know is played by a PG.

    (b) Use the Rest Menu

    1. Activate the rest command, which brings up the RestMenu.
    2. Select option 7, "Help - I need some help."
    3. If there are any Player Guides currently playing, they will receive a message that a player is asking for some help, and get in touch with you.
    4. If there are no Player Guides, the message will broadcast to all DMs currently on the server. If you do not wish to discuss the issue with a DM you may request that they attempt to get a PG to log in to talk to you.

    Refer to this thread:

    Use the Java Chat Applet on this page to join the Narfell IRC channel for a real time chat.

    Forum Private Message
    This is a good means of communicating information you’ve sat and thought about.

    PG/PL – Differences
    The Player Leads resolve issues that the PGs either lack the experience to resolve or just do not feel comfortable addressing. Any issue between a player and a DM should be taken directly to a PL.

    You Current PG/PL Team
    Player Guides


    Forum Name: Crimsonchampion
    Location: Canada ( EST )
    NWN Login: Crimsonchampion
    Discord Nicks: Crimsonchampion
    Characters: Laerune, Imizel, Yasar Jamal Al-Din, Odio Malzieu

    Forum Name: Inkish
    Location: Wisconsin, Murika
    NWN Login: Inkish
    Discord Nicks: Inkish, thaatiusphat, meme queen
    Characters: Lady Kathea Snyder, Chriel, Ola Irezumi, Sasa

    Forum Name: Zangeen
    Location: US Central (GMT -6 (-5 during DLS))
    NWN Login: Zangeen
    Discord Nicks: Zangeen
    Characters: Artemis, Bufflin mac Barik, Korra Altaris

    Forum Name: Kallethen
    Location: CT, USA
    NWN Login: Kallethen
    Discord Nicks: kallethen#4592
    Characters: Cia Briarfang, Talyna Felf, Tindra


    Forum Name: Ulyetia
    Location: Okazaki, Japan
    NWN Login: Ulyetia
    Discord Nicks: R0ninX3ph | Uly
    Characters: Shae Aers, Andor Lightstalker, The Watcher





    Player Lead

    Forum Name: JerrickRafe
    Location: Texas
    NWN Login: JerrickRafe
    Discord Nicks: Jerrick
    Characters: Leena Lynn Rayfe, Cecil Northman

    How to Become a Player Guide
    Please send Jerrick a forum PM explaining why you want to be a PG. Include your time zone and play times. You will generally be informed of the outcome of your application in around 3 weeks.

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    You might think what's bothering you is trivial, but if another 5 people tell us the same 'trivial' thing, there's a serious issue.

    Remember you can tell us things and ask us to keep them anonymous. You can even message us from an alt account.