Valley Night (gnome/hin night) Ideas and Brainstorming

  • If anyone has any ideas of what we could possibly do, please post them here! Simple or detailed, it doesn't matter. You can either post your own ideas, or help develop the ideas of others. If you do, please quote the idea you wish to develop!

    For Example:

    -For Valley Night we could possibly go on a fenberry hunt in the spider woods
    -We can have a festival in the valley, playing games, telling stories, make it a bit of a mixer so people can meet eachother
    -If anyone has any outstanding personal quests and there's a dm available, we could get other small-folk to help them along with it

    Please don't hesitate to write anything.

    Also, if there is any dm/dm's that would be willing to participate as one during valley night, it would be appreciated.

    And LASTLY

    If people can give me a general time they're available to play, since I know saturday nights (US time) can be busy sometime since family visits or people go out, we could find something more appropriate during the week.

  • All great ideas so far, keep 'em rolling!

    This might be really out there or even whack, but how about maybe building an air ship that allows for quicker 1 way transport from the south to peltarch (costs more than a boat, 30g for 1 transportation up north, double for tallies since they take up more room >:3)

    Just an idea, I can understand if it might be too much of a headache for devs, but be fun to get things done engineering wise.


    Might be a good drive to get the engineering guild to do things, finding proper power stones, resources, ETC to build people some neat trinkets in town.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    -when the old silver valley was evacuated, it was done in a hurry. there may still be many valuables left behind hidden in the old valley…

  • I would suggest going primarily with things that don't rely on a DM's presence - something simple and fun that doesn't exclude anyone of the right size. A fenberry hunt seems along those veins, and a kindly DM could set up unexpected surprises along the way if the group's in luck! Of course, the server being as stable as it tends to be of late, one could also ask a DM to spice up whatever's planned beforehand, be it with colourful lights for a night of games or storytelling, or a hidden stash of fenberries somewhere deep in the woods. Not a lot of effort on the DMs part, but it adds a lot to the feel of things.

    Time-wise, I don't expect to be able to participate much myself, seeing as how most of the Valleys players are from the US or the great beyond. My own play times are restricted to Euro evenings, with Saturday being the only day of the week that I can indulge in night-owl life without agony.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    uh suggestions include:

    could pick up on old plots like finding out where that hinnak tribe allied to the valley has gone to?

    collect resources like wood and builders to improve facilities within the valley?