Right-Size Night!

  • "To all adventurer, gnome and hin alike, once every season I invites you to come out and have some adventure! Right-size night is open to all right-size who wish to come, yes! "



    Every Saturday at 9-10 Pacific would be nice if we can get some halflings and gnomes together to go out and have some fun adventuring. Challenge of where we go depends on who shows up. These are player run for the most part but any dm willing to participate is more than welcome to!

    Anyway, hope to see people around, and if for any reason I won't be able to lead it myself, would be nice to have someone else step up and try to keep this going.

    Anyway, hope for more escapades in the near future, there's nothing like seeing a horde of hin and gnomes running about laying waste to things 10x their size and finding treasure!

  • Mmmm, perhaps we should try brainstorming and planning something. I need to try and generate more interest since people seemed kinda busy, plus I didn't build enough hype myself.

    If there's maybe a DM that could participate too, it would provide more incentive. My question is though, is there any more convinient time to do this then 9 pacific 12 eastern?

    I'll start a new thread to brainstorm ideas

  • You can count Raúl in.

  • I do miss the Valley festivals/adventures. I'll be there! (That is when I'm not working the weekends).

  • Your avatars make me sick, Cant wait till I get mine. :lol:

    I'll bring Tebble if I can make the time 😄

  • @cf625d5502=Vashpsycho:

    I'll have to check my times too, Richie might show up!

    Richie might be jealous that M moved all up in on his woman.

  • I'll have to check my times too, Richie might show up!

  • This sounds good, I'll find out if it's during my playing time at all

  • We'll do valley stuff too! Small festivals, picnics, games, etc, maybe just a mixer to get to know everyone

  • Legion

    Will do my best. Weekends are my time with the kids though. I don't give it up lightly.

  • It would be great to see this take place in Silver Valley. That area gets way, way too little attention.

    Edit: Lol, sorry, totally misread the post. I thought that it was an "event" with no specific plans, posted here because it has to do with right-sized races. >_>

    That said, it'd be interesting to see some kind of event for right-sized actually take place -in- Silver Valley, instead of Silver Valley serving only as a hub to start from.