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  • How do I get a PrC?

    The minimum requirement is a Narfell Citizen Token, but the Dms may require your PC to perform special quests as well.

    The first step is to RP that your character in line with prestige class's description. For Arcane Archer that would mean using magic on arrows as often as you could. For weapon master single minded devotion to that one particular weapon. For divine PrC's acting in perfect accordance with dogma. It's useful to look up the PNP description of the Prestige Class for extra information over what NWN says. Some people like to support their PrC applications with Tales by the Fire or forum posts.

    Once you're working towards it in game, the next stage is to submit a PrC application. This can be sent by PM to any active DM. Ideally when the application is recieved they'll say, "Ah, this PrC makes sense for that character."

    See the foot of this post for the PrC application form. It gets sent to

    After you submit your application, it is posted for all DMs to comment on. Some might be able to comment right away, others might have to make a point of watching your character to get to know them before they can say what they think.

    The length of time it takes to get to get a decision is very variable. It could be fast if it is a well established character that a lot of DMs have seen a lot of (either yes OR no). If rejected, you can reapply at a later date.

    The DM team might feel that the character has potential, but doesn't currently merit the PrC. If they haven't decided one way or the other the application will stay open until they can.

    At any time you can ask your PGs to check on the application's progress for you.

    When a PrC application is approved, one DM will elect to run a PrC quest for the PC. The nature and difficulty of these quests depends on the PrC, the PC, and the DM. For some PrCs the quest might only take a couple of sessions. For one of the divine PrCs it is likely to be much longer, a real test of faith, grueling and possibly a life-changing experience for the PC.

    • PrC quests can be failed.
    • Don't expect to get any special items out of the quest.
    • PrCs are awarded to the character not the player.
    • Some PrCs come with stipulations, for example a RDD may not take so many levels in the class that they grow wings.
    • Upon successful completion of a quest you'll be given a PrC token which physically allows you to take the class.

    To remember when taking the Champion of Torm (read Divine Champion) PrC:

    PrC Application Form

    Applications are to be sent to a DM or the account.

    Include the following information:

    • Who is your character?
    • Current Level
    • Does he have the requirements? (ranks in skills and alignment, etc)
    • Why would it be IC for your character to attain the PRC?
    • What has your character done so far that shows why this PRC is right for him?
    • A bit about your characters background both before he came to Narfell and while in Narfell
    • Your out of character reasons for why you want this PRC, if any.

    Acceptance of the application is not guaranteed.

    PRCs that do no Require an Application

    • Blackguard
    • Weapon Master
    • Dwarven Defender
    • Pale Master
    • Assassin

    Please note a PRC that doesn't require an application must still fulfill the prerequisites and may need a permission token. If your character meets the requirements for a class below but cannot level up in that class ask any DM for a permission token.

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