A trip to the Flower

  • Not my log mind you… I only had a small small part in this, but the log of what led to, and what happened after made me smile.


    Sun Oct 01 15:42:34] Alexi Shivarn: catches his breath
    [Sun Oct 01 15:42:50] William Morrison: Afternoon, Alexi
    [Sun Oct 01 15:42:59] Alexi Shivarn: ye might want to stay away from senria for awhile
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:12] William Morrison: chuckle What did you do now?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:23] Alexi Shivarn: ehh well its more of a combination of things
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:39] William Morrison: Explain.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:40] Alexi Shivarn: she wasnt to happy about me leaving is part of it
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:48] William Morrison: nods
    [Sun Oct 01 15:43:55] Alexi Shivarn: and she didnt like what happened at the worgs or the kobold caves
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:10] William Morrison: I don't know anything about either.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:11] Alexi Shivarn: and lets just say i think she is a tad jealous
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:21] William Morrison: Of El?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:26] Alexi Shivarn: el?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:33] Alexi Shivarn: which El ye talking about?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:33] William Morrison: Elridith?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:35] Alexi Shivarn: nea
    [Sun Oct 01 15:44:40] William Morrison: Who then?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:01] Alexi Shivarn: lets just say ill not be treating to ladies to dinner at the same time for a while
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:15] Jerad nightshade has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:23] Alexi Shivarn: shakes his head i have to go pay for the door she kicked down
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:25] William Morrison: shakes head Asking for trouble.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:38] William Morrison: chuckle
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:40] Alexi Shivarn: i was trying to be nice
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:46] Alexi Shivarn: but where does it get me , in trouble
    [Sun Oct 01 15:45:59] Quotient has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 15:46:17] Alexi Shivarn: ok ok yes i did give someone a 1000 coin present
    [Sun Oct 01 15:46:26] Alexi Shivarn: doesnt mean im trying to pick them up
    [Sun Oct 01 15:46:30] Alexi Shivarn: chuckle
    [Sun Oct 01 15:46:48] William Morrison: I take it the someone was not Senria.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:00] Alexi Shivarn: aye i was being nice again and they only had 38 coin
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:01] Jarcco has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:07] Alexi Shivarn: so i said i would put up the gold for htem
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:09] Alexi Shivarn: them
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:29] William Morrison: Put up the gold for what?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:42] Alexi Shivarn: two items the peddler had for sell
    [Sun Oct 01 15:47:47] Alexi Shivarn: a ring of healing and some boots
    [Sun Oct 01 15:48:06] William Morrison: Ah
    [Sun Oct 01 15:48:22] Alexi Shivarn: sighs
    [Sun Oct 01 15:48:30] Alexi Shivarn: she locked me and the other one in the room
    [Sun Oct 01 15:48:34] Alexi Shivarn: and wouldnt let us out
    [Sun Oct 01 15:48:54] William Morrison: shakes head Dummy.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:49:19] Alexi Shivarn: i got it unlocked she had her blades drawn and looked angry so i closed it and relocked it
    [Sun Oct 01 15:49:39] Alexi Shivarn: and she bloody kicks the door down!
    [Sun Oct 01 15:49:44] William Morrison: laughs Like that was going to stop her
    [Sun Oct 01 15:49:56] Alexi Shivarn: i had me self against the door and some chairs to
    [Sun Oct 01 15:50:11] wal1234l has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 15:50:24] William Morrison: chuckle
    [Sun Oct 01 15:50:40] Alexi Shivarn: i went to go talk to her afterwards but i guess she was to upset
    [Sun Oct 01 15:50:51] William Morrison: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:50:59] Alexi Shivarn: said she need to vent some frustation before she does somthing she regrets
    [Sun Oct 01 15:51:38] Alexi Shivarn: said she needed to vent some frustation on things that deserve it ….... so im sure what that means so keep an eye out
    [Sun Oct 01 15:51:44] Alexi Shivarn: cause she might be coming for ye
    [Sun Oct 01 15:52:05] William Morrison: Probably not, but I'll look for her
    [Sun Oct 01 15:52:17] Alexi Shivarn: nea look for her , run for ye life man!
    [Sun Oct 01 15:52:40] Alexi Shivarn: have you seen what she can do?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:53:05] William Morrison: As long as she isn't behind me, I'm probably all right.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:53:13] Alexi Shivarn: she bloody! smashed a spiders head in with her fist and i dont mean dented it her hand went though it!
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:07] William Morrison: Be safe, Alexi
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:13] Alexi Shivarn: anyways all i know is senria said somthing about its not nice call people fat
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:19] William Morrison: I've road to patrol
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:25] William Morrison: …
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:30] Alexi Shivarn: and its tactless to flirt with other woman's men when they are right in front of ye
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:33] orangetree has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:36] William Morrison: You called her fat?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:40] Alexi Shivarn: nea
    [Sun Oct 01 15:54:54] Alexi Shivarn: she got all angry when the other woman in the room looked at her
    [Sun Oct 01 15:55:25] Alexi Shivarn: anyways
    [Sun Oct 01 15:55:39] Alexi Shivarn: the main reason i came to talk to ye is to tell ye after the festival ill be leaving
    [Sun Oct 01 15:56:01] William Morrison: To look for El?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:56:05] Alexi Shivarn: aye
    [Sun Oct 01 15:56:40] Alexi Shivarn: dont know when ill be back
    [Sun Oct 01 15:56:45] William Morrison: Good luck, then
    [Sun Oct 01 15:57:04] Alexi Shivarn: im going to use her journal as a guid and hopefully that will be enough
    [Sun Oct 01 15:57:05] William Morrison: Be safe
    [Sun Oct 01 15:57:27] William Morrison: nods You should know how to find her uncle at least
    [Sun Oct 01 15:57:36] Alexi Shivarn: i should?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:58:03] William Morrison: nods Northern tip of Everska
    [Sun Oct 01 15:58:20] William Morrison: He has lands there.
    [Sun Oct 01 15:58:22] Alexi Shivarn: heh already ventured to everska once or attempted to and it wasnt a pleasent trip
    [Sun Oct 01 15:58:53] Alexi Shivarn: keep an eye on the pixies for me will ye?
    [Sun Oct 01 15:59:14] William Morrison: I will
    [Sun Oct 01 15:59:26] William Morrison: Senria, too
    [Sun Oct 01 15:59:29] Alexi Shivarn: still seems flustered and agitated im off to the wilting flower shop, to get senria somthing nice , i hear that they sell things that will make her happy
    [Sun Oct 01 15:59:40] William Morrison: Flower shop?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:00:03] Alexi Shivarn: aye in pelt, there most popular item called the wand of good vibration
    [Sun Oct 01 16:00:15] MoveOnUp has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:00:46] Alexi Shivarn: not sure what it does but hey if it keeps senria from killing people might be worth the loss of coin
    [Sun Oct 01 16:00:48] William Morrison: I've been looking for a source for Lavender.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:01] William Morrison: Think they might have any?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:04] Alexi Shivarn: lavender eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:06] Alexi Shivarn: they might
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:15] William Morrison: I'll go with you then.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:27] Alexi Shivarn: they have all sorts of stuff that is suposed to make ye woman feell all good
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:37] William Morrison: nods
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:46] Moving North…
    [Sun Oct 01 16:01:58] Entering The Nars Pass - The Watchtower.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:03:33] Moving North…
    [Sun Oct 01 16:04:29] Alexi Shivarn: so why do ye need the lavander?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:04:40] William Morrison: Secret
    [Sun Oct 01 16:04:54] Alexi Shivarn: chuckles sounds like william has a date
    [Sun Oct 01 16:05:12] Alexi Shivarn: reads the sign
    [Sun Oct 01 16:05:17] Alexi Shivarn: this eems to be the place
    [Sun Oct 01 16:05:43] [Server] You are now in a Full PVP Area.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:05:49] Alexi Shivarn: fancy place
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:06] William Morrison: Indeed
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:17] Alexi Shivarn: hey theres be lacey!
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:28] Alexi Shivarn: i wonderd what she did for a livng
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:31] Alexi Shivarn: chuckles
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:32] William Morrison: You know her?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:42] Alexi Shivarn: aye she hosted some art contest
    [Sun Oct 01 16:06:47] William Morrison: Ah
    [Sun Oct 01 16:07:03] Alexi Shivarn: ye get first looks
    [Sun Oct 01 16:07:12] Alexi Shivarn: tell me if ye see anything that senria might like
    [Sun Oct 01 16:07:20] William Morrison: go ahead
    [Sun Oct 01 16:07:31] Arkantos1 has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:08:19] Alexi Shivarn: nea ye first
    [Sun Oct 01 16:08:31] Alexi Shivarn: i got bad taste in such things
    [Sun Oct 01 16:08:39] Lacey Undrewar: Good evening Master, welcome to the Wilting Flower Adult Toy Shoppe! What can this servant of Sune do for you today? [Sun Oct 01 16:08:42] William Morrison: I'd like to see what you have for sale. [Sun Oct 01 16:09:19] Alexi Shivarn: find anything good? [Sun Oct 01 16:09:27] William Morrison: No flowers - just clothes and some odds and ends [Sun Oct 01 16:09:35] Alexi Shivarn: ahh *takes a peek* [Sun Oct 01 16:09:38] Lacey Undrewar: Good evening Master, welcome to the Wilting Flower Adult Toy Shoppe! What can this servant of Sune do for you today?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:09:40] Alexi Shivarn: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:09:59] Alexi Shivarn: they got some lavander body lotion
    [Sun Oct 01 16:10:02] Alexi Shivarn: is that what ye need?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:10:08] William Morrison: No
    [Sun Oct 01 16:10:12] Alexi Shivarn: ahh
    [Sun Oct 01 16:10:33] Alexi Shivarn: holds up some lingerie think she would like this?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:10:57] William Morrison: I am not going to make that call.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:11:04] Alexi Shivarn: hmm rubs his head
    [Sun Oct 01 16:11:06] William Morrison: She would kill both of us.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:11:12] Alexi Shivarn: eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:11:14] Alexi Shivarn: why?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:19:26] Lacey Undrewar: *leans on the counter* Not to often that I get some men shopping about in here. [Sun Oct 01 16:19:53] Lacey Undrewar: Normally it's just women you know. Buying things.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:19:53] Alexi Shivarn: ohh i was told ye might have somthing to make woman happy again
    [Sun Oct 01 16:19:55] William Morrison: Aye well - I was looking for a flower shop
    [Sun Oct 01 16:20:09] Lacey Undrewar: *smiles* Oh.. we have things to make women happy. [Sun Oct 01 16:20:26] Alexi Shivarn: that so? [Sun Oct 01 16:20:31] Lacey Undrewar: And the flower is but an analogy winks
    [Sun Oct 01 16:20:38] Alexi Shivarn: rubs his head
    [Sun Oct 01 16:20:41] Alexi Shivarn: eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:20:52] Lacey Undrewar: Oh my my. Two innocent sorts I see. [Sun Oct 01 16:21:04] William Morrison: Ah. [Sun Oct 01 16:21:12] Alexi Shivarn: i guess so [Sun Oct 01 16:21:43] Lacey Undrewar: smiles and winks again I think you'll be wanting to look elsewhere for the kind of happiness you're wanting to get a girl.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:22:01] William Morrison: It would seem so.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:22:04] Lacey Undrewar: We sell happiness of…. another kind.. [Sun Oct 01 16:22:07] Alexi Shivarn: *rubs his helm again* [Sun Oct 01 16:22:15] Lacey Undrewar: Though a lot of women enjoy it.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:22:30] Lacey Undrewar: This wand here for instance. [Sun Oct 01 16:22:42] Lacey Undrewar: reaches below the counter and pulls out a purple wand
    [Sun Oct 01 16:22:47] William Morrison: That's the one you were looking at Alexi
    [Sun Oct 01 16:22:50] Alexi Shivarn: aye it is
    [Sun Oct 01 16:23:09] Lacey Undrewar: *smiles* Who you meaning to give this to, young man, and why? [Sun Oct 01 16:24:06] Alexi Shivarn: well one of me femal friends she was all angry all of a sudden for some reason , and i heard that wand might make her un mad [Sun Oct 01 16:24:26] Lacey Undrewar: chuckles Which girl?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:24:32] William Morrison: …or at least less likely to kill him outright.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:24:42] William Morrison: Her name is Senria.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:24:43] Alexi Shivarn: senria actually
    [Sun Oct 01 16:24:56] Lacey Undrewar: *smiles slyly* Well then.. [Sun Oct 01 16:25:08] Alexi Shivarn: ye know her? [Sun Oct 01 16:25:47] Lacey Undrewar: No. But you seem the innocent sort, and it may be amusing and educational for you.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:25:56] Lacey Undrewar: I'll sell it to you at half off. [Sun Oct 01 16:26:03] Alexi Shivarn: really? [Sun Oct 01 16:26:08] Lacey Undrewar: 400 gold, yes.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:26:37] Alexi Shivarn: looks at his coin pouch ehh think ye can go any lower than that?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:26:52] Aeolderr has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:26:54] Lacey Undrewar: Doubt it. [Sun Oct 01 16:26:55] William Morrison: Alexi. [Sun Oct 01 16:27:03] Lacey Undrewar: There are rules as merchants you know.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:27:12] William Morrison: Would you really haggle on a gift for Senria?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:27:16] Lacey Undrewar: I'd hate to have the merchants association come and break my legs. [Sun Oct 01 16:27:28] Lacey Undrewar: Or yours for that matter.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:27:38] Alexi Shivarn: aye ye right probably not the best to haggle with a gift for her
    [Sun Oct 01 16:27:56] Alexi Shivarn: merchant assocation?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:09] Lacey Undrewar: Yes, the merchant association. [Sun Oct 01 16:28:22] Lacey Undrewar: If you don't know, don't ask, if you do know, don't mention.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:27] Speedy_Z_ has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:30] Alexi Shivarn: ahh okay
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:37] William Morrison: …but you just did.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:42] Lacey Undrewar: I said… [Sun Oct 01 16:28:48] Lacey Undrewar: Don't mention.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:28:53] William Morrison: Got it.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:29:02] Alexi Shivarn: just asking if ye could cause if ye did lower the price then i could get one of those for me friend here and his lady friend
    [Sun Oct 01 16:29:17] Lacey Undrewar: 400 is the lowest I can go. [Sun Oct 01 16:29:34] Lacey Undrewar: And I know how much gold you have. That there is just your show purse.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:29:42] Alexi Shivarn: eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:29:44] Alexi Shivarn: ye do?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:29:51] Lacey Undrewar: Of course I do. [Sun Oct 01 16:29:55] Alexi Shivarn: how? [Sun Oct 01 16:29:57] William Morrison: Alexi. Nicahh is about to be very angry with me and probably not in the mood to accept gifts of any kind. [Sun Oct 01 16:30:08] Lacey Undrewar: If you don't know, don't ask, if you do know, don't mention.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:30:17] William Morrison: chuckle
    [Sun Oct 01 16:30:18] Lacey Undrewar: And you can afford two for one really. [Sun Oct 01 16:30:20] Alexi Shivarn: ahh i think i see the trend here [Sun Oct 01 16:30:29] Alexi Shivarn: but william it might be the perfect time [Sun Oct 01 16:30:38] Lacey Undrewar: Nicahh?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:30:43] William Morrison: nods
    [Sun Oct 01 16:30:44] Alexi Shivarn: see give her a pre make up present
    [Sun Oct 01 16:30:45] Lacey Undrewar: Believe she has one already. [Sun Oct 01 16:30:52] William Morrison: Ah. See? [Sun Oct 01 16:31:02] Alexi Shivarn: ohh dang i guess ye out of luck william [Sun Oct 01 16:31:04] Lacey Undrewar: We keep a list of those who have them.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:31:13] William Morrison: Good idea.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:31:16] Lacey Undrewar: And those who bought for them. [Sun Oct 01 16:31:31] William Morrison: …that's a little scary. [Sun Oct 01 16:31:44] Lacey Undrewar: We never said we weren't scary in the association.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:31:56] William Morrison: chuckle I suppose not.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:32:07] Lacey Undrewar: Are you going to pay the 400 gold or not, sir? [Sun Oct 01 16:32:09] Alexi Shivarn: *chuckle* [Sun Oct 01 16:32:10] Alexi Shivarn: aye sure [Sun Oct 01 16:32:20] Alexi Shivarn: if ye sure this will make her happy [Sun Oct 01 16:32:24] William Morrison: You're not likely to get a better deal. [Sun Oct 01 16:32:36] Lacey Undrewar: Oh, it'll make someone happy I am sure.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:32:45] Alexi Shivarn: well its worth a shot then
    [Sun Oct 01 16:32:51] Alexi Shivarn: one more thing though
    [Sun Oct 01 16:33:01] Lacey Undrewar: *wraps the wand up in tissue paper and places it in an almost floruscent pink bag before handing it over* [Sun Oct 01 16:33:07] Alexi Shivarn: i heard somthing about a festival of the unwilling [Sun Oct 01 16:33:10] Alexi Shivarn: *takes the bag* [Sun Oct 01 16:33:19] Alexi Shivarn: think she might like going to one of those? [Sun Oct 01 16:33:38] Lacey Undrewar: the bag of course is too large to pack away, and must be carried and emoted as a bright pink bag everywhere you go
    [Sun Oct 01 16:33:57] Lacey Undrewar: Is she a… "friendly" girl? [Sun Oct 01 16:34:13] Alexi Shivarn: i guess so , she is nice to everyone [Sun Oct 01 16:34:17] Lacey Undrewar: Then yes.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:34:26] Alexi Shivarn: do ye know when the next one will be held?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:34:38] Lacey Undrewar: May be awhile. [Sun Oct 01 16:34:51] Lacey Undrewar: No one looks well on those kind of festivals though they are great fun.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:35:07] Alexi Shivarn: really?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:35:09] Lacey Undrewar: *cracks a small smile at the bright pink bag* [Sun Oct 01 16:35:15] Lacey Undrewar: Really.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:35:25] Alexi Shivarn: carries the bag without hesitation
    [Sun Oct 01 16:35:32] Alexi Shivarn: she like fun william
    [Sun Oct 01 16:35:39] Lacey Undrewar: You two have fun then. [Sun Oct 01 16:35:40] Alexi Shivarn: mayhaps she would like the fesitval [Sun Oct 01 16:35:40] William Morrison: That she does. [Sun Oct 01 16:35:49] William Morrison: Thank you, Lady [Sun Oct 01 16:35:57] Alexi Shivarn: i was hopeing one might be coming soon [Sun Oct 01 16:36:11] Alexi Shivarn: dont supose ye could send word to me when the next one is planed to happen could ye? [Sun Oct 01 16:36:24] Lacey Undrewar: I sure will.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:36:40] Alexi Shivarn: thanks, ye need me name? or somthing?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:36:52] William Morrison: She already knows who you are and where to find you, unless I miss my guess.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:37:03] Lacey Undrewar: I know your name. [Sun Oct 01 16:37:06] Lacey Undrewar: Alexi. It's in the log now, along with the girl you bought the gift for.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:37:20] Alexi Shivarn: ahh you must know lots of things
    [Sun Oct 01 16:37:48] Alexi Shivarn: mayhaps ye could teach some of the stuff ye know , so i can know all this stuff
    [Sun Oct 01 16:38:06] Lacey Undrewar: I think not. [Sun Oct 01 16:38:17] Alexi Shivarn: why not? [Sun Oct 01 16:38:39] Lacey Undrewar: The association is very strict on the rules.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:38:47] Alexi Shivarn: ahh all right
    [Sun Oct 01 16:38:53] Lacey Undrewar: If you don't know the rules, don't ask, if you do, don't mention them. [Sun Oct 01 16:39:11] William Morrison: How did I know it would be something like that? [Sun Oct 01 16:39:21] Alexi Shivarn: well if this doesnt make her happy can i send her to you ? to see if ye can figure somthing out? [Sun Oct 01 16:39:50] Lacey Undrewar: If it doesn't. I'll find her.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:39:55] Alexi Shivarn: and does this thing come with instuctions on how to use?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:40:08] Lacey U`ndrewar: She'll know.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:40:18] Alexi Shivarn: really?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:40:48] Alexi Shivarn: well i guess that good news for me cause i sure as heck dont know what it is used for chuckles or how to use it
    [Sun Oct 01 16:41:15] Alexi Shivarn: well i think that about covers everything Lacey bows
    [Sun Oct 01 16:41:31] Alexi Shivarn: swings the bag back and forth happily
    [Sun Oct 01 16:41:38] William Morrison: One of those female things, Alexi - like when she knows you've just spent a whole bunch of money on another girl. grins
    [Sun Oct 01 16:41:42] Alexi Shivarn: i cant wait to give this to her
    [Sun Oct 01 16:41:57] Alexi Shivarn: i was just being nice
    [Sun Oct 01 16:42:24] Alexi Shivarn: dont know why she got all in a fit
    [Sun Oct 01 16:43:12] William Morrison: Come on moose head.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:43:23] Alexi Shivarn: well thanks again miss, ill tell her to come see you if it doesnt work like it suposed to
    [Sun Oct 01 16:43:26] Alexi Shivarn: ohh ok
    [Sun Oct 01 16:43:53] [Server] You are now in a Full PVP Area.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:05] Alexi Shivarn: hmm ye think this will counter act teh coin i just spent?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:12] Alexi Shivarn: since it is for her
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:23] William Morrison: Either that, or she will be angrier.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:29] William Morrison: No way to tell.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:44] Alexi Shivarn: well like lacey said if it doesnt make her happy she can go see her
    [Sun Oct 01 16:44:50] Alexi Shivarn: and so im in the clear either way
    [Sun Oct 01 16:45:05] William Morrison: Maybe you should give it to her as a parting gift, to be opened after you leave.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:45:18] Alexi Shivarn: ye think so?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:45:19] William Morrison: That way, you're safe either way.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:45:47] Alexi Shivarn: hmm i might do that
    [Sun Oct 01 16:45:51] William Morrison: She'll have gotten it straightened out by the time you get back if she doesn't like it.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:02] Alexi Shivarn: true
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:08] William Morrison: …and if she does like it, it is all good.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:19] Alexi Shivarn: though i would hate to give her somthing and if she can figure out how to use it
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:26] wal1234l has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:31] Alexi Shivarn: then i would feel bad
    [Sun Oct 01 16:46:54] William Morrison: The lady said she would know.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:47:04] Alexi Shivarn: i guess so
    [Sun Oct 01 16:47:19] Alexi Shivarn: man it looks like missed some vital stuff being raised by the pixies
    [Sun Oct 01 16:47:42] William Morrison: Shrugs I apparently did no better.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:47:47] Alexi Shivarn: i guess so
    [Sun Oct 01 16:48:05] Alexi Shivarn: hey i have an idea
    [Sun Oct 01 16:48:24] Alexi Shivarn: if i earn back the coin i just spent then she will never know so how would ye like to help me do that?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:48:32] William Morrison: Sounds good.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:48:41] Alexi Shivarn: so wheres a good place to earn coin?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:49:15] William Morrison: Locally? Probably kobolds
    [Sun Oct 01 16:49:26] Alexi Shivarn: want to try one of the caves then?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:49:31] William Morrison: Sure
    [Sun Oct 01 16:49:47] Alexi Shivarn: then lets be off
    [Sun Oct 01 16:50:29] Alexi Shivarn: right then lets get going the faster we earn coin the faster were out of trouble
    [Sun Oct 01 16:50:38] William Morrison: Got iy
    [Sun Oct 01 16:50:42] William Morrison: *it
    [Sun Oct 01 16:50:53] Alexi Shivarn: walks around with the bag happily
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:15] Alexi Shivarn: walks by with a pink florecent bag at his side happily
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:15] Yolande: Some coin would be nice
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:17] Drelan Ashire: looks over at the two passing through
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:21] Drelan Ashire: ..I'm scared to ask
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:27] Alexi Shivarn: good eve all
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:32] Alexi Shivarn: chuckles
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:35] Drelan Ashire: A pink haired bard sell you that bag by any chance?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:39] Yolande: shields eyes
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:40] Alexi Shivarn: nea
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:48] William Morrison: Good day, Lady Yolande
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:48] Yolande: It's….pink
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:54] Alexi Shivarn: aye so?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:51:59] Yolande: I'm blind
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:02] William Morrison: nods Drelan.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:07] Yolande: Nay, just horrified
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:08] Tainted_Otaku has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:10] Drelan Ashire: Will nods back
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:19] Yolande: looks to William with a grin Hello
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:39] William Morrison: Doing well?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:40] Alexi Shivarn: i got a deal on it to
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:54] William Morrison: looks to Alexi he did
    [Sun Oct 01 16:52:58] Yolande: Quite well….and yourself?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:07] Drelan Ashire: you bought that?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:09] Alexi Shivarn: aye
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:10] Drelan Ashire: Why on earth?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:18] William Morrison: Can't complain.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:23] Alexi Shivarn: well to get me out of trouble of course
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:25] Alexi Shivarn: chuckles
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:35] Drelan Ashire: .. a pink bag is going to get you out of trouble?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:45] Alexi Shivarn: nea nea its whats in the bag that will
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:52] Drelan Ashire: so its a wrapping.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:53] William Morrison: Alas the shop had no -actual- flowers.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:53:55] Drelan Ashire: What's inside a scroll?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:04] Alexi Shivarn: say that pink haired bard ye spoke of could get me a better deal?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:21] Drelan Ashire: on the bag probably.. I doubt anyone actually can sell those
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:33] Drelan Ashire: wait.. no actual flowers?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:36] Drelan Ashire: what shop did he go to?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:49] William Morrison: The Wilting Flower.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:55] Drelan Ashire: …
    [Sun Oct 01 16:54:58] Drelan Ashire: clears his thraot
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:01] William Morrison: False advertising, if you ask me.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:01] Alexi Shivarn: im not sure what its used for but lacey said it would get me out of trouble
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:04] Drelan Ashire: Never mind.. nay want to know whats int he bag
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:06] Yolande: bites lip trying not to laugh
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:16] Alexi Shivarn: said it was a popular item to
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:20] Yolande: Oh, I must see this
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:32] Yolande: May I?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:35] Alexi Shivarn: of course
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:46] Alexi Shivarn: hows her the contents
    [Sun Oct 01 16:55:49] Alexi Shivarn: show
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:04] Yolande: eyes a bit wide, starts giggling
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:14] Yolande: turns and covers mouth
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:16] Alexi Shivarn: even said if this didnt get me out of trouble she would come her self to see the person
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:42] Alexi Shivarn: think it will work?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:43] Yolande: starts laughing harder, despite herself
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:49] Drelan Ashire: ….
    [Sun Oct 01 16:56:57] Drelan Ashire: looks to Yol and lofts a brow
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:03] William Morrison: ::doesn't get the joke::
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:03] Drelan Ashire: its that bad?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:14] Yolande: clears throat It won't get you out of trouble with … Grag
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:26] Alexi Shivarn: im not in trouble with him
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:28] Alexi Shivarn: so nea worries
    [Sun Oct 01 16:57:35] William Morrison: He's not giving it to Grag.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:58:04] Alexi Shivarn: hmm ye think this would make a great present for paladin knighting
    [Sun Oct 01 16:58:13] Yolande: looks to Drelan, then back Sir, do you know what it is?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:58:23] Alexi Shivarn: not really
    [Sun Oct 01 16:58:49] Yolande: Would you like to know, or do you like surprises?
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:05] Alexi Shivarn: i like both chuckles
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:26] William Morrison: In that case, you're better off waiting, Alexi
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:28] Alexi Shivarn: lacey gave me half off said it would be very educational and amusing
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:32] Yolande: Well then you'll know, after you're surprised eyes twinkle with mirth
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:37] William Morrison: You'll find out eventually.
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:50] Alexi Shivarn: ohh now i cant wait
    [Sun Oct 01 16:59:51] William Morrison: As the Lady said.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:00:20] Alexi Shivarn: hmm mi ght want to stock up on these then
    [Sun Oct 01 17:00:28] Alexi Shivarn: think she will give me a bulk discount?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:00:48] Yolande: breaks up laughing
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:03] Yolande: Sure sputtered between fits of giggles
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:15] Alexi Shivarn: rubs his helm a moment then takes out the wand and taps it on his arm still cant get it to work though
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:17] Drelan Ashire: .. any merchant usually will if they have any sense.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:25] Drelan Ashire uses item's special power.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:28] William Morrison: Drelan's right
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:29] Drelan Ashire: ((Lore Check: 16+10=26))
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:32] Drelan Ashire: looks over
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:42] Drelan Ashire: clears his throat and blushes grumbling
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:52] Alexi Shivarn: she said woman already know how to use it
    [Sun Oct 01 17:01:59] Alexi Shivarn: ye know how to make it work?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:01] MoveOnUp has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:03] Alexi Shivarn: taps it some more on his arm
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:14] Drelan Ashire: I'd nay give it to her.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:21] Yolande: hands on hips, playful anger Drelan, you never got me one
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:25] Drelan Ashire: Well.. wait.. you're a bard aren't you?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:28] Drelan Ashire: to Alexi
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:38] Alexi Shivarn: nea really a bard why?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:42] Drelan Ashire: I've never gotten anyone one!
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:53] Yolande: Why not?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:55] Alexi Shivarn: say ill sell ye this one for 500 coin
    [Sun Oct 01 17:02:56] Drelan Ashire: .. well because if you were a bard it'd fit you perfectly. She sells a lot of those to the college.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:02] Alexi Shivarn: its a steal really
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:02] Yolande: trying desperately not to laugh
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:08] Drelan Ashire: … Somethings.. should.. remain natural is why!
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:17] Drelan Ashire: getting rather exasperated
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:36] William Morrison: We should go, Alexi - before we lose the light
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:46] Alexi Shivarn: college eh? maybe i can make some coin from them
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:50] Yolande: Where are you headed?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:03:51] Alexi Shivarn: thanks for the info drelan
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:00] William Morrison: Out west to the kobolds
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:06] Drelan Ashire: Talk to Clandra.. coughs
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:07] Skeet112 has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:13] Alexi Shivarn: clandra eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:18] Alexi Shivarn: okay will do
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:21] Yolande: Oh yes. She's an expert
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:24] William Morrison: Never met her.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:29] Alexi Shivarn: where cen i find her?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:39] Yolande: Bard College some times
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:53] Alexi Shivarn: nods and where is this college?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:04:57] Drelan Ashire: if not her I'm sure if you ask around you'll find another grumbles cursing the bard college
    [Sun Oct 01 17:05:03] Drelan Ashire: Behind those buildings
    [Sun Oct 01 17:05:11] Drelan Ashire: points to the north west
    [Sun Oct 01 17:05:30] Alexi Shivarn: ill definitaly go there then after we get back
    [Sun Oct 01 17:05:52] Alexi Shivarn: stops tapping the wand on his arm and puts it back in the bag
    [Sun Oct 01 17:05:54] Drelan Ashire: …
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:05] Drelan Ashire: Good hells.. I.. need air.. not enough in this commons..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:15] Alexi Shivarn: maybe ye need the wand
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:20] Drelan Ashire: NO I don't
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:23] Alexi Shivarn: ye sure?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:24] Drelan Ashire: I assure you that
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:26] Yolande: dies of laughter
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:39] Drelan Ashire: Perhaps those bloody bards do but nay I.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:39] Alexi Shivarn: ill give it to ye for 500
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:44] Drelan Ashire: …
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:45] Yolande: leans against the post, unable to stop
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:53] Alexi Shivarn: how about ye miss?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:53] Drelan Ashire: you offer that too me one more time I willl deck you
    [Sun Oct 01 17:06:58] ncharman has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:03] Drelan Ashire: and you will not get back up understand? Will not be insulted so.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:10] Alexi Shivarn: eh?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:13] Alexi Shivarn: rubs his helm
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:23] Drelan Ashire: Clear?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:23] Alexi Shivarn: just trying to sell some merchandise
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:23] William Morrison: Its for women, Alexi.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:31] Yolande: Hahahahaha takes breath Hehehehehe
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:32] William Morrison: Maybe he's insecure
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:36] Alexi Shivarn: maybe
    [Sun Oct 01 17:07:54] Alexi Shivarn: maybe thats why he needs one
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:05] Yolande: stands using the staff, still giggling
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:06] Drelan Ashire: ….
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:09] William Morrison: Not my call
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:12] Alexi Shivarn: to get secure of himself
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:18] Yolande: laughing
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:19] Sirius has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:25] Tanin Valdar has left as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:26] Drelan Ashire: Nay.. its because certain things are not meant to go up in certain places.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:27] William Morrison: Come on - kobolds
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:28] Drelan Ashire: grumbles
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:34] Alexi Shivarn: ohh okay
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:45] Alexi Shivarn: this must be some good stuff
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:52] Kaveh Hemmat has joined as a player..
    [Sun Oct 01 17:08:54] William Morrison: No doubt.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:04] William Morrison: Yolande is nice though
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:17] Alexi Shivarn: aye i she seem so
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:19] William Morrison: She wouldn't steer you wrong
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:29] Alexi Shivarn: maybe she needs the wand
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:34] Alexi Shivarn: to give to drelan
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:37] Moving West…
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:50] Entering Giantspire - Western Foothills
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:50] [Server] You are now in a Full PVP Area.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:09:53] William Morrison: She mentioned no one had ever given her one.
    [Sun Oct 01 17:10:01] Alexi Shivarn: aye true
    [Sun Oct 01 17:10:09] Alexi Shivarn: maybe i need to get another to give to her
    [Sun Oct 01 17:10:22] William Morrison: Was thinking about maybe getting her one as a gift later, when I have some coin
    [Sun Oct 01 17:10:50] Alexi Shivarn: sounds like a plan
    [Sun Oct 01 17:11:03] Alexi Shivarn: ohh maybe we could sell these to all moody woman?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:11:32] Alexi Shivarn: think we could make some from it?
    [Sun Oct 01 17:11:57] William Morrison: Nah - they can just come up to Pelt and get their own
    [Sun Oct 01 17:12:15] Alexi Shivarn: but see we could charge them the convience fee
    [Sun Oct 01 17:12:24] Alexi Shivarn: as we brought it to them
    [Sun Oct 01 17:12:28] William Morrison: Might work sounds doubtful