Elven Resources

  • I'm not about to copy paste great swathes of stuff. Against copyright law for starters! Anyone who wants to can get hold of pdfs very easily.

    FR wiki is best ignored since it runs on 4E.


    Races of the Wild
    The main resource for the Narfell timeline. Not FR specific, so ignore anything it says about height. If you only want to look at one book, this is probably it.

    Races of Faerun
    FR specific, with a section for each subrace.

    Some great lore in these books if you're interested in reading it.

    Demihuman Deities
    Well worth a read. So much more depth than Faiths and Pantheons.

    Complete Book of Elves
    Greyhawk book, so ignore heights again. High elf = moon elf, Grey elf = Sun elf.

    Elves of Evermeet
    Illustrates the elven mindset very nicely.

    Cormanthyr, Empire of Elves
    Historical, but interesting. Huge amount of material here.