Trapping Tribute Troubles

  • Eluriel is quite vocal on the following while in the other towns; saying it loud enough to be clearly heard by passers by.

    Twas suggested by a Hoaran that if we meant to take wood from the 'claimed' land of the gnoll woods that we should give 'tribute' in turn. This said to a group of Wolves and a Druid? It seems conflict their want.

    Having chosen to take wood and leave no tribute, our way was lined with slowing traps. A league from the Nars an empty chest with a note, "last chance." Past that only one trap; a very well hidden lightning trap, designed to kill.

    We cannot say that they attacked us; we saw traps but not who laid them.
    We can but give warning to others who walk that way.

  • Upon hearing such news, Shannon speaks…

    Apparently the Hoarans - or at least some - are no longer willing to honor the agreement that the old camp held: after the camp was retaken from the gnolls, the Romani held all tributes paid by the Gaji in that so many of them had aided in its liberation.