Glittergold's Guide to DM Attention!

  • Guide for DM attention

    _The tome you have just opened is most likely the most important piece of information you have ever read. It surely is your path to glorious RP, fancy loot and endless hours of DM attention.

    Or not.

    However, it is answer to those many players who every now and then turn to me or others, being unhappy of the amount of DM attention they get. For those for who it always see that some others grab the fanciest events and solve the plots.

    I’ll keep it simple, like list of suggestions or rules. Feel free to try those out and see if things turn better for you._
    1. Go on, adventure

    I’m not fan of “Dawson’s Creek the RPG”, but I’m into adventuring. So, whenever you are sitting by campfire of Norwick or some other such place, chatting of your character’s love life or favorite food, you can be sure I’ll pick someone else or log out. However, whenever I see players adventuring, I usually observe them for a while to see if there is something fun going on ( which means not farming things but also RPing a bit). And if they head to adventure something bit out of ordinary location (usually those that give very little profit) the chances I spice up things gets a lot higher.

    In addition it is very nice to get player posting to DM channel when they are up to something, like “Bunch of low level halfers heading into crypts trying to find few corpses to rob. If someone would like to spice up things, it’d be nice.”. Quite often when someone sends such a message to channel, I’ll pick it and follow up the party.

    2. Do follow ups for the events

    If you end up in to event and want to keep on going to follow up with it, do so. Don’t just wait and watch, but instead be proactive. Report forums about it, contact DM with PMs, make it visible what you are with it. Don’t worry if you are “bothering” DM by contacting them with PM, most of us love when players act proactively. There is so much work we push into plots and when someone other makes real effort on them, it is rewarding to us. And if you don’t get reply back, at least for me you can resend your PM after a bit, as sometimes I can be bit forgetful. If I ever feel I don’t want to keep something going on in PMs I will surely say. So.. Post.. Public forums, organizations, PMs to DM and so on

    3. Don’t whine, be constructive

    DMs do mess up sometime, at least I do. Still, even in those times I try to be fair and I am glad to admit my mistake. If you feel treated unfair, discuss about it but don’t whine without any constructive in your criticism. We are never here to spoil your fun or take you down. Sometimes we get this when someone gets unlucky and dies, most often it is when there are numerous clear indicators that PCs should be more careful. Anything it is, don’t afraid to give feedback but also remember mutual respect. If DM has fun with you, even when things get rough, you have higher chances that he’ll give you bit of extra attention next time as well.

    4. Don’t be scared of DM

    If there is something you need DM for, don’t be afraid of ask. Yes, we might look like freaking awesome and deadly figurines of the fatal divine power, but we are still all players as well. We don’t bite and we can say no when we don’t want to do something. It is all about respectful interaction, and I’m all up for it. Be brave enough to ask if you need to know something or have some ideas.. or just anything. I will never bite for asking, and don’t swallow either. Often.

    So, these are the tricks you can use to get more DMish attention. These tricks at least work for his little gnomey DMling. Of course we all DMs are individuals as well, but I'm pretty sure nobody will click kill you for doing the things I suggested. At least without warning! 😉

    5. Don't worry about others

    You think that someone else is getting more events/items/xp than you? Ignore that. Fixating on what someone else is getting isn't fun, so concentrate on making your own play time fun instead 🙂 Amazingly there have been times when the same two players have contacted us both thinking that the other is getting too much DM attention! So don't waste your time angsting, just get out there and have fun.

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