Cow Theft

  • LD and I were talking about an event that happened during the Crystal Plot where some Gypsy Camp PCs decided to relocate one of Norwick's finest cows. There was some conversations on whether this could be done and decided that everyone was Rom and they could take what they wanted. Needless to say the group ended up coaxing Bessie from her pen, led by Oreth who had AEd her. I wish I could remember all the details of this one, but I'm sure someone out there does!

  • LOL 🙂 I remember the incident happening but sadly can't remember the whole facts about it either. I do know it was much needed humor in the midst of that plot, without question.

  • I knew you'd come through! I believe that is the exact incident in question.


    Maybe related to this?


    Rumours fly that Oreth, Sy'wyn, and the Gaje Elf Eluriel have been ranging far and wide trying to buy a cow. The reasons why seem to have something to do with dragon feces. The Rom are as confused as you are.

    We had to get dragon poo, so it seemed like a good idea to try and feed the dragon and… chase it until it went to the toilet. Ahem.