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    Character Charming Rico Swift
    Home/Location Jiydd - My papers still say Jiydd, so Jiydd's my home.

    Custom/Unique/Crafted Items
    Desire's Flame +1 Enhancement, +1 Positive Energy Damage, +2 Discipline; Cara Desh's sword, given to her as a gift from Sune. She passed it to Rico when she stopped adventuring so that it would still see service. - DM Fenris
    Beauty's Embrace A token of Sune's affection for her servant, this Red Silk +2 Charisma cloak will never tear, rip, or stain. - DM MoB
    Radiant Helm For all his years of adventuring, Rico has never once worn a helm. He prefers that his enemies know his countenance, that it might convince them to change their evil ways one last time, before he is forced to end their lives. This open faced helmet gives the best of both worlds. It looks as if a halo of flames are radiating from the wearer's head. Fire Resist 5/-, +1 Charisma, Red Light - DM Bastage
    Equerry's Armor +1 Armor AC, +6 Ride Full Plate - DM Predator
    Swordsman's Belt Slashing Resist 5/- - DM Predator
    MW Steel Tower Shield - On loan from Val
    Boots of the Trapspringer +1 Dodge AC, +1 Reflex Saves - DM LowerDenizen
    The Scabbard of Lady Firehair Greater Eagle's Splendor 1/day, can only be used on allies, not the wielder. - DM Predator
    Azure Ring
    A bright Azure gemstone is inlaid upon an intricate gold band with the celestial writing "Strike quickly and forcefully against rot in the hearts of mortals." Within the gemstone is a left-handed gauntlet with palm forward, the common symbol of Torm.
    2 Paladin Level 2 Bonus Spells Slots, 20m Blue Light, Concentration +2
    Ring of Resitence +1 +1 Universal Saving Throws
    Ring of Protection +1 +1 Deflection AC
    Spiderclimb Grappler Elven rope with an enchated plate, holds fast to any surface RP Item- DM Bastage

    Lost Items:
    Hand of the Righteous* +2 Heal, Bless/day, Light
    Heartwarder's Aegis* +1 Shield AC, +2 Shield AC vs Piercing, 5/- Fire Resist - DM Highlander
    Armor of the Valorous* +1 Armor AC, +1 Charisma, +1 1st Lvl Paladin Spell, Light - DM Fenris
    All three of these were tendered as payment to Darey in return for information, all with the best of intentions but Rico feels awful about it. He feels Darey's possession and unthinkable treatment of such holy items is an affront to the memory of those who created and held the items before him. Still, he gave them fairly, and cannot simply take them less he dishonor them further. Also, there's more practical reasons too. Like liking his organs on the inside of his body.

    Rico's Curse Representative plot item. Not really there, and un-unequipable. Does stuff I won't go into, but certainly makes Rico miserable. _Curse left when the demons of the Well spat back the chunk of his soul they'd bartered for. Still, it's left it's mark on Rico's psyche, lingering like a bad taste.

    Guild/Org Items

    *Items are currently missing in action due to plot reasons. In the meantime, Reriana 'bequethed' her armor to him upon her death, along with a shield she's since reclaimed…traded out for a MW Platinum Tower Shield that I think belongs to Val Kyrie. ...strike that, its back to Reri he's got the +1 Half Plate...strike that, he bought a +1 Full Plate@492b7fd7c8:_