Narfell Clips

  • Inspired by Benji's Dracolich event clips, I decided to make a small sample of my own. A crappy one, but the future ones should be better I think. Of course you all can post your own! I encourage it in fact.

    So far, I only made this one clip as a test. I think it turned out somewhat decent, considering it's the first movie ever I've posted on youtube or anywhere for that matter. There's no sound, other than me clicking and the patter of keyboard pressing.

    Anyway, here's a clip. It's of the recent assault on the old elven camp. It was a chaotic battle, and alotta people got hurt. Here's how it was in Roro's point of view!

  • Ohh you got me intrigued. I recon its time to dust of those Adobe premiere and fraps cds

    Thanks for sharing Summ, I remember back in my wow-days, I spent almost more time making and watching other peoples wow-movies than I spent playing the game. Addicting and entertaining stuff, and a really good way to share your adventures and put some life into that character of yours for others to enjoy 🙂