Call for those with Rogues or other undesirables.

  • I am interested in finding out any who would have PCs or would create PCs who have less than stellar moral fibre. Folks who kill for money, steal for wealth and seek to sell information and knowledge.

    Basically those who would find themselves at ease wandering in shadows, playing with traps, poisons or other ill fated things.

    PM me if youd like a bit more information or dont want your PC to be outted on the forums.

  • I haven't been online much this past couple weeks due to obscene work hours and other games but im always looking to increase Chae's network of spies and errands runners. A lot of what i like to do is heavily focused on rp and can be done via forum as easily add in game so any ebil who want to contact chae can find her in oscura as by sending me a pm

  • Haha oh wow, I'm sorry, I didn't see the date there. Personal new record in topic-necroing. But that's kind of an evil deed so it's ok in this sub-forum.

  • There is at least 1 DM plot and 1 PC driven plot ( a year long that I hope will go "BOOM" soon) for undesirable PCs atm. Usually those events are on sunday eve GMT +1. The last two sundays been a stall as one of the key players been unavailable.

    Also if a DM isnt needed and u still want to fraternize with those undesireable you know where to find my PCs :roll:

    Oh I forgot pls see the thread just under this old one posted by McPLay

  • I don't want to crush your hopes, but it's highly unlikely that anything will come out of posting in this thread, as the DM who was looking for "undesirable" PCs is long retired.

    This doesn't mean that there aren't any DMs that run undesirable-themed stuff these days (as a matter of fact, there is at least one semi-active DM that does run similarly themed things now and then), but as said ncharman isn't even a DM for a long time, and if you check the post history you can see how the thread was just resurrected by a player after 5 years of inactivity.

  • I have two contenders.

    The first is a ghostwise barbarian called Keith, who likes breaking knees, teeth, backs, chairs, bottles and the peace. He's very new and is meant to be a companion character to my brother's gnome barbarian, so I'm not sure how serious he'll ever get.

    The second is Talindra, whose alignment has been slipping downwards since she arrived on Narfell. She's an elven fighter/ranger with more than a few issues who might even go full Aribeth (only maybe less loud and jiggly) if thing progress as they are doing. Not sure she'd admit or even realise that she's not "good" though… hm...

  • I have a sword wielding fellow with some light anger management issues combined with a typical assassin-personality hanging about. He's in the "upper class" power wise but I'm happy to take part of some good ol' story telling if he fits in. Although my gaming hours are very limited these days I'll happily offer him to contribute story wise here on the forums and every now and then possibly i-g too!

  • Chaevre' is as evil as it gets.
    And it's common knowledge she is not a nice person

    I also have a Sharran cleric which i made because ppl specifically requested me to make another evil pc 😛

    Ps: see my profile pic lol

  • Legion

    Danny's a thief, has ears everywhere, would do almost anything for money. Chaotic neutral looking to be evil

  • ICC

    Skrigz would definitely be interested. Evil, sweet-talking (bluff, persuade) orc strength rogue. No other skills really. He's a thug.


    Mugwort - orc barbarian (pretty much retired - haven't played him in forever)
    Nulinus Tenk - dwarf fighter

  • I have an Evil wizard concept I'd been wanting to play for some time. I'm in!

  • Ashe is Neutral, with tendencies to turn a blind eye to "Evil" for profit, until she is angered. Then evil/good really have no meaning. 🙂 Very proficient with traps and all rogue skills except pickpocket.

  • Lacey chandler ( my evil PC) would be really what you described. He has already murdered for money, and she has no trouble sliting throats of people crying for mercy, stealing from a child, or pretty much anything else.