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    Jewellery Worn

    Holy Symbol of the Red Knight (From a Dragon Hoard)
    Recovered from the hoard of a mighty Dragon, this amulet has had many owners over the years. Signs of wear are evident on its beautiful surface, but its power has not been dimmed by the passage of time.
    The chain that holds it in place seems to be made of an alloy of Mithril and Steel, and the actual Holy Symbol itself is of similar make. A perfectly shaped Knights piece, red in colour, which emanates calm. Should a follower of the Red Knight slip the chain around their neck, they will find their will strengthened, and their focus enhanced to face whatever foes the world throws at them.

    Val received this amulet in trade from her friend, Maria, who held onto it specifically for her. It's not left her neck yet, and it likely never will.

    Arila et'Sylaer (Enchanted)
    Enchanted by the Master Songstress, Val Kyrie, this ring contains the essence of the fey… their beauty, their love of the fine things in life, their agility, and their magic. Created from personal inspiration, and empowered by her own spirit, this rune etched ring of gold enhances the abilities of the wearer to be just that little bit closer to the world of the faerie.
    As a side effect of enhancing the presence of the wearer, it also makes them take on the scent of a fey… perhaps as an echo of the enchantment process.

    Val made this ring to help her performing skills and to bring her closer to the fae, as she feels that their beauty, grace, and power are things that should be treated with respect, as well as being things that she herself would like to achieve.



    Silk Sash of Deep Shadow (DM Item - Predator)
    This belt is made from Shadowsilk, extremely lightweight and soft. Despite its material, the belt itself has been magically enchanted and infused with shadowstuff. As such it grants its wearer protection against extreme cold, slashing weapons, and dark energies. The drawback is that against divine power there is little in the way of protection.
    This sash was recovered in the Shadow Dragon Furlinastis' horde, within the Shadow Plane.

    As the description says, Val recovered this as her "loot" from the defeat of the Shadovar, a trip to the Shadow Plane that cost her her own life. Thankfully, she was able to be returned to the living, and now wears this belt to hopefully ensure that a similar fate will not befall her again.

    Slippers of the Panther (Enchanted)
    Enchanted by Master Songstress, Val Kyrie, these dark boots are both set with a Cats Eye Gem on their top, held in place by a magical bonding process. Other than the stones, nothing on the boots seems to be magical when viewed via various methods.
    The gems themselves seem to swirl with potential when the boots are not being worn. Sliding them on and saying the command word activates the Gems, making them "disappear" into the boots and enhance the wearer's reflexes. As long as the boots are worn and active, a silhouette of a great panther moves around on the boots themselves, showing the power that lies within them. Taking the boots off deactivates the Cats Eyes, returning them to the surface of the boots.

    Val made these boots long ago, and has reluctantly returned to using them as they help her dodge her opponents blows better than anything she has found thus far.

    Gloves of Might (Enchanted)
    Enchanted by Master Songstress, Val Kyrie, these red gloves seem to make the wearers hands appear bigger, stronger. Set with a red Dragonseye Gem on the back of each glove and with Steel Studs running up the wrist, they definitely look like they're designed for work, not play.
    Woven within the cloth, steel, and precious stones of the gloves is a powerful enchantment that enhances the strength of the wearer, as well as their resistance to poisons and diseases. The gloves themselves also improve the wearers grip on their weapon, allowing them better discipline in battle.

    After getting her new belt, Val needed a way to stave off poisons and diseases. These gloves do that, and make her stronger, definitely something she could do with.

    Cloak of the Master Bard (Enchanted)
    Enchanted by Master Songstress, Val Kyrie, this cloak serves to cover her weaknesses as a warrior, and augment her skill with magic.
    Fastened with a Mithril Brooch, the warm cloak enhances her natural resistance to magic. In addition to this, it seems to cause her to somehow "slip" between enemies in a way thought impossible without magic, and enhances her awareness of the magics around her.

    After searching high and low for a suitable replacement cloak for one that she gave to a friend, Val gave up and enchanted this for herself. It may not be the most powerful item in the realms, but it is stylish, and aids her in her everyday activities.

    Performers Outfit (Enchanted)
    Woven with thread of gold and enchanted with song and spell, this outfit augments the abilities of any travelling performer, to help them heal body and soul, as well as looking good at the same time.
    As a bonus, the inside of this skin tight outfit is layered with warm fur, keeping the wearer comfortable in the chilly conditions of the north.

    Because of how hard it can be to dance in armour, Val made this outfit to help her perform and also to tend to wounds, seeing she's so often patching up other adventurers.

    Flames Bane Apron (Enchanted)
    _The outside of this rather plain looking leather apron is devoid of decoration except for a small white leather daisy fastened to the right shoulder strap. The inside of the apon is decorated with an intricate pattern of leather vines and leaves. Instructions and warnings are written in tiny print upon the leaves.

    "Kiss the flower and utter the name
    Sheela Peryroyl before donning this apron"

    "May those who honour the Green Mother
    Be blessed not only with protection,
    But also with joy, fertility and long life"

    "May those who dishonour the Green Mother
    Eat dust and be utterly forgotten"

    "Remove this apron before using the chamber pot
    And do not use it as a cloth"_

    This apron was made by Martouscha Leaffall for Val, to protect her from the flames of the forge when she's working with metals. It's very dear to her, if for no other reason than for the part of Marty that went into it for her.


    Armour and Weapons

    Kara's Armour (DM item - Lagermane)
    This suit of armour, worked with holy symbols of Kelemvor, was worn by the version of Kara duMonte who appeared to aid the heroes of Narfell in their attempt to banish the second Great Misfortune.
    Hopefully you will have better luck than the first owner…

    During the time of the second Great Misfortune, Val found herself in the middle of it all, and put in a massive effort to resolve the mysteries surrounding what was happening. After the defeat of Justy and Ogremochs minion, this armour was the only lasting item of note recovered. Val has worn it proudly for more than a decade, and recently had it adjusted to better suit her own faith and style after deciding that she had done honour to its former owner.

    Bulwark of the Knight (Enchanted)
    Enchanted by Master Songstress, Val Kyrie, this tower shield almost glows with magic. Red runes cover its surface and seem to enhance the already formidable defence it offers.
    The runes themselves are words in Draconic, carved deep into the surface of the steel. "Vyth Vur Sveargith", Steel and Bravery. Within each rune lies a mixture of Jasmal and Wyverns Blood, melded into a seamless whole, and it is this mixture which contains the power of the enchantment.

    The perfect shield for Val, to keep her safe and on her feet, regardless of the circumstances. Need any more be said?

    Asira's Singing Sword (DM Item - Predator)
    This blade is said to have once been gifted to the bard Asira Swiftblade who lost her ability to sing when her vocal cords were magically severed in battle against a great and evil foe. It is said that Sune herself, saddened by the loss of Asira's beautiful singing voice could not bear the new of this loss and blessed Asira's sword so that the Realms would once again be gifted with her Bardsong.
    As such, the Singing Sword acts in a similar manner to the Silent Spell feat, allowing its wielder to cast spells and sing their Bard Song without the need for verbal components.

    Recovered from a Necromancer who had stolen it from its owner, this blade is the last that Val will ever use. It has restored her ability to cast spells and sing, and as such it will never leave her side, for any reason.

    Swansong (Enchanted)
    This scabbard was made to house the Singing Sword of Asira after it was claimed by Val Kyrie. Made to honour the blade, the bard, and the beauty Sune instilled in both, it is a work of art in and of itself, but truly whole only when partnered with the singing blade.
    The leather scabbard is wrapped in golden brass, with beautifully sculpted swans forming arching curves up the sides and across the leather. The top-most swan, the largest of the flock, holds a small brass bell in its mouth. This bell is enchanted to resonate with the singing blade, so that when it is deliberately sounded it creates a wondrous harmony with the blade, cocooning it in a rhapsody that exalts the joys of life and makes even the dead weep for better days. While ever the bell rings, those that stand beyond the pale of death are weakened by it as it resonates through their bodies, disrupting the energies that bind them to undeath.
    Created by a paladin of Sune, it bears a miniature brass shield at the chape on one side with the makers initials etched delicately into it. In a flowing script matching the sweeping curves and arches of the side guards are the letters R.S

    This scabbard was made for Vals blade by Rico, after she asked for his help in creating an item of beauty to house it. His work far outstrips what she could have hoped, and this wondrous scabbard will stay at her side, forever twinned with the sword.

    Darkwood Longbow (Crafted)
    No special description

    Val bought this very special bow from Ginger, and has since found her skill with archery to have increased somewhat. Coincidence?


    Doves Harp (DM item - Andelas)
    This item's original name has been lost, and the current name derives from Dove Falconhand, who owns such a harp. These masterwork harps have from twenty to thirtysix strings. When it is played, the harps music can cure listeners and cast a warm light.

    The single most valuable item that Val owns, and her most dearly treasured. This Harp was gifted to her by a Shadow Dragon on the plane of Pandemonium, in recognition of her skill at song, rhyme and riddle. Since she first got it, it has never left her sight.

    Masterwork Kantele (Crafted)
    Made from the jaws of a huge, flying shark, this instrument has been decorated with beautiful carvings of reindeer, wolves, and other wild animals.
    Blonde elven hair spreads from tooth to tooth, making out the strings. The sound is clear and bright, and the instrument seems to be indeed mastefully made.

    This Kantele was a gift from Uljas, in payment for Val's work on his saga. She still practices with it when she can, waiting for the day that she performs the saga in ten parts, and she'll use the Kantele to accompany it.

    Hero's Horn (DM item - Clandra)
    Hark, the call of battle.
    Enchanted and bound with mithril this Gorgon's horn will rally allies to battle and cause the enemy to tremble…

    Given to her by the Angel Clandra, in recognition of her skill at the bardic arts, this horn is Val's second most cherished item. It hangs from her belt at all times, ready to be used at a moments notice.

    War Drum (DM item - Clandra)
    These rather plain looking drums are rumoured to originate from Aglarond, where they are used to great effect in the army, against Thayans and their undead. A few deep poundings of the drum is all it takes to remove the unnatural fear that necromancers and their ilk cause, often turning the tide of battle.

    Recovered from a tribe of giants who were trading with trolls, these drums have seen much use by Val in the short time she's had them so far, helping to rally her friends and allies in the face of undead and evil spellcasters.

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