How to Join the Narfell Staff

  • So you are interested in being a part of our staff? Well there are several different options. Player Guide, Developer and DM. Each one has a different application process which I will outline below.

    Player Guide Application Process

    Please send Fraoch a PM with a brief paragraph on why you want to be a PG. Please include in that paragraph your time zone and what hours you are on within your time zone. You will normally be told the outcome of your application in around 3 weeks.

    Developer Application
    We keep a few very simple rules when it comes to recruiting new devs and these are as follows ;

    1. you must be able to work in a group
    2. you must be able to complete things to a set deadline. Taking on a project and then leaving it open for six months + is not what we look for..

    That's it! we accept people even if they do not have a c-token. We also realise that people may not be experts with the toolset, so you can learn as you go, if need be. Basic understanding of how the toolset works would be ideal though.

    To apply. you should send an example of your work so that we can look it over. It doesn't have to be a huge world, just something you made.

    Maps should be send to dorakhan(at) (replace the (at) with @ to get the correct address).

    Scripting is a little different. We ask potential scripters to work out a script that sets/changes a weapon's properties depending on the alignment of the character that holds it. If interested, your work should be pm'ed to dora, with some explanation on how you did it.

    Good luck to everyone interested, we could certainly use the help.

    DM Application
    Here is a list of what we generally look for in a player when deciding on who we want to add to the DM team.

    1, Long standing player. Preferably at least 1 year on the server.
    2. C-token holder
    3. The time to DM. IE Dming more then once a week if at all possible.
    4. Age 18 or older.
    5. Goes above and beyond the call of duty to help other players resolve issues.
    6. The ability to handle stressful situations without killing anyone.
    7. We prefer that you have some experience as a PL or a PG.
    8. Cybers less then 50% of the time.
    9. Few to no problems reported against you.
    10. Works well in a team environment.

    So you meet the above qualifications? Great! The next phase is for you to send us an application for DM hood. This is what we would like to see in your application:

    1. Why do you want to become a DM?
    2. What unique qualities will you bring to the DM team?
    3. List any experience you may have in DMing on NWN or in PnP. (DMing experience is NOT a requirement.)
    4. Tell us a little about yourself.

    Once you are done writing out your application, send it to any available DM in Discord, and we'll review your application. You won't be automatically made a DM. It is a team decision as to who we bring aboard.

    Good luck!

    The DM Team

    This isn't a set list of what is required, its more of a guideline that we DMs use in looking at potential candidates.

  • We're especially keen to receive PG applications at this time.

    Application doesn't mean acceptance however.