//scheduling time for trip to Gob hold

  • //since there was enough people interested in the rumors thread, and in order to not spamm said thread, let's see here when's the best time for us all (or at least most) to make it.

    Post your best time and we'll see 😉

    RYM: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, nearly at any time you guys want, the rest of the days, are very very hard for me, but can still try.

  • //Your friday night is saturday for me Z, and I get easily confused with timezones….so...just for once, for my sanity, can we all say which day/time in GMT are we talking about? 😄

    Z, you can bring your apprentices with us, we'll be able to carry more ore that way 😉

  • ///I have a soccer game Friday night, but nothing planned for Saturday, yet. So, Saturday would get my vote.

    That said, there's a good chance Z will take some apprentices out there before Saturday (or even Friday, for that matter).


  • my best times are sunday or monday nights,, unless we can be done before 8pm central US 🙂

    Or we could go RIGHT NOW :lol:

  • ((Friday night or sometime Saturday))

  • ((Friday))