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    Character: Labur Strin
    Home/Location: Aura Runedar
    Position: Corporal in the Troff Legion
    Member of the Council of Moradin

    Unique Items:

    Banderific Full Plate
    Description: I shall smite thee with my mighty…err...right...umm I'm not dead yet?
    Stats: +2AC, Damage Vulnerability 5% Fire, +1 Strength, +4 Discipline
    Source: DM RangyWulf Legion Bandit Event

    Greater Boots of Constitution
    Description: These are sturdy Dwarven-made leather boots. They are not your ordinary boots though. An enchantment has been placed upon them to benefit the wearer.
    Koirin Mero of the Council of Moradin helped Telli Thunden with the creation of these boots after Telli lead a series of quests to help find the treasures of OrcBane. Some of those treasures can be found in the Relic Chamber of the Council of Moradin.
    Telli willed these boots to Labur upon her death. May she rest in eternal peace!
    Stats: +2AC, +2 Constitution, +4 Spellcraft, Only Useable By: Dwarf
    Source: Reskinned by Kuk per Rangy Wulf, Willed from Telli

    Gut Girdle
    Description: Designed to help fat people hold in the gut, these things puff up the entire body yet can be hard to move around in.
    Stats: +1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity
    Source: DM Infernal, Rescue Stubs Event

    Duerger Chopper
    Description: Used to kill drow and any other elf blood, these decent axes are sharpened and blessed by the dark dwarf god to slay the long ears!
    Stats: +2 Enhancement vs. Elf, Massive Criticals 1d4 Damage, Only Useable By: Dwarf
    Source: DM Infernal, Rescue Stubs Event

    Labur's Cleaver
    Description: This is Labur's Battle Axe always by his side.
    Stats: Slashing 2 Damage
    Source: DM Stuiped, Describe-a-Monster contest reskin

    Rhon's Band
    Description: Like many bards, Rhon Tyvek was a weak willed, hedonistic lecher who could be pried away from any activity by little more than the possibility of wine, women, drugs, or any combination of those three. As his youth began to fade, he slowly grew to see the faults of his nature. Finding actually changing himself to be too difficult, he instead had a friend enchant this ring (because he was too lazy to do so himself).
    While the ring was ever present on Rhon's finger for many years after its creation, its enchantment was not quite powerful enough, as Rohn was found naked and dead in a brothel some time later, an empty bottle of Tuigan Horse Killer next to him.
    Charges: 31
    Stats: +2 Will Saves, Clarity 3 Charges/Use
    Source: DM Bastage, Shadovar Final Event

    Labur's Ring of Healing
    Description: This ring contains an open chamber that can spray an herb mixture to treat minor wounds.
    Stats: +3 Healing
    Source: DM Stuiped, Describe-a-Monster Contest 3rd prize

    Telli's Charm of Protection
    Description: A simple charm necklace with a gem embedded in the center. If tipped so the light hits it just right, bits of bark shimmer under the surface of the gem, showing Chauntea's blessing.
    Stats: +1 AC (Natural)
    Source: Purchased from Raul (Enchantment Aeo)