• Clayton Greyfeather

    Clayton's Leathers of the Predator
    +1 AC, +5 hide, +5 MS, One With the Land 1/day
    Expertly crafted from the hide of hunting cats and strong plantlife to avoid causing sound while stalking prey, these leathers seem to fade to match the colors surrounding them. The plants woven into the olive drab and gray leathers are enchanted for additional protection of the wearer, and once a day they allow Clayton to call upon the aspect of the predator, enhancing his tracking, trapping, sneaking, and hiding skills.

    Thysaer'm Shoraes
    +2 AB, +2 Mighty, 6 Massive Criticals, Silence 1/day, Camouflage 1/day
    An extremely well made and magically enchanted longbow, Thysaer'm Shoraes is elven for "Forest's Whisper". Made from an unknown darkened wood, with green runes etched into it's surface that glow ever so slightly, it's enchanted to aim truer than any bow Clay has ever seen, and the draw weight is perfect for the well-built ranger. It allows Clayton to be unseen and unheard through it's magical enchantments of camouflage and silence, allowing him to get the drop on his prey.

    Greyfeather Utility Belt
    Set Trap +2, reflex saves -2, acid vulnerability 25%, Choking Powder 1/day, Alchemist's Fire 1/day, Thunderstone 1/day, Caltrops 1/day, Tanglefoot Bag 1/day
    A belt designed with many pouches to hold things that may come in handy. Though it doesn't even look big, or out of place around Clayton's waist, the sheer complexity of the belt's components cause Clay to act less reflexive when wearing it. He has no problem with this drawback, as the belt has saved his life multiple times.

    Bracer of Solonar's Guidance
    Dexterity +1, Piercing 5/-, Only usable by elf or half-elf
    A single bracer that covers Clayton's right forearm, it seems to be made of waxy and strengthened leaves bound together with leather straps. The leather straps have elven script etched along them that seem to be a prayer of some sort. This bracer gives Clay protection against enemy arrows, bolts, and daggers, while giving him increased accuracy with his own longbow. Given to him for evacuating Norwick during the Dracolich battle.

    Corrosive Blade of the Abyss
    AB +1, Acid Damage +2, Acid resist 5/-
    A magical longsword with an emerald inlay in the blade that seems to secrete magical acids when used in battle. The sword also protects Clayton from various corrosions. He received this blade as a reward for going to the depths of the Abyss on a rescue mission with a group of fellow adventurers. However, the men he was looking for were all dead, and the rescuers had to fight the avatar of a gnoll demon god.

    Bulwark of Bark
    +2 AC, Barkskin 1/day, 60% weight
    A thick, large shield made of ironwood that belonged to the warden of a secret temple in the Rawlinswood named Treewhisper. When Clayton assisted in the cleansing of the tainted temple, he was rewarded with this shield, which is covered in glowing brown runes. When the runes are touched, the wielder of the shield is covered in a protective barkskin blessing.