Asking aid from Bane

  • Main wokred into the tempel a littel nervous as she does when asking aid of her lord Bane, but the rewards would be worth it.Making her way to down the path past the rows of chair's she stoped at the alter, Placing her staff on the floor and kneeled before the alter…My lord i am greater full you are hearing me more as my spells seem to be gaining in poitencywips sum sweat awayI am asking a faver..i have found a lost Paladin, i feel with a littel aid even a visage sent to her in her sleep,we could eadge her to ow ranks..she is skilled with a blade and she seems to have a drive for revenge..reckless evenwhips more sweat awayNone the less i feel she could be of use..her name is Alestra Nailo with a nod she stands grabing her staff

  • And a Banite made here fall!
    And I didn't even mean to!
    …. the goodys are gona smite me so bad...