*Raúl asks some help from the silver valley people*

  • Raúl, on one of his frequent walks through the silver valley, once comming out from tealeaf's shop, starts gathering people.

    Friends, I need to ask for your help. Not long ago I was doing a patrol through orc territory when I found some good looking ring. I picked it up and :.stops a moment:: silly me, I picked it up…and guess what? :lears throat: it was cursed. So, whenever I try to.. ::coughs, and as he does so, a stinky breath comes out from his mouth, really stinky and pestilent, that would even daze those that have low fortitude:: well...::looks around embarrased:: that's what happens... i've asked the local priest and he has said that is a strong curse, that can't be cured by normal means...and she has told me that she might brew a cure though, if I manage to gather a few components for her. I already collected most, but I fear the last one is ...a bit risky to take on my own...it's an orb spider queens silk gland...which will help the ring to get out of my finger...::coughs again...eww!:: is anyone wiling to come with me to the spider caves and make our way through all of them to find what i need? this is a terrible curse...I assure you!

    //This is a PC run event. Meaning there will be no DM, no special rewards, no special nuthing!...but we'll have a lot of fun and it's a great chance to party us hins together!! I plan this for 7pm GMT +1 tomorrow. Who could make it?

  • _Ginger shows up early to help Raul. She hangs around, then buys a few pastries and bundles of arrows. She bides the rest of the day around the Silver Valley waiting in preparation for the trip. The next day, she heads to Norwick and finds Raul at the south fire. They visit for a bit. She is heard asking if he is ready to go, but he declines, saying there are no other hins around, nor any other people he trusts to help on such a dangerous task.

    After two days and not a whit closer to recovering the spider parts needed to break Raul's curse, she exits in the direction of the craft hall._

  • //Next time then!

  • //Sorry guys. Not going to be able to make it. Wifey the free-time vampire has struck again. >.<

    See you for Fight Night though.

  • //I'll likely be busy tomorrow but I'll try to sneak away.

    Benji fails his will save and laughs hysterically for a few seconds before he realizes he's the only person who finds it funny. Be adjusts his glasses then finally responds.

    I'll see what I can do.

  • ((It could go either way for me))

  • Narfell PG

    Merial immediately steps forward with a small, encouraging smile to Raul.

    I'll help.

    ((Should be able to make it. No guarantees though. Will try!))