DStalwart (Sam and Skippy)

  • Samson Swarthout

    1. Height - 6'6"

    2. Weight - 375 (without gear) Heavily muscled, though he is thick from more than just muscle. He's also 'well fed' which accounts for some of his great weight.

    3. Skin Tone - Light skin- no undertones

    4. Skin Texture- Many scars, though his skin is soft. He smells generally neutral- being a fairly clean individual, except after spending alot of time in the armor he sweats in.

    5. Eyes - Large, clear and dark blue. When impassioned, the slightest hint of the divine can cause his eyes to become brighter blue (not a good sign if you are evoking this response)

    6. Head - Black hair but very fine and soft, kept close on the sides with a thicker patch on top, giving him a very clean cut appearance.
    Square jaw, high cheekbones and thick neck give his head a 'small' appearance in relation to the rest of his body.

    7. Accent - Slurred common, resulting from a near death blow to the head

    8. Recognizable Features-
    Tatto's on the lower arms and legs, in hundreds of small inch long lines in a swirling pattern (INT DC 14 to realize each line is significant)

    Back is heavily scarred from the whip. (Spot DC 5- shirt off)
    Scarred tongue (Spot DC 10)
    Missing left pinky (Spot DC 7)
    Many other scars here and there- most show the signs of magical healing.

    9. Commonly spoken languages. Slurred common but extremely eloquent orcish. Can understand 'certain' words of other languages.

    10. Race 1/2 Orc, 1/4 human, 1/4 elf

    11. Equipment Worn- Thick, heavy platemail and helm. A stringy leather vest in which throwing knives are carried. (he rattles badly when he moves) A longbow. over left shoulder, and a shield which hooks to the back of his pack.

    Two bastard swords, one on a sheath at his left side, another across his back underneath the pack, hilt over the right shoulder, designed for a left handed pull.

    12. Equipment Carried- Unspoiling trail rations, oils, an extensive array of herbs, medical supplies, spices, field cooking apparatus, rope, magic bags, writing materialsā€¦ his pack weighs more than many whole adventurers and kit. Sam is in a sense- a boyscout- always prepared.

    13. Right handed, though weilds a blade with his left with uncanny skill.

    14. Jewlery or Decorations: rings, necklace w/ holy symbol.

    15. Relatives: Orc raider father (long since dead) And a mother he never met or knew (half-elf druid/sorceress) (Any DM want Sam to meet his mommy- PM me šŸ˜‰