Various Narfell Event Pics

  • After putting up the memories of N'jast, I decided to make a thread dedicated to some screenshots of various events and neat interactions between PC and NPCs alike. A few might not be from Narfell itself, but I'll point those ones out and they are only few… those pics I just thought had an epic feel to them. Anyway, enough rambling. Here's the pic pic pics! By the way, feel free to post your own if you want!

    A big Sails group gathered in the commons... striking fear into the common folk with their rowdy nature. Though mostly the priestesses did that because they are so darn crazy.

    Down the line from left to right: Drelan, Janita (I think), Jaelle, Jay, Sedea, Sabre, and Luke

    I literally laughed when I saw this one. Mostly because Chasen there is stating the obvious. "Gee, what a big spider!"

    A neat little event with Andelas as our DM. The group of friends set off to go find an artifact for Derek I think. They passed all the tests of temptation, and were rewarded. Not to mention they destroyed a lich in the process.

    Lagermane event where we went to kill a big bad bugbear and stop a mean ol' ritual. I like how Ronan was paused there as he casts missles forth at the big bad.

    ((Not a Narfell pic!)) I used a mod to test out Jay a bit and see what he was capable of taking on. I captured him going toe to toe with a balor on a beautiful moonlit eve. I like it cause it captures the epic struggle so perfectly. Poor Jay didn't win, but at least he went down fightin'.