New Guild Items

  • The day has finally arrived, the new guild items are available for those that have completed their lists. Here's how the exchanges are going to go down, since some folks had a hissy fit last night.

    The process will go for a week, where you have time to decide which new item you want to replace your old ones with, gather gold, etc. After the week is over, I will collect and refund any old guild items that have not been replaced yet, regardless of circumstances.


    For those of you that have yet to finish your lists, the above will apply immediately after the list is accepted.


    There are a few things to keep in mind for these exchanges.
    1.) Exchanging an item for another of the same guild does not require the guild leader's permission. (Assumed given, since an item is already possessed).
    2.) Exchanging an item of one guild for one from another DOES require the guild leader's permission.
    3.) Original gold investment is refunded, which can either be pocketed or applied towards the new guild items.
    4.) Only two guild items are allowed, if you have more currently, you may only replace two. You will be refunded the price for all three.
    5.) If it comes to pass that ANY member is purposefully trying to hide old items, I will DISBAND the guild. Mistakes happen, and benefit of the doubt will be given, but this is point blank unacceptable.

    Contact methods:
    1.) IG. I will periodically contact players that are IG, and in a non-hostile place, to ask whether they have decided upon their new items. The exchange will take place following that.

    2.) Forums. I will post up the new item lists, and beneath it a player may list their character's name, the current items they possess, and what they would like through trade. Please include the item ranks.

    3.) IRC. I'm here most of the day, poke me with the same info from the forums and I will perform the exchange.