Oscuran Nobility

  • The nobility of Oscura are an extremely wealthy group of families that are in the extreme minority of Oscura, less than fifty people. Their “nobility” and titles are completely self-styled though, as there is no King in Oscura. Thus, these families are merely the rich and the powerful, they come from a diverse array of backgrounds and have all acquired their power and wealth in different ways. The information here is more-or-less common knowledge for Oscuran citizens, non-Oscurans know very little to nothing about any of this though. It is possible to play a PC from one of these families, simply wait until you see a spot where it says “(Vacant for player)”, then send me a PM and tell me which one you are interested in playing. Be forewarned though, you can’t be as creative as you like, some of the choices have a certain class/deity/personality/goal that can’t be changed (they can change later though, as any character can). Also be extra warned that there will probably be some intense RP involved, so be prepared and open for anything. And only active players will get the spots of course. – DM Predator


    1. Vacant for Player Master List
    2. Family Seals
    3. Red Falcon Family
    4. Skull Crusher Family
    5. Locke Family
    6. Kyzanos Family
    7. Sakhmet Family
    8. Kursk Family
    9. du Lorraine Family
    10. Komnenos Family
    11. Skovhus Family
    12. Darkhaven Family

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    Haferal Darkhaven
    Gender: Male

    Frances Darkhaven
    Gender: Female

    Thazerp Kyzanos
    Gender: Male

    Silvia Kursk
    Gender: Female

    Herakleitos Komnenos
    Gender: Male

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    Kursk Family
    du Lorraine Family
    Komnenos Family
    Skovhus Family
    Darkhaven Family

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  • The Darkhaven Family

    The Darkhaven family are both hated and loved by the other Oscuran Noble families, and are well known by their crest of an imposing castle on a black background. They have a powerful grip on the smuggling business in Oscura, bringing in illegal goods from all kinds of places. As such, often they are able to undercut competitor’s prices, but it is well known that friends of the Darkhavens flourish through their methods as opposed to suffering. The head of the house is “Duke” Istvan Darkhaven. The Duke is a decent swordsman, but more enjoys watching fights down at the Brawling Bodak than fighting himself. Some believe the Duke is an expansionist, hence his self-styled title, and some believe his eyes look well beyond simply buying land in Oscura. His father and grandfather were some of the first to move to Oscura following the settling of the area by Arnath refugees, and helped build the foundations of the family, but have long since died, and it was not until Istvan’s wife came along did the family truly flourish. It is well known that Anjelika Darkhaven, Istvan’s wife, is a former slave of Istvan’s father, but she was quickly freed and wed to Istvan once his father died. While most any Oscuran would normally consider this abhorrent behaviour at best, people ignore this fact due to how much the Darkhaven’s wealth grew once Istvan and Anjelika married. As a result to of this, many people see Istvan as the face of the family, the real brains are behind him in the guise of Anjelika, an extremely clever and charming woman. The Darkhaven family do their business through the Raven’s Wing Traders.

    The couple have three children. The oldest is Lazlo (Vacant for player), whom is in his mid-twenties. While Lazlo gets along well with the rest of his family, he is an outcast in that he cares little for family business, instead his dreams involve exploring the Underdark and he can be often seen exiting the West Gate with a wide grin on his face. Lazlo takes after his mother however, in that he makes many friends through his charming looks and presence. Eliza Darkhaven is one year younger than Lazlo, and is much more concerned with the family business. She has even gone to the lengths of attaching herself to Maximilian Locke to secure the family fortunes, however most Oscurans see this as simple politics, Eliza’s cold presence in public overpowers anything that may seem like a lovers behaviour from Maximilian. It is generally thought that Eliza is some kind of scholar, she is most often found in the library or in the Wailing Banshee discussing things over a drink with the Librarian, Lauren. The youngest is Valeria Darkhaven (Vacant for Player), who has just turned 20. Valeria very much looks up to her older brother Lazlo, and can be seen wishing him luck on his many adventures. Word has spread however that Istvan is keen to use Valeria as a political tool, attempting to sway young Oscuran nobles into marrying the innocent young girl. Valeria is not as keen on this as her older sister, and creates a lot of controversy in her constant rejections of suitors. As a result, she isn’t looked on too kindly by her family.

    The Darkhavens and the Raven Wings have been doing very well recently. However many suspect they have found new smuggling routes. Duke Istvan has grown ever richer and seems to be spending money on exotic creatures to have fight down the Brawling Bodak and having betting sessions.

    Eliza Darkhaven has had two children, yet it does not seem to be Maximillions Lockes children by the vivid Blonde hair, some rumours suggest her children were Ivan II Kursks, the elder brother of the Kursk family who is notoriously incompetent at business yet is a fine inventor. Other rumours suggest it was Vladimir Kursks, yet this seems unlikely as she showed not reaction upon his Hanging in Peltarch. Rumours spread aswell that she has been spending alot of time with Lauren the Liberian. Both children have grown now to the age of 16 and the Maximillion has no contact with the children where he can help it suggesting that they are not his. It has also caused a bit of tension between the two family's.

    The two children are named Haferal, a young man whos long blonde hair creates a handsome appeal about him, and a daughter known as Frances, whos cold attitude clearly comes from her mother.

  • The Skovhus Family

    The Skovhus family are made up entirely of native Oscurans, yet they can trace their ancestry back to northern barbarian tribes. The Skovhus family made their fortune by taking advantage of one of the oldest professions known to man, prostitution. The entire prostitution business in Oscura is owned and controlled by the Skovhus, and the exotic slave business is mostly controlled by them as well. While this isn’t exactly your usual business, the Skovhus are extremely wealthy and their prostitutes are all of the highest quality. The head of the family is Matron Mikaela Skovhus, a very clever, a very seductive and very dangerous woman. Although none have ever seen her fight, the gossip is that Mikaela is one of the most dangerous people in Oscura, and that she is extremely protective of her family. She also has a younger sister, Edith Skovhus, who not long ago was brought down by some kind of disease and is now permanently bed-ridden and that Mikaela is always on the lookout for the cure… and will obtain it at any means. Mikaela stays unwed on purpose, however she has three children, each born from a different father, all of them one of her exotic slaves. Despite this, all of her children have the pitch black hair that she has. The Skovhus family is very woman dominated, and Matron Mikaela Skovhus is keen to show her power despite being a family head that isn’t a man. This puts her in conflict with the Komnenos family on occasion, whom are very traditional and see women as submissive. The Skovhus family is also being courted by the Kyzanos and Sakhmet families, who are both keen to gain an alliance in their feud for the slave industry. The crest of the family is a black cloak and dagger on a pink background. The Skovhus family don’t actually have a trading company for themselves, their prostitution and exotic slave trading is dealt with personally by Mikaela and her 2nd child Kirsten.

    The oldest child of Matron Mikaela is her daughter Gabriella Skovhus (Vacant for player). Gabriella cares little for the family business, but her mother is still proud of her, as Gabriella is a fiercely dangerous woman who is keen to become a powerful warrioress. Kirsten Skovhus is just one year younger than her older sister, and is just as clever and devious as her mother. Kirsten helps her mother with the family business, and is often seen on Oscuran streets making sure everything is going as it should. As such, many people, especially customers to the Skovhus, are especially afraid of Kirsten, as lesser people have wound up dead for the mistreatment of the families’ “employees”. The youngest is 19 old Karl Skovhus. No one is quite sure what Mikaela plans for the only boy in the family, but he is a tough, energetic boy whom always has something to say, despite his mothers best wishes. He spends most of his time out of the public eye though.

    There has been very little news on the Skovhus recently, Matron Skovhus is well, along with all her family. And the business is booming as ever.

    However some dark rumours are spreading around about the Matrons bed ridden sister Edith. She was seen meeting with Baron Locke at the Skovhus estate and since that time no news has appeared at all from her, and no more healers have been invited to the house. Something strange seems to have happened. Even the family of the Matron know very little of her current state as she is kept well hidden from anyone.

    Also rumours spread that one of the girls working for the Skovhus has disappeared and no one knows anything of where she went. The Matron has offered a reward for finding her.

  • The Komnenos Family

    The Komnenos are an interesting family. While the Komnenos are Oscuran natives who have lived there ever since it was founded, and while they are counted as one of the noble houses, their wealth is small in comparison to the other noble families, yet are still one of the wealthiest families in all of Oscura. The Komnenos family made their relatively small fortune off of very wholesome goods such as healing potions, herbs, bandages, cheap foods like potatoes and rice, boots and simple tools. It is well known that the Komnenos carry themselves with a certain kind of dignity and acquire all of these goods in the most legal of ways they can. As such, the Komnenos are enemies of the Kursk family as the Kursks slowly begin to encroach on the Komnenos’ territory, especially in how the Kursks go about their business as opposed to the Komnenos. The Komnenos also has some disagreement with the Skovhus family, which they see merely as dirty, upstart women who do not know their place. The crest of the Komnenos family is a blue lightning bolt upon a black sky. The head of the house is Akamedes Komnenos, a stern yet kind man with a strong aptitude for business dealings. He simply took over from when his father died, so he has few skills outside the household duties, apart from his natural kindness. However it’s well known that Akamedes is rather prone into getting sick, and is quite weak and slow. Akamedes is the closest to “good” as one can find in Oscura, and even the lowliest of slaves are treated well by him. The Komnenos are a traditional family however, and the women do little apart from service the family, so all that is known about Akamedes’ wife Kallista is that she is as decent as her husband and often seen at public events. The Komnenos do their trading through the Lightning Eagle Trade Conglomerate.

    The oldest son of the Komnenos family was Antigonos Komnenos. Antigonos had the mind and the kindness of his father, yet it was coupled with energy, passion and charming good looks that his father lacked. However, not long ago Antigonos was declared dead, thought of have been killed by the Kursks, but there is no evidence to support such a claim. The second Komnenos child is Zenais Komnenos (Vacant for Player), whom is being taught by mother to be a good wife (when she gets married), but the gossip is that Zenais wants more in that in her life. The youngest is Herakleitos Komnenos. Herakleitos is an upcoming Priest of Waukeen, and is attempting to use his family’s influence to better the trade practices of all of Oscura, to little avail however. Nonetheless, his father is proud of where in life his youngest son is.

    Antiganos, after a long winded trade war with the Northern Bear, has disappeared and is presumed dead. His farther was grief stricken. The trade war, was fought with underhanded tatics by not just the Northern Bear, in particular and Vladimir Kursk and rumours suggest Selakiir Khalazza was involved (The cartographer in employment by Duke Kursk). It is therefore suspected that it was Vladimir who caused the disappearance of Antiganos, yet no proof has ever been found.

    The Komnenos have grown weaker of late mainly due to loosing market share to the Northern Bear and the general unpopularity they hold in Oscura from there "Do gooder" attitude and morals. Ahkemedes still suffers from the loss of his eldest son Antiganos. But he still preachs to any who listen how trade should be fair and monitored to prevent smuggling and illegal goods, often as a direct slur towards the Northern Bear.

    He Lightning eagle and the Komnenos family hold a very good reputation in Peltarch and Norwick for there fair trading practices and still remain the closest thing Oscura have to a "Good" family.

    The youngest son, Herakleitos Komnenos, a priest of Waukeen is attempting to aid the Lightning Eagle anyway he can without resorting to illegal method as his brother Antiganos tried in sabotaging the Kursks. He also holds a large lack of respect and resentment for the Kursks due to the alleged murder of his brother.

  • The du Lorraine Family

    The du Lorraine family are one of the most feared in Oscura. This is due to the fact that the family is known to have ties with the Zhentarium and their Black Network, and are able to ship all kinds of goods from the very illegal to more common armours and weapons. This is how the du Lorraines made their fortune. The du Lorraine family are relatively new to Oscura, the current du Lorraine children are the only ones to have been in born in Oscura. The head of the house is Bernard du Lorraine, a powerful servant of Bane. The crest of the family is two crossed black swords upon an orange background. Bernard du Lorraine is a cruel and cunning man, and is said to be inhuman in the fact that he shows no empathy or compassion in the slightest. Yet it is well known that Bernard du Lorraine is an extremely persuasive man, a man with a silver tongue. Some say he is a fallen Paladin, some say he is a chosen of Bane, others say he is merely a powerful agent of Zhent . The only thing that is certain about du Lorraine’s background is that he does hail from Cormyr, along with his wife Marie du Lorraine. If anything, Marie is just as cunning as her husband, if not as cruel. The du Lorraines only have two children. The family does their trading through the Iron Curtain Trading Company.

    The older of the two is William du Lorraine. William is just like his father, cunning, cold and a devout open follower of Bane. William’s piety to Bane is infamous, he is truly devoted to Bane. William is also a careful scholar and an able warrior, between his own efforts and his father, he is set up to be a truly brilliant heir to the du Lorraine fortune. His slightly younger brother is Louis du Lorraine (Vacant for Player), whom is a much more quiet follower of Bane than his brother. While it’s known that there is some very cold feeling between the two brothers, Louis accepts his place in the family and does his best to serve.

    The nephew of Bernard is also making a name for himself as a young warrior, the boy goes by the name of Gerard and is becoming an ever powerful force of Oscura.

    The Du Lorraine and the Iron Curtain have grown largely of late, in power, wealth. People have never been more terrified of the du Lorraines. Bernard has taken up a position within the church of Bane, yet this information is kept fairly secret, yet it is suggested he is ever more heavily involved with the Zhents.

    William du Lorraine has been seen less and less lately. Curiously he is rarely seen at the temple of Bane, some people suggest he is not involved with the Banites any more but this if often thought wrong, as with his family history and position, many think Bernard would kill his son if he did not serve the Dark Lord.

    The du Lorraines have kept away where they can form the other family, preferring to be independent of any political alliances. Yet the whole family is not shy in Oscura and walk around the streets free of ease, in fact, people often move away from Bernard and Marie du Lorraine in fear.

  • The Kursk Family

    The Kursk family trace their ancestry centuries back into Damaran nobility. However, the family and their wealth collapsed in Damara due to undisclosed reasons, and most of the family fled to the newly founded Oscura. After scratching an existence in Oscura for a while, the Kursks soon took advantage of their Damaran contacts and their newly wealthy cousins to become wealthy and powerful themselves. The Kursk family mostly deal in more wholesome goods, foodstuffs, textiles, furs, leathers and other such things, most of them imported from Damara or through Damara. How they attain these goods is a subject of some debate however, and some claim there is foul play involved. Lately the Kursk family is beginning to enter the business that is normally covered by the Komnenos family, resulting in a rather hostile response from the Komnenos family. The crest of the Kursk family is a the black silhouette of a bear standing upright upon a dark green background. “Duke” Andrey Kursk is the recent head of the family, following the recent death of his father Ivan Kursk. The wealth of the Kursk family was achieved by Ivan, and it is well known Andrey struggles with the family finances, and that he mostly leaves it all to his dead fathers valuable advisors, especially the frugal Grand Seneschal Zoran Zivkovic. Andrey did fight in the Damaran army at a high rank however, and is a renowned warrior, and can sometimes be seen at the Brawling Bodak polishing his skills, and proving that he is one of the most able warriors in all of Oscura. Andrey is also often remarked for his handsomeness, and his wonderfully blonde head of hair. In comparison, Andrey’s wife Nastasja is rather plain, with regular features and dull brown hair. They are well known to be a loving couple, and Andrey is always known to put his wife before anything else, including monetary affairs. Listening to the rumours of the gossipers in Oscura would tell you that Nastasja is actually a Rashemi witch who gave up on her dajemma to be with Andrey, but such rumours are unfounded. Andrey’s Aunt Liriana Bosnik and Uncle Mstislav Bosnik also live with the family, but prefer the quiet life and the enjoyment of their social status. Andrey and Nastasja have three children. The Kursk family do their trading through the Northern Bear Alliance.

    The oldest child is Ivan II Kursk, whom has just reached his middle 20s. It is well known that Ivan II, despite being named after his strong-willed grandfather, is very much a runt and disfavoured by his parents. It is also common knowledge that Andrey is severely disappointed with his first born, knowing full well that tradition dictates that he must inherit the family title and fortunes. Ivan II is not interested in finances in the slightest (even if he is intelligent enough to understand such things), and while he can swing a sword from what little his father did teach him, he prefers tinkering, reading and building things. Andrey often tries to discourage such behaviour, especially in public, but often to no avail. The second child, Vladimir Kursk (Vacant for Player) is a whole different story however. Vladimir is just as strong and regal as his father, and almost as handsome. Being the favoured son, Andrey has spent many days and nights teaching Vladimir how to fight, making him a very able warrior. There are many rumours and speculation amongst Oscurans as to what will happen when Andrey dies, as by tradition Ivan II holds the title and fortune, but it is well known that Vladimir is a lot more competent and strong-willed.The youngest is Anna Kursk, a young regal and beautiful lady that has the long, blonde hair of her father. Anna is often seen at functions, speaking to as many people as she can, and is known to be very friendly and open. It is common knowledge that Anna shares a special dislike for Neferhetep Sakhmet, after a dispute over a boy in their youth.

    Vladimir Kursk was hung until dead by Peltarch officials after his rumoured involvement with the Shadovar, he denied this association but all the evidence suggests he was in cahoots with them. His death was of a great shock to his family, especially to Duke Andre who it is rumoured still hasn't recovered and has become much more reclusive since his favoured sons death.

    Andrey Kursk and his wife Nastasja have been grief stricken since the death of the favoured son at the hands of Peltarch, especially as they refused to give Vladimirs body back to the family. Grand Seneschal Zoran Zivkovic with the help of Estana Lokvallovich and the cartographer Selakiir Khalazza have almost taken over the Northern Bear completely as Andrey has become ever reclusive and his only remaining son Ivan II is too incompetent to take over running the Northern Bear alliance.

    The Northern Bear as a business is doing very well however, it is not only gained market share and huge profits of late but it is slowly wearing down the Komnenos competition through the Lightning Eagle. The Komnenos have been suffering to the Northern Bears trade war ever since Antiganos disappeared.

    The Kursks tensions have incresed with the Lockes and the Sakhmets for aiding the Kyzanos due to friendship, which has drawn the Kyzanos and Kursk familys closely.

    The name of the Kursk family has suffered much outside Oscura due to the rumours of Vladimirs actions and supposed alliance with the Shadovar and Vladimirs murder of the Paladin Cedric has smeared the name on the surface of Narfell. However within Oscura the name Kursk still holds alot of respect.

    Andrey’s Aunt Liriana Bosnik and Uncle Mstislav Bosnik have sent there own grandchild, Silvia Kursk, to aid in the Northern Bear whilst Andrey does not wish to be a public figure.

  • **The Sakhmet Family

    The Sakhmet family are descendents of Thoth I Sakhmet, a Mulhorandi immigrant to Oscura who quickly made a small fortune through slave trade. His contacts in his homeland and Thay allowed him to source good slaves out of places that other traders would struggle to go, which quickly made him and his family one of the most powerful families in Oscura. Sakhmet slaves are well-known to be of a good quality, and the Sakhmets look after their slaves more generously than other Oscurans, almost to the level of being kind to them. It is not known why the Sakhmets left Mulhorand, but it’s well known that they brought their powerful warrior tradition with them. They also brought the tradition of their gods, and the Sakhmets still follow their Mulhorandi pantheon of gods. The crest of the Sakhmet family is the silhouette of a Mulhorandi-style black cat upon a sandy brown background. Each Sakhmet is known to be deadly with a blade, and even the females carry ornate daggers at their hip. Unlike the other families, the Sakhmets do not employ loyal, well-paid guards. Instead, they have a decent number of “Mamluks” as their guards, mighty slave warriors who are loyal to the Sakhmets to the death, each one of them is Mulhorandi. There are very strained relations between the Sakhmet and the Kyzanos families, old habits of Thayan and Mulhorandi die hard. The Sakhmet family does their trading through the Sleeping Cat Trading Coster.

    Eldest Generation

    –-Thoth II Sakhmet---

    The head of the house is Thoth II, a powerful warrior that carries his traditions and duty to his family with the most regal of pride. It is well known that Thoth II is very keen to make useful alliances against the Kyzanos to protect his family and his iron grip on the Oscuran slave trade, and has managed to attain some good standing with the Locke family. Thoth II has also been courting the Skovhus family in an attempt to secure the exotic slave trade as well, but they have to contend with the Kyzanos family. Any street gossiper will recall how Thoth II attempted to marry his first born to Maximilian Locke, and that Thoth II puts blame on the Darkhavens for stealing a proper alliance with the Locke family. Thoth II Sakhmet took command of the family when his father died, his sister Meresankh happily taking a side seat. Thoth II did little to improve the family’s already established wealth, and like most Mulhorandi is very opposed to any changes in Oscura, especially in regards to the slave trade. Thoth II is slowly getting old, but is vigorous spirit is still present.

    ---Bakt Sakhmet---

    Bakt is Thoth II's wife. Bakt is a devout wife and a stern matron of the family, even if often her authority over her children and the family’s finances is often challenged by Thoth II’s younger sister Meresankh.

    ---Meresenkh Sakhmet---

    Meresankh is curiously unwed, even though she is into her 40s, and she is seen as meddlesome in the family, although is more caring of the children than their own mother, often to the point of spoiling them. Recently her estranged child to an unknown father has come to Narfell to seek their fortune, despite little support from the family.


    –-Ahmose Hetempet Sakhmet---


    The oldest child of the Sakhmet family is Ahmose Hetempet Sakhmet, a tall, graceful and beautiful young woman. Ahmose Hetempet is looked upon with much awe by a lot of Oscurans, her beauty is astounding and is only emphasised in a place where silky dark skin is something only kept for immigrants. She isn’t all looks however, Ahmost Hetempet has studied with some of Oscura’s greatest scholars. Ahmost Hetempet is often a target of gossip, many speculate whether she will take the reins of the family after her father dies, or if she will follow her own course and leave the fortune to Thoth III Sakhmet, the 2nd child of the Sakhmets and the oldest boy. Ahmose has since married Ferdinand Locke, giving birth to twins, Sigismund and Amunet (see Lockes). Ahmose now has spent most of her days back in Mulhorand where she has raised her children, perhaps awaiting her fathers death so she can return to take over the family business.

    ---Thoth III Sakhmet---

    Thoth III is just as regal and powerful as his father, and is known for his expert displays of fighting in the Brawling Bodak. However, Thoth III is a childhood friend of the notorious Maximilian Locke, and while Maximilian does manage to get Thoth III into trouble on occasion, Thoth II looks past this as this gives strength to unity between the two families. Some doubt Thoth III’s business skills though, leading many to think his smarter older sister would be a better heir. Thoth III is said to be looking for a wife.

    ---Zazamoukh II Sakhmet---


    Zazamoukh II Sakhmet is an enthusiastic young man named after Thoth II’s long dead uncle. While it is well known that Zazamoukh II is full of energy and life, he is often overshadowed by his older brother and sister and the questions that ask who will be in line for the Sakhmet fortunes. As a result, Zazamoukh II realises he is free to follow his own goals, and is happy to do so, so long as he supports his family as a good son should. He is known to be an arcane warrior of Anhur.

    ---Neferhetep Kemnebi---

    The youngest is Neferhetep , a quiet young woman whose only true dreams are to be married and live a happy life in service to her family and herself. Neferhetep is a caring and very pretty woman, but her father is careful not to overstep his boundaries in regards to who she is wed too, as he cares for his youngest very much, even though he is keen to use her in some way for a political tool. The feud between Neferhetep and Anna Kursk is common knowledge, and the conflict over some silly boy threatens the relationship between the families.

    Neferhetep is now married to a native Mulhorandi who moved from Mulhorand to marry the girl, named Suten Hamu IV Kemnebi, and Nerferhetep has just given birth to a child named Thoth IV Kemnebi.


    –-Itennu VIII Sakhmet---


    Named after one of Meresenkh's favourite uncles, Itennu VIII is a young Mulhorandi man of an unknown father, who has recently arrived in Narfell to seek his fortune. Due to his questionable origins, the family shows him little favour, but have no explicit ill feelings towards him.

    –-Thoth IV Kemnebi---

    Neferhetep's infant son.


    –-Ramses Nios---

    Ramses is actually a cousin of Thoth II who lives in Mulhorand. It seems that Ramses is the Sleeping Cat’s prime agent in Mulhorand and can be seen in Oscura every now and then. It is well known that the two have been friends since children, and Ramses is one of the very few people that can bring Thoth II’s stern guard down.

    Recent news

    The Sakhmet have increased the number of incoming slaves and seem to be making alot of profit. The family are growing in wealth yet it seems that they have been saving it or reinvesting it as the money is rarley seen or hidden away. Some dark whispers suggest that someone is stealing money from within yet no proof has be found and Thoth II and Thoth III seems unconcerned so these are unfounded.

    The sleeping cats slaves are being kept better than ever, still often being richer than the average blood of Oscura, yet still are hated by outsiders for being the biggest importer of slaves.**

  • The Kyzanos Family

    The Kyzanos family aren’t nearly as old as some of the other Oscuran noble families. The family was led by Vakdal Kyzanos, an able evoker from Thay. It is well known that Vakdal came to Oscura after fleeing from Thay as a young man due to some kind of problem, and that he is a former Red Wizard. Using the black market Thayan contacts he made, Vakdal quickly made his fortune through imported spell components, putting him as a direct competitor to the Locke family and their local spell components. The Kyzanos family also import small amounts of slaves from Thay, but many believe they are going to expand on this and become a competitor to the main slave traders in Oscura, the Sakhmet family. Vakdal’s temper is notorious for being very short, but he is known to give generous rewards so long as you stay on his good side. The crest of the Kyzanos family is the silhouette of a Red Dragon upon a deep blue background and an outline of yellow. The Kyzanos family is also at odds with the Sakhmet family, due to long racial tensions between Thay and Mulhorand, as well as the new efforts of the Kyzanos family to enter the slaving business. It’s well known that the Kyzanos are attempting to gain an alliance with the Skovhus family to put pressure on the Sakhmet family and their grip on the slave trade. The Vakdals do their trading through the Red Dragon Consortium.

    Eldest Generation

    –-Loktar Kyzanos---

    The Kyzanos family is now led by Loktar Kyzanos, after the his father took a step back. Loktar is an extremely efficient administrator, and has married a local Oscuran named Janice. The wedding ceremony was low key, just like the couple themselves, who are only ever seen together with Loktar's mother (Erika Kyzanos) as well, because the social situation demands it.

    ---Ekmen Kyzanos---


    (info to come)

    ---Teresa Fester---

    Teresa, formerly the daddy's little girl, is now an adept mage married to Creg Fester.

    ---Gloria Kyzanos---

    Like Ekmen and Monshar, Gloria was one of the overlooked of the Kyzanos children, so much so that she left the land a few years ago to pursue her own life.

    ---Monashar Kyzanos---

    The youngest, Monshar, is long lost to the rest of Faerun. With such little to be had in such a big family and being the second youngest son, he is now long gone. His mother Erika has some regrets for his loss, but no one ever mentions his name regardless.

    ---Thazerp Kyzanos--- DEAD

    Unfortunately, like many in the lands of Narfell, Thazerp was killed at a young age by creatures of the wilds. A small grave marks his lost body in the Oscura Mausoleum, but that is all that is remembered of the young Kyzanos.


    –-Josef Kyzanos---

    The second set of twins in the family, Josef and Vakdal II are the young sons of Loktar. Despite both of them being young, they already have a reputation for troublemaking in the city.

    ---Vakdal II Kyzanos---

    The other twin, Vakdal II, named after his dead grandfather.

    Recent news

    The Kyzanos still are at odds with the Sakhmet and the Locke familys, ever increasingly. The racial and slave trade tentions with the Sakhmet and the business war with the Locke family, would seem to have crushed any other business, yet the Red dragon and the Kyzanos family are still holding strong. Some rumours suggest that Duke Andrey Kursk has leant and is supporting the Kyzanos in this trade war, not out of any political motivation but out of friendship to Vakdal.

  • **The Locke Family

    The Locke family are a powerful one whom can to this day trace their members back to Arnath. A caged golden hawk imposed on a dark brown background is the crest of the Locke family. The Locke family are well known in that they made their fortune off magical components, scrolls and potions, and they supply many of the local merchants. This puts them at direct odds with the Kyzanos family, and altercations between them are often seen on the streets of Oscura. The Locke family do their business through the Locke Trading Coster.

    Eldest Generation

    –-Baron Theodore Locke---

    The head of the family, “Baron” Theodore Locke, was one of the survivors of Arnath. Despite being human, Theodore still lives to this day, even though he is often too old to be seen in public. Many suspect it is necromantic magics keeping him alive, family members just assure it is a tough spirit. Often the only time Theodore can be seen is when he is at the local cemetery, grieving over his long dead wife. As a tribute to this, the Baron is never seen wearing anything but black, the colour of those who grieve. For a long while, the Baron had disappeared... but he is back.


    –-Maximilian Locke--- DEAD

    The eldest and most favoured son is Maximilian, whom is a sorcerer of some renown like his father. Maximilian now takes care of family affairs, and is known to be a shrewd businessman. However, often Maximilian’s weakness to women, fine clothing and gambling has gotten in his way, but after direction from his father, he is attempting to settle down with his new girlfriend Eliza Darkhaven. Many Oscurans think the set up between Eliza and Maximilian is a mere political move by Theodore, but Maximilian himself sees otherwise. Maximilian is a childhood friend of Thoth III Sakhmet, and often gets the stern Mulhorandi nobleman into trouble that he would normally avoid, but this has led to some good ties between the families.

    For unknown reasons, Maximilian has been declared dead by his aging father, leaving the family fortune to Ferdinand.

    ---Ferdinand Locke--- DEAD

    Ferdinand Locke is the younger son, often being ignored from his youth and from the fact that he does not share the magical talents of his father and brother. As such, Ferdinand is often absent from family outings and functions, as well as scarce from the public eye, no one is really quite sure what he does in his spare time, but nobody seems to care.

    Ferdinand became a tribune on behalf of the Peacekeepers and has two children with Ahmose Sakhmet. Some rumours suggest this was a political marriage yet the two did seem very much in love. They had two children, Amunet Sakhmet-Locke and Sigismund Locke

    Despite being previously ignored, Ferdinand is now the one who will be inheriting the family fortune and company.

    Ferdinand died to some of the many dangers everpresent in Narfell.


    –-Amunet Sakhmet-Locke---


    (Info to come)

    ---Sigismund Locke---


    (Info to come)

    Recent news

    The Locke family have been heading along fine as of late, whilst there trade is not booming and are still competing with the Kyzanos family, they have not gained wealth, but have not lost it either. The reputation of the family has improved somewhat however due to Ferdinands influence through the Nars.

    Baron Locke has not been seen for sometime, yet this is not uncommon, and Maximillion has been heading the business and is becoming a very competent business man with the help of his farther in lore, Istvan Darkhaven.

    Rumour has it Baron Locke has been extremely ill, having to be carried away from his wifes grave by his son back to the Locke estate.

    There is some tension with the Kursks at the moment aswell due to the suggestion Duke Andrey is lending Vakdal Kyzanos money and it is well known the Lockes would love to bankrupt the Kyzanos.

    The Locke family seems to be extremely disturbed by the latest troubles in Oscura, with Slodarian examining ways to end the crisis. There seems to be little suspicion about the Lockes being up to anything, they seem to only want normal trade restored.

    Whispers of succession are abound as well, seeing as the Baron has outlived both his children, leaving Sigismund as the only surviving male heir.**

  • The Skull Crusher Family

    The Patriarch of the Skullcrusher family is Kilir Skullcrusher, he and his kin operate much of the mining business within Oscura and also provide services as masons and architects within the cavernous city, and brewing of their own ale. The Skullcrushers are based out of the Mithril Mug, which they own and operate with great success. Other than Kiler, Goiter SkullCrusher is one of the more known SkullCrusher dwarves, he is also most likely the friendliest of the SkullCrushers clan. He often roams around Oscura and even in the Chasm and Nars Pass, talking to people and trying to trade information on the happenings around the area.

  • The Red Falcon Family

    The Red Falcons are arguably the most powerful and respected family, even if they are one of the smallest. Alexander Red Falcon is the only son of Arar Red Falcon, who led Arnath’s survivors through the Underdark and founded Oscura. While this gives Alexander no real ownership claims to Oscura, he carries the Tribunal position of Judicator. While Alexander and his father were never close, Alexander, who is still only in his early 20s, has great pride in this fact and is very passionate about the preservation of Oscura and their old ways, which can sometimes lead to rash decisions from normally clever and wise person. His wife is Melisende Red Falcon, a quiet native Oscuran woman who used to work for the Red Falcons. Melisende is a gentle woman and a caring mother to their twin baby sons, Arar II & Darius.

  • Vacant for Player Master List

    Ferdinand Locke - TAKEN (ncharman) - Inactive
    Lazlo Darkhaven - TAKEN (lanakai) - Inactive
    Valeria Darkhaven - TAKEN (AllForGold) - Inactive
    Ekmen Kyzanos - TAKEN (Hepphep) - Inactive
    Gloria Kyzanos - TAKEN (The Ear of the Beholder) -Inactive
    Monshar Kyzanos - TAKEN (Ohris) - Inactive
    Ahmose Hetempet Sakhmet - TAKEN (rei_jin) -Inactive
    Zazamoukh II Sakhmet - TAKEN (leinad888)
    Vladimir Kursk - TAKEN (Davidnwn)
    Louis du Lorraine - TAKEN (Applecitron)
    Zenais Komnenos - TAKEN (Erohares) - Inactive
    Gabriella Skovhus - TAKEN(Sillotea) - Inactive
    Karl Skovhus - TAKEN (Marrow)
    Amunet Sakhmet-Locke - TAKEN (Dondiah)
    Sigismund Locke - TAKEN (Hitodama)
    Gerard du LorraineTAKEN (Emerywn)
    Haferal Darkhaven TAKEN (Dorakhan)
    Frances Darkhaven
    Thazerp Kyzanos
    Silvia Kursk
    Herakleitos Komnenos