Scroll Crafting

  • Scroll scribing is available to all characters with spellcasting levels.

    1.) The spell must be known before it can be scribed.
    2.) Scrolls cannot be duplicated
    3.) Only one scroll at a time may be created
    4.) Scrolls will use the minimal caster level, no exceptions.

    Level 1 –---------50 1e exp--------------50 gold
    Level 2------------100 1e exp------------100 gold
    Level 3------------150 1e exp------------250 gold
    Level 4------------200 1e exp------------500 gold
    Level 5------------250 1e exp------------750 gold
    Level 6------------300 1e exp------------1250 gold
    Level 7------------350 1e exp------------1750 gold
    Level 8------------400 1e exp------------2500 gold
    Level 9------------450 1e exp------------3500 gold