Caric Snowgriffin

  • Caric Snowgrffin's possessions

    Fancy fruity armor of Caric. = enhanced bns.+1.
    Enchanted towershield. =+1 A.C.
    Enchanted Helmet. =+1 deflective bns.
    Monk slippers. =+1 Dogde A.C.bns.-1 will save +1 ref save.
    Amulette of nat.armor. =+1 Natural A.C.
    Gold ring.
    Shash =+2 perform
    Enchanted Bastardsword =+1 enhanced bns.
    Mastercraft Whip =+1 att ect.
    Masterwork cherrywood
    Long bow. =+1 mighty ect.
    Flashy cloak =+2 perorm/taunt

    Gem colector bag.
    7 x Masterwork large bag. ((consider folding the unused in one))
    9 x Large bag.
    Masterwork clothing.
    Acrobat outfit. =+2 tumbling.
    Custumized outfit =+2 persuasion.
    3 additional customised outfits.
    Load of survival gear,rope,oils,bedroll,tinder&flint,ect.ect.
    Cherry wood Masterwork Quarterstaff=+1att,+2dmg v.s.outsiders.
    Masterwork bandedgloves,Masterwork Heavygloves.