Earlies of Early days for Belma'r

  • I swore I was done with narfell and then I came back to it last week, don't know how long it will last but it sure brought up a lot of memories. I'm still playing the same charicter that I started with all those years ago Belma'r.
    He actually died a total of three times before reaching lvl2, yes that means I re-made him, and I dropped his last name so I could tell which one to play.

    The player that most shaped who Belma'r the halfling i loved to log in and play so much as to be Mendelev played by Silver-Arrow I believe. He was off the wall crazy, much crazier than Belma'r has ever been if you can believe it. And I was throwing darts back in those days for the +1 to attack so I could actually hit those shorties. I remember when i was trying to find some better darts and Tontou and Penny took me all the way up to Peltarch to buy some. That was quite the feet with bandits every step of the way. I couldn't believe they were afraid of the bandits, they seemed so much stronger than I.

    Tontou himself was an important part of my start in adventuring. He absolutely refused to go into caves unless he had to, because we all had a habit of dying when we stepped in one. And him and Lilly had a apt with Ickarus. Belma'r never liked Ickarus after that and always remembered it when talking to Lilly.

    Gears and Ginger helped console my C-token woes. Which actually i was probability more angry about not getting one than I should have been considering I never reached lvl6 the entire time I didn't have a C-token. Clearing out the Rawlinswood at lvl4 was a habit for me.

    So just some ramblings from my earliest days, that's what this place is for right? It's good to be back Narfell even if all the faces have changed and i have to make new memories with new people.

  • It was a sort of second renaissance of Narfell back in 2009. I ended up sticking around and developing Belma'r into a much bigger part of the world. Or at least the other players made me feel like he was. I was never involved in DM plots before this, and I loved conferencing with players about what was going on.

    The Hungry One plot was all kinds of awesome. Belma'r fought to defend an Aurlite shrine from another PC. Nearly had Rary turn on Belma'r because of that, he would have if Belma'r had been more violent about it.

    It was also during that plot line Belma'r got to take on Penguanis during a side quest, and helped save a pocket plane of Slaadi (The Second one he's saved, having already been dubbed from him. I was not expecting that pit fiend and was glad to have Maria and Benji backing me up. (We also had a hapless level6 with us who I can't recall).

    That final night to fight the Hungry One seemed to last forever. I wanted to sleep so bad at the end of it, but I was -not- missing loot after putting in so many hours. I think I grabbed my piece of loot then just logged and went to bed. It was the first time in -years- that the server was full. Gave me hope that it wasn't a wasteland just yet, and I got a number of amazing years of roleplaying out of it.