The Tribunal

  • The Tribunal

    _In the deep and in the dark, there are many whispers and silent voices, that catch upon the breathless breeze that rocks the darkened city of Oscura.

    In the shadows and ruts of the wynds that run between the stacks and crooked buildings, urchins mutter the names to their fellow snipes, guards nude one another and straighten their stature when one of them walks by. The Tribunal.

    Where they meet, what they say, is all cloaked in shadow, like the rest of Oscura. Even some of their names are unknown, but their influence is felt across the shadowy places. Their word is law in the darkness that roams beneath.

    Beware those who would break our laws, or betray Oscura.

    Obey the Tribunal.


  • Edited to reflect status in Tribunal forums.

  • The Tribunal of 13

    The Tribunal of 13 within Oscura will be formed in this way.

    Overseer- <vacant>The Tribunal is overseen by the Overseer in its meetings when he is available. He does not vote on issues unless there is a tie, and his vote will be the tie breaker. His word is the final word on decisions where the Tribunal cannot come to an agreement.

    Positions of Power

    There will be 4 positions of power, three which are carry overs from the old Arnath government. The people of these seats can only be removed with a 2/3rd's vote of the Guild Seats and the other two Positions of Power voting for their removal as well. The Overseer suggests people for these positions and are voted in through the amount of active Tribunal members at the time.

    Inquisitor - Liriana

    The Inquisitor is the overseer of the internal matters of Oscura alongside the Judicator. When the Overseer is not present, the Inquisitor is the one to preside over the Tribunal.

    The Inquisitor is primarily responsible for investigations into the actions of individual citizens or groups within Oscura. As such, they frequently coordinate with the Judicator. In a judicial capacity, they deal with minor crimes which are too negligible to be brought to trial before the Judicator. They may also suggest banishments.

    Templar - Bokelgein

    The Templar is in charge with the defense of the city from outside forces. The guard is under his eye and in times of war or defense he commands them. Any threats to the city are dealt with through his word.

    Treasurer - Horace Ainsley
    A diligent, quiet administrator, as well as a gaunt man with a hawkish face and thinning hair. His dire demeanor is matched only by his gaze. He speaks with a voice that is an unsettling combination of hollow and deep.

    Judicator - Alexander Red Falcon

    The Judicator is in charge of all judgements, rulings, and law enforcement in Oscura. The Red Falcons have been appointed to be the official judicial element in the city, and their appointed leader will serve as Judicator. All internal disputes that require lawful intervention will be handled by the Judicator and The Red Falcon House.

    Faction/Guild Seats

    There will be 8 seats available to factions/guilds of the city. Until those 8 seats are filled any faction/guild deemed large or powerful enough may place a representitive. Once the 8 are filled any guild seeking to be placed upon it must show that one of the 8 present have weakened enough to warrent being removed and they should replace them. If a majority of the 13 vote in favor then the group is removed and replacement is performed. As this would stand in the current formation of Oscura would be as followed:

    1.) Brotherhood of the Black Lotus - Balthazar
    2.) Sisters of the Bone - Lady Merovech
    3.) The Skull Crushers - Kilir SkullKrusher
    4.) Church of Bane - Markus
    5.) Black Sails - Drelan Ashire
    6.) Peace Keepers - Shemaright
    7.) Church of Shar - Lady Abigail Moonshadow
    8.) Church of Mask - Frederico Falsa

    The Overseer reserves the right to put up for vote any he feels should not be allowed on the Tribunal for any reason he deems fit. A 2/3 vote is needed to remove any member from their position. A vote of 2/3 of the Positions of Power is needed to remove one from a Position of Power.</vacant>