Cruentus Pactus

  • Oscura Charter: Cruentus Pactus

    _Written on a old scroll,the Cruentus Pactus is the Scroll of Laws and Goals of Arnath. Someone whose identity is kept secret is the Guardian of this Sacred Scroll, the folks of Oscura know of the Scroll Laws and Goals when the Town Crier is told by the guardian to announce the update of this Scroll.

    The Cruentus Pactus is a vile Scroll,and rumors said it is written with the Council member's blood…_

    Oscura Laws

    Below are Laws that have been voted by the Council and accepted,all Laws are active right after they have been voted.If you dont agree to one of the Laws,contact your concern to The Council for further investigation on the matter.

    -Undead Allowed In Oscura-

    The Undead are allowed in Oscura.They are to not harm any citizen nor spread sickness inside Oscura's walls.They shall respect all the Laws like any citizen. If you see someone going against this Law,report it to the nearest guard.

    -No Harmful Spell Casting Inside Oscura-

    _Any Harmful Spells that affect someone's Health or Mental State is banned from within the walls of Oscura.

    Any caster whose summons of any kind violates the laws will have the punishment enacted upon themselves. Do not bring such creatures into Oscura if you can not control them.

    The Council Members & The Oscura Guards are the only one allowed to use weapons,or spell casting inside the Town for self defence protection.

    If you see someone going against this Law,report it to the nearest guard._

    -Slaves Allowed In Oscura-

    _As our city grows I feel we may need extra hands to do what is needed to keep the city up and running well. Many of these things are menial tasks. Tasks that we should not have to bother ourselves with doing, and as such, I propose we allow slaves to enter the city as long as they meet the following criteria:

    1. The slaves are kept under strict control in the city.
    2. The master is reponsible for the actions of the slaves.
    3. Slaves must be marked as to who they belong to.

    Slaves may be traded within the city, but those selling them must have acquired a license from the Treasurer, and heed all taxation incurred on slave trade by possessing said license.

    Those found trading without a license will be_ severely punished.

    -Summoned creatures/animals/familiars of all types are permitted within the walls of Oscura-

    _Any harm done to the city itself or one of its Citizens by a creature/animal/familiar summoned forth shall cause the summoner to suffer the consequences. Like wise, any action taken against a summoned creature/animal/familiar will result in the same punishment as if you acted upon the summoner himself."

    This will give people a defined answer upon having summoned denizens within the walls, as we have been aked the question numerous times, and will also forgot any possibly attempts to state that the creatures were "out of thier control" or that people were not "striking a Blooded"_


    _Outsiders will be allowed into the Undercity as long as they are accompanied by a Blooded. The Blooded will be held fully responsible for all actions committed by the Outsider while in the Undercity.

    Mining of Oscuran resources by Outsiders is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Any Outsider caught mining, or carrying Ore outside the Undercity will be detained until the Blooded that allowed their entry is found. It will be the Blooded, that receives the dire punishment for the Outsider's lawlessness._

    -Right to Trial

    _All Blooded are hence given the right to an unbiased Trial by the Red Falcon faction for any violation of Oscuran law. The accuser will represent themselves, as will the defending party.

    Violations made by members of the Red Falcon faction will be dealt with directly by the Inquisitor, or by the Tribunal at the Inquisitor's request.

    Punishment for crimes will range from a pre-set time in prison, to dismemberment, to death, decided by the Judicator or Inquisitor._

    -Addendum to the law of slaves

    _1. No slave will be sold to a citizen of Oscura unless they are a property owner, and that this property be within the confines of Oscura's law.

    2. No slave will be sold to a non-Oscuran citizen who resides within Narfell unless the sovereign law of that city or town changes to allow slavery trade and ownership. Oscura holds the right to deny business to anyone, if the Tribunal is not satisfied with the specifications of trade.

    3. All slavers of nations outside Narfell that wish to trade with each other in our city must pay the appropriate taxes, port fees, and pay the city 10% of all gains at the end of each business day.

    4. To keep the slave population from becoming more vast than our citizen's population, a minimum bid on slaves sold to Oscuran citizens will apply.

    The minimum prices will be the following.

    Labor force: Minimum 1000gp per slave
    Trained House servants & Guard force slaves: Minimum 2000gp per slave
    "Exotic service" slaves: Minimum 3000gp per slave_

    Further Addendum to the law of slaves

    _1. Any grave mistreatment of slaves as observed by the Red Falcons will equate to punishments as minor fines, with increased punishments for repeat offenders.

    -Constabulary Forces

    All members of the Guard force of Oscura will be subject to three extensive months of training at the city Monastery under the guidance of the Order of the Iron Fist. The teachings of the Order will be of a purely martial regiment. No religious doctrine is permitted to be taught in any shape or form during this appointed time.

    -Peace Keepers

    _A trained police force will be formed to serve as a prevention and intervention tactical force. The members of this faction will be given the right and responsibility to arrest and detain outsiders and Oscuran citizens not affiliated with a Tribunal represented organization, that fail to abide by the laws of the city.

    If a Peace Keeper witnesses the breaking of a city law by any member of a faction represented by the Tribunal, it is the officer's responsibility to report the incident to their Captain. The Peacekeepers are authorized to halt the unlawful behavior, and may detain the person or persons involved in the incident, if these refuse to return to their compound and await their leader's judgment.

    It is the Captain's responsibility to report the incident to the leader or leaders of the faction or factions involved, as well as the Judicator, and the Inquisitor. It will be the faction leader's responsibility to serve punishment if guilt is found.

    However, if the Judicator or Inquisitor feel the punishment to be too lenient, either may petition to have the matter be brought to trial. Trial will be held by the Red Falcon House, with the Inquisitor retaining the right to escalate the verdict if necessary.

    The Captain may petition laws be created to facilitate the function of the Peace Keepers. As all petitions, they will be voted on by the Tribunal.

    Under no circumstances may a Peace Keeper detain a member of Tribunal.

    Any and all infractions made the the Peace Keepers will be handled by the Red Falcon House, with the assistance of the Guard, if necessary._

    -The Children of the Blooded

    All children of the blooded of Oscura will be treated -as- blooded, protected under the law, and be under the responsibility of their parent or parents until such time as they have grown to maturity. They can then decide if to take the Blood oath or not.

    -Free Slave Law

    _-No slave purchased by an Oscuran, shall be allowed freedom by his buyer.

    -Freedom will be granted only by the Overseer, or the Inquisitor. All freed slaves will be registered, so we may track their occurrences properly.

    -Any slaver who wishes to release a slave from service must either sell the slave to another slaver, or sell the slave back to the city of Oscura, for half the price for which it was originally purchased. The city will be charged with returning the slave into the market.

    -Any slaver wishing to buy a slave's freedom, may do so by writing a petition to either the Overseer or Inquisitor, and provide a fee equivalent to no less than the original purchase price of the slave to the city. The Overseer and Inquisitor have the right to deny the slave its freedom and offer half the slave's worth as payment for its contract. The slave will then be put back into the market.

    -Those slaves that are released by the Overseer or Inquisitor will be granted the option of obtaining status as a blooded, and protected by the city's laws. Those who refuse must exit the city by any means possible._

    -The Blood Oath

    -All citizens of Oscura who take the sacred Blood Oath are bound by blood to the city. It is not a simple document of citizenship but a promise of word and flesh. All who denounce the Blood Oath and take citizenry in another city or township, do so because they no longer require the sanctuary of Oscura, and have found their place in the light.

    -None who leave Oscura, forsaking the oath they made, will be allowed to retake the oath.

    -Any who wish to return to the city must make an appeal to the tribunal, providing all reasons and circumstances that led to their forsaking the blood oath.

    -Any oath breakers will not be protected by Oscura's laws while their appeal is being reviewed.

    -Any oath breaker who is granted a rag in error, without having appealed to the Tribunal beforehand must make their appeal official or face prosecution.

    -If the oath breaker's transgression is brought to the Tribunal's attention before an appeal is notarized, the oath breaker will be arrested on sight and charged with treason.

    -If an appeal is denied, the oath breaker must find another place of residence, but may return to the city as a visiting outsider.

    -All citizens who have received a Bloody Rag more than once in Oscura, have one year, (1 RL month) to present their appeals to the Tribunal, before the proper authorities are activated.

    The Mines

    -The Oscuran Mines will now be open to any non-Blooded who pay a 500 gold tariff per year to acquire an entrance ticket. At the end of a years time, a new ticket will be required to enter the Mines.

    -The tickets will be per person and non transferable. The Blooded who accompanies the non-Blooded, along with the non-Blooded himself, will be held responsible for any attempts at foregoing this.

    -Blooded may use the mines at will._