Upcoming Pilgrimage

  • Telli waddles into the Silver Valley with a few Legionnaires at her side. With recent Legion bashing taking place, she’s happy to invite those willing on an upcoming pilgrimage.

    “Friends, family, refugee’s and adventurers alikes… Telli’d likedededs ta invites yuhs on a pilgrimage laters dis weeks…its ta honor da folks who losts der lives in Jiyyd and da folks who losts der land. It’s a time ta honors da ones we loves… and da ones we losts.

    If yuh wanna comes on dis pilgrimage wid Telli and da rests a da Legion meets near da Kelemvorite temple juss afore da sun goes down. Please don’ts brings yuhs kids… as it ain’t likely ta be safes.

    We ain’t looking ta stir ups no trouble, juss getting as close ta Jiyyd as is resonables safes… once der were gonna lights somes candles and take time ta remembers doughs tings we lost when N’jast ran its heels down all ours backs trying ta crawl der way up ta Peltarch.

    Again, if yers lookings ta show Demons or oder tings da tip a yer blade don’t boders comings… we ain’t going but ta honor da dead… Hope ta see’s all dats cans ders…”

    Solemn and to the point Telli waddles out of town to proceed to the next.

    ((Thursday 11:00p.m. eastern time… meet at the Kelemvorite temple. SEE YA THERE!))

  • General Lyte, who accompanying Captain Telli quietly, adds a bit more.

    _"Of course, we also honor those of the beautiful old Valley who fell defending her and Jiyyd. In my time at Jiyyd, I always felt that the Silver Valley and Jiyyd were sisters, and often forget we were seperate villages, and both were overun.

    So, come for Jiyyd, and the old Valley, both who gave their all to stand against injustice and tyranny."_