• Terno Dattel

    Home and Location :
    Peltarch Citizen
    Home: N/A

    Town Position : N/A

    Masterwork Silver Bastardsword;
    Masterwork Branded Gloves;
    Acrobats Boots (Store Item);
    Ring of Crystal (Store Item);
    Ring of Crimson (Store Item);
    Amulet of Natural Armour (Store Item);
    Cloak of Winters Frost (Store Item)(Custom Appearence);
    Fullplate (Mundane)(Custom Appearence);
    Tower Sheild (Mundane);
    Longbow (Mundane);
    Fur Tunic (Custom Appearence);
    Bathing Gown (Custom Appearence);
    Men's -Shorts, Black- (Custom Appearence).

    Time Spent in Narfell : On and Off play since 2003.
    Playing more commonly in 2005.