Lovitarite in Jiyyd

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    A young girl, perhaps twelve years old, was walking out of the Jiyyd gates one morn to pick flowers. She was a beautiful girl with long locks of red hair and several freckles, she could be a very beautiful young woman given the proper parental guidance. She had a small amulet hanging from around her neck which bared the marks of Illmater.
    She came across a bed of roses growing near a small tree. She walked over giggling and dropped to her knees, and began to pick the flowers, a branch above her broke and she looked up. A woman, dark clothing and hundreds of piercings along her body, she leaned over from the branch closest to the girl and smiles sweetly.
    “What are you doing out here, sweety?” Noria spoke kindly.
    “Pi-Picking flowers, Mommy said that Daddy is coming home from battling against the goblin army at Norwick! And I want to make him feel as welcome as I can” The girl spoke with such excitement.
    “Cute.” Noria jumped from the branch and landed on the girl, after a small struggle she easily pinned the girl down with her knees.
    “Get off me! Help help!” the little girl squealed and yelled out, though no one heard her.
    “Listen girl, I was having a horrible day today and found out some of my close friends were not that close. This is all I needed! Some god damned Illmaterite lass picking flowers for her war hero father!” Noria removed a small hammer and nails from her pack, she tied the girls hand together (though she was kicking and screaming, this took some effort) and drug her to the tree, hanging her up to the first branch. The girl hung by her hands on the tree, her feet bairly having enough room to dangle.
    “Please stop… please… I don’t want to die” The girl pleaded.
    “I am not one for murdering people, girl. I am going to leave you here in torment, if someone wishes to find you and save you they can. Though It is going to be more difficult for them to save you in time” She smirked.

    Noria grabbed the girl forcefully by the head and turned her to the side, pushing her face against the tree and slamming her elbow into the girls cheek to hold her still. She placed one of the nails into the girls ear and brought her hammer back. With a swift motion she hammered the fist nail into the girls ear. Piercing her eardrums and oozing blood down the sides of her head. The girl screamed in agony, crying and yelling out as loud as she could. Kicking her legs around, her eyes appeared to twitch and tear. Closing tightly as she let out another echoing scream.

    Noria giggled once more and turned her head to the side, sticking the second nail in her opposite ear.
    “Girl, after this you will be deaf. Let me be the last thing you hear.” She laughed a haunting snicker as she brought the hammer down on the nail into her opposite ear.
    The girl heard a loud humming and could not longer hear herself screaming, though she knew she was. She shook her head violently trying to shake the nails out of her head, though she couldn’t.
    Noria took the time to prepare a small trap along the girls body, hooking a small devise up to the rope holding her up, so that if anyone tried to free the young child they would be crushed by a falling branch covered in jagged nails. She left a short note by the trunk of the tree reading:
    “Think of the sensation as a reassurance that you are not dead yet. What you are feeling now is life in you! I would hate to lessen that for you. I will take you from one extreme to the other. I would never deprive you of this: Your final awareness.”

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  • Mutilated Renaissance

    “Where… Where am I?” He spoke.

    “Where you should be.” Noria replied, her voice filled with comfort.

    He was not but twenty four the man was. He had jet black hair which stuck to his hair like sap on a tree, his arms were large from farming and his eyes were alert for the nearest danger – but not at this moment.

    He looked around himself, the walls were covered with different knives and lashes, whips and metallic objects. The ceiling was a large painting of an eye, covered in a green puss which appeared to jettison outward towards the man. The pupil was blood red and slowly spun in circles. He lay upon a flat piece of wood, his arms nailed to one another and then to the wooden plank. His feet were tied and covered in acidic blisters.

    He tried to recall what he did, what he said, that set this woman off. Up until a few hours ago he had never seen her, he just recalled walking his pregnant wife to the nearby temple, she was about to deliver her first child, the Sunite priestess said it was to be a boy, they had already picked out a name. Ray.

    He remembered first seeing her, sitting in the middle of a road eyeing a fallen tulip, it looked beautiful as it started to decay in front of herself, Noria thought nothing could be so perfect. Perfection was what Noria had always tried to work for. Excellence, flawlessness, rightness, exactness, flawlessness and precision.

    He thought back, when he first passed the woman, he was in a hurry. He rushed past her trying to hurry his wife along, he didn’t wish for her to give birth in the street, it had to be a beautiful birth, in the temple along with the flowers, the living flowers.

    In passing, he stepped upon the tulip Noria was watching decay. She was sitting there for three days straight, not bothering to eat or go to the bathroom. All she wanted was to find the one moment that the flower she watched would become perfect.

    All that was ruined by the mans boot. Being in a rush is just giving gratitude to carelessness. He remembered watching the ghastly woman stand up and watch them rush down the road. That was the last he could remember, now he wakes.

    He couldn’t feel most of his body, he was paralyzed due to snake poison, Noria loves to work with poisons, she finds that venom can be one of the more exciting forms of torment. Giving the user a chance to become actually one with the pain, letting it into their body and help them feel.

    He peered down his tunic, he saw his feet with the blisters and gritted his teeth, with a bit of effort he managed to pull his legs apart, his eyes widened and he screamed.

    His wife sat with her legs spread over a boiling cauldron, her buttocks rest against the metal glowing with heat, her appeared to be held up by a series of chains, he could not define the expression upon her face for she had a thin leather mask over her face, it covered up everything but her mouth, his lips appeared to be sewn together loosely, a sickly puss was leaking from the corners of her mouth and she appeared to drool.

    He struggled upon his board, screaming and praying for Sune to answer his calls for help, he stared up at the eye which taunted him, though with the piercing pupil watching his every movement and judging his every breath he couldn’t help but feel nervous in his prayers, they were not successful.

    If they were, he would be a proud parent this day.

    He continued to scream until he was broken by a ghastly calming voice, he opened his eyes to see a figure in dark leathers covered in barbs and wasp stingers standing upon his chest, she was light and easy to support. He eyed her angrily and he began the usual threats she was used too. She simply laughed.

    “Welcome” Noria giggled, “I hope you brought you appetite with you! You’ll be needing it”

    She hopped off the man and moved back to his wife, who immediately began to squirm and making screaming noises. Noria moved behind the woman and starts to gently stroke her hair.

    ”Shhh shh” Noria tried to calm her, she was so sweet, “Just breath, your child will be in this world soon.”

    The woman didn’t want to push, she knew what was going to happen, she couldn’t help but continue to attempt her muffled screams. Screaming in the face of a Loviatarite was pointless, it only egged them on to continue. Noria simply smiled, knowing it was inevitable, she was going to deliver any moment.

    He did, she shook her head violently, trying to control the natural instincts of her body to give a beautiful baby boy a breath of the world. She started to cry from under the mask. She heard her child crying, she knew it was healthy. She had a slight wave of relief sweep through her a moment before she froze in terror.

    She heard the baby cry, she heard it breathing, she could feel its heart beat against her sacred spot, she felt it slowly sliding out of her, then she heard. She heard the baby hit the boiling water inside the cauldron it was killed instantly, it didn’t suffer, the moment it hit the water it’s raw skin was turned bright pink and it started to bloat. The child was no longer living but now a member of a vegetable stew.

    The father watched the entire scene play out in front of himself, he couldn’t control his screams of “No No no!” they continued until his lungs gave way and he just started crying. Noria watched his reaction with a slight grin.

    She reached behind herself and grabbed a large knife, she pulled the child out of the boiling water with her bare hands, which started to redden from the heat. She began to cut bits and pieces of the bloated baby corpse into a bowl. She removed some water from the cauldron and stirred it. She walked over to him and it hit him, she was going to feed him his newborn child.

    He shook his head screaming, she offered a kind smile and nodded.

    “If you do not do it by will, I will remove your jaw and pour it down your throat.” She voice was soft and innocent.

    “becides,” She grinned, “its just the right temperature, perfect if I may say”

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  • She is a child.

    _Where all the shadows play my dear, where all the shadows play.
    We hold within your fear, my girl, hidden away from the day
    We hold onto your past, little girl, your clouded memories –
    Can you ever hope to outlast us, pursue the world to see.

    She is innocent.

    _Where all we shadows play my dear, we play within your dreams.
    We play so far and we play so near, we play along with your screams.
    We play men’s dreams as instruments; them shatter without remorse.
    We play mortals as foolish pets, and leave them no true course.

    She is sweet.

    _Where all we shadows play little girl, within your heart so dear.
    The corners of your soul little girl, cloaked and hid by your fear.
    The essence of your mind is soaked in tears you wept so long ago.
    The fear of the evil within you finding – gaining all control.

    She is hormonal.

    _Where all the shadows play; now see the shadows of the world.
    Masters of night and day fear us, for we have all control.
    Sages throughout all time have sought what we have always known.
    But we’ll tell you not all the secrets which control your poor soul.

    She is angry

    _Where all the shadows play on the stages of the world.
    We fear no one and stay in control of hapless girls.
    And you someday will control even as we try now.
    This thing be certain, don’t delay us, don’t be foolish now.

    She is a woman.

    _Where all the shadows play, We shadows of the heart.
    Where all we shadows play, this pain we shall impart.
    Where all your shadows play little girl, come on and set them free.
    Let all your inhibitions go – come and follow me…

    She is complete.______

  • Looking for Reflection


    _A girl I dated once said to me, "You only feel when you bleed." This must give you the impression that I was dating an Art School-Vampire. She was more of an acid washed Molly Ringwald, but that doesn't matter. I fell in total lust with this woman because she told me what I had been thinking my entire life. Pain is a food. A food that is essential to the growth of one's soul

    It was a day like most others, the Nars pass was now filled with peace and a certain tranquility was held over it most of the day and eve. Those who once feared to walk the hazy, hilly pass were now skipping their way along in joy. The hills were alive with activity as Eastlanders were rolling dice and playing card games near the entrance of their cave. Travelers waves to their former enemies who simply stared back and sighed, they felt a certain defeat even with the peace. No one was rubbing another in to the other side, but both sides were still uncomfortable.

    Noria stood atop a hill in the Nars pass, she was cooking a piece of beef over an open flame. The smell of warm, tender beef was carried downwind, adding another warming feature to the Nars Pass. She sat down to enjoy her meal, peeling it from the fire and licking her lips.

    Once she finished her meal she closed her eyes, she curled her legs up and placed a hand into the fire. The energy around her cracked and her soul appeared to sink into another plane. Though her body remained calm with her hand in the fire her eyes were blank.

    While in this plane of existence she looked around, nothing but endless white plains of space and time surrounded her, she curled her legs up in the dreamworld and closed her eyes, she searched for a certain tranquility that was lost to her within the past few days.

    Let's talk about violence, shall we? Violence in the media is an easy target. "If we get rid of all the violent movies, television shows and comic books, the world will be a Utopian!" An easily believable answer. Just ask your mom

    She imagined a figure, a tall brown haired man with a broken lute tied to his belt and a dim-witted smirk plastered onto his face. She pictured the figure of Elor. She walked up to the figure, in this world she was nothing more than a beautiful figure. Her hair was down to her shoulders and braided loosely, she wore a fine velvet dress and her nails were painted with charcoal and lime.

    “Hello Elor”, She spoke in an angelic display of vocals.

    “Noria” he replied with a caring soft voice, he fell to his knees and kissed her feet.

    “Elor, it is time for you to begin your prayers” She said, smiling kindly down as he kissed her soft toes.

    Keira appeared from behind Noria, bound in a thin black leather suit, most of her body was exposed and freely leaking blood. Her eyes were infected and leaking a gelatinous green puss. A thick iron collar was wrapped about the previously beautiful elves neck, a small latch was connected to a rusty chain which extended all the way to Noria’s hands, where she held her pet at bay.

    Noria tugged her along, setting her right next to Elor, “Sit my choice” she calmly spoke, unlatching the collar from Keira’s neck. The skin around her neck was a bright red and covered in small sores and infections.

    Elor looked over in worry, his love was a disgusting mass of pain and tissues, she smelled like rotten flesh and appeared to show no happiness.

    There's a little monster inside all of us, a little wolf-faced monkey that needs to be satiated. As people, we mustn't ignore that monster. If we do, we cheat ourselves. We deny an emotion, a feeling.

    Noria gave Elor a kind look, attaching the collar around his neck. The Loviatarite priest tugged him closer to her and walked a few feet away from Keira in the dreamworld.

    “Sit, Elor” Noria spoke, walking back over to Keira and gently picking her up. The young elf was limp an appeared to be nearing her last breath.

    Noria placed her right next to Elor and took a few steps back, observing the two a moment before sitting down and crossing her legs, she leaned forward and spoke a haunting line.

    “I wish for you two to make love. Elor, you will fuck her corpse when she passes, I will bring her back to life. This is your final ritual for passing into the Maidens hand’s and being spared from the weakness of defeat by pain.” She spoke, her eyes narrowed and she lit a small candle, placing it in front of herself.

    Elor’s eyes widened in disgust and he stood up, glaring at her. “You are a sick bitch, Noria”, he spat in her direction and turned around.

    A small burst of negative energy shot across the chain Noria held and slammed violently into Elor’s neck, wrapping and consuming his breath with a painful sting and burn. Elor fell to his knees screaming the last of the air out of his lungs, he gasped for air before Noria canceled the small spell.

    “I will repeat Elor” She spoke harshly, “You will fuck her corpse.”

    Keira’s body fell flat onto Elor’s lap, the lifeless elves eyes were wide in torment, staring deep into him, staring into his soul. He recalled the last time she was so close and how joyful it was to him, this moment was filled with a reduction of elation.

    Think of someone who pissed you off. Some yutz who cut you off in traffic; a prick-ass Kinko's employee who took three hours to copy your resume; the big bully who spit in your face when you were eight. Now, in your head, relive this moment. This time, however, don't just stand there and take it. This time you've got a knife. Pull it out from behind your back and watch the status flip-flop. Suddenly, Mr. Kinko isn't so cocky. The playground bully is crying for his mother. Smell their fear. Then kill them. Kill them like you see in the movies. Make it as horrible as possible. Release that monster and stab that knife deep into their face.

    Noria licked her lips and continued, “Only by making love to the corpse of your will you truly be sick and twisted, it will cause your mind to race with memories of her alive, with her smiling. Her bloody, mangled corpse you penetrate will make you sick to your stomach, it will make you hurt, you will hurt adequately. You will not even be aroused” She gave him a haunting smirk.

    “Why?” Elor asked, peering into the poignant eyes of his lovers corpse. His jaw began to shake, and tears started to drip and roll down the edges of his face.

    Noria kindly smiled and leaned back to get a better view. “Why?” She laughed, “Why not?”

    Elor stared from his sweethearts stiff cadaver and moved the focus of his eyes to Noria, he wished to hate her, he wished to revenge his Keira, but something within him compelled him to look away from her.

    “I will do it” He swallowed hard, “But not for you Noria, I will do it for Loviatar”

    “That I what I wanted to hear Elor, now pierce her”

    Elor removed his belt and pulled down his pantaloons, he noticed that Keira’s leather outfit already had a slit cut into it, he moved her corpse about and placed it face down in front of himself, he spread its legs and positioned himself before penetrating her for the first time.

    As humans, we are taught to forget that we are animals. Animals kill to survive and its just as natural for us. To deny nature is to deny life. Now that you've committed murder in your dream world, relax. Take a deep breath, give your monster a high five and put him away. You've just used an evil fantasy to keep you civilized and sane.
    Noria’s eyes opened wide and she laughed, suddenly everything went bright for her and she was blinded. When her vision came to she noticed she was back in the Nars, her hand blistered and boiled from the flames, she removed it from the inferno and slowly stood up.

    “I will have my way, I always do”

    She stomped the fire out with her barefeet and headed back to Jiyyd, snickering madly.

    Some may call this irresponsible advice. They kid themselves that their mosnter doesn't exist. And when a person lies to themselves there is less chance for spiritual growth. More than likely, their monster will step out of the Dreamworld and into the Realworld. That's how a society gets messy. Lots of neglected, hungry monsters._

  • You know what goes on in this world. They don't understand they don't see that long after their laughter subsides, in search of the next cheap thrill, their victims are still hearing the taunts in their heads. A cacaphony of degrading noise, poisoning peception

    The Eastlanders.

    A group of misunderstood individuals only seeking to reclaim a land that they feel belongs to them.

    Noria was walking in the Nars, enjoying the crisp cool air as it pinched at her skin. Her hair was now slightly grown out, being held up with bees-wax to stand straight on end. Within her ears were hornet stingers with small rubys in the end.

    She carried a pack filled with smal nick nacks she has been picking up from certain cities. A small sculpture of a Peltarch guard, a small wax bowl with Noriwck engraved into its center. A torch which claimed to of been used by a legandary hero, a pack filled with useless shit.

    She climbed a large hill and peered down, she saw down the misty pass, echoes of screams and howls were faintly heard, she smiled with these noises, sitting on the edge of the mountain and leaning forward, listening closely

    Her ears perked a moment and she closed her eyes, she could hear the faint footsteps of someome behind herself, she leaned back and helds her hands up, releasing an odd form of divine magic.

    The magic spread out from her palms and acted like a net, a young Eastlander woman holding a dagger in an offensive position froze still, her jaw hardened and she eyes widened.

    Noria stood up and sighed, picking her pack up and slinging it over her shoulder.

    "I always wanted to use a Hold Person spell." Noria said bluntly, walking over to the Eastlander and looking her over.

    "Mighty brave of you, trying to take me all alone. Perhaps I should just let you leave, let you feel Loviatar's rare form of mercy. Or perhaps I shall pray with you as a tool." Noria said, pacing circles around the woman frozen in her position.

    The Bandit tried to make small noised, though she couldnt, her tongue was frozen along with the rest of her. Noria stopped in front of her and smiled, removing a small vial from her belt.

    "This is a paste, a magical paste really. Made by some odd shamans to the south of her, a paste that when it touched the air it ignited on fire. I'm sure you heard of it before." Noria said, removing a small vial from her pack.

    She gently slit the vial under the young Eastlanders tongue and sighed, closing her mouth to form an 'O' shape around the vial.

    She leaned forward and pokes the Eastlanders nose with a small grin, she removes a thin black box from her pack and opened it to show the Eastlander.

    Inside were fifteen of the most ghastly needles ever seen. Each had small hooks and nitches that were used for different parts of the body, beautifully polished with very fine designs within them.

    Noria removed a single needle, two small hooks stood upon the needles shaft, the point was at a 90 degree angle, the needle slowly curved and she showed the Eastlander.

    "That spell should wear off within the hour" Noria said sadly, "I will have to work quickly."

    Noria pushed the Eastlander to her back and sat upon her chest, unbuttoning her tunic and sliding it off. Noria pierced the Eastlanders left nipple with her needle, slidding a thin thread through. She brought the the needle back to the top of her breast and made a small cut, about an inch near the base. She removed a thick iron chain from her pack and set it next to herself.

    "This is going to be fun" Noria giggled, slitting a small slice of meat out of the Eastlanders lowers breast, with a large iron prod she managed the sew the iron chain through her breast, she repeated this with the Eastlanders right breast.

    The Eastlanders face was still and unmoving. Her eyes were becoming glossy and fine, showing she was in a great deal of pain.

    With both of the Eastlanders breats having chains peircing and threading through them she began to tie the chains around the Eastlanders legs, then to her wrists, them she brought her to a nearby tree.

    Noria mummbled a small prayer and her muscles grew in size. She easily lifted the girl up and tied a thick robe along the chains that bound her together, she through the rope over a tree branch that was extended beyond the small hill and starting to hoist the Eastlander up into the tree.

    She smiled, the eastlanders body was folded slightly, if she were to try and free herself, the chains would collapse and she would be hanging from her breasts for a good minute, before the chains ate away at the flesh and she fell to her death.

    Noria walked back over to her hill and sat back down, wiping a bit of blood from her hands, she stayed, calmly watching the pass over before hearing a loud scream followed by a burst of flames from behind her. She looked over her shoulder as the tree was on fire, the eastlander struggling in pain and lit aflame.

    The Eastlander who now resembled a large fireball screamed in torment and broke the chains around her arms and legs, falling a foot down before the chains in her breasts locked, holding her up above the ground. She squirmed and squeled in torment before her breasts were ripped from her body and she fell, a ball of flames to the ground.

    Noria looked down the cliff face at the young Eastlander and smiled.

    "Nothing beats a campfire"

    These fucks acknowledge their own worthlessness by persuing the mundane - inviting their own pain to confront them in the form of a furious victim.

  • Idea 12
    I just had to write this one down.
    here is your view of it.

    _Bones and tissues, tubes and fat!! All sustained by blood nothing more than a poorly tendered machine. And look…

    It has a brain! Fueled by the blood that races heavily in times of grotesquely heightened desires and vices! You can see the matter and feel the substance, but eyes and hands are useless.

    For sensing the rot and filth of ideas that drip from these things..._

    It happened. For the first time in ages Noria had left her inn room. She headed into the pass not in the mood to provide anyone with the kind of pain they would deserve.

    She reached a crossroad and stared at the sign a moment.
    South – Norwick

    She thought about it some time, having people she knew who worshiped the Maiden would be a nice change of pace. The correct social group for her mood

    North – Peltarch

    She paused on her journey, spotting the second part of the sign. She smiled to herself and thought about it. She had never been up to the city and she had heard wonderful things. She pocketed her hands and removed the a barbedwire whip piercing her neck from around herself and coiled it around her arm.

    The journey was a short quiet one, the Nars never looked so peaceful to her. She wondered why she was being blessed (or cursed) with such a peacefult trip. She reached the gates of the Northern City and her eyes widened.

    She headed to the gated, the guards asked her what her name was.

    "Noria" She replied plain and simple.

    "Do you have any weapons on your body?" The guard asked. Looking her over curiously.

    "No." She smiled, holding the coiled up barbed wire whip in her hands, it looked as a plain rope in the dark moonlight.

    "Welcome to Peltarch, my lady" The guard took a step to the side and opened the gates for her.

    Noria nodded and headed within the city. Looking about the great stone wall with a curious expression and a grin. As she reached the commons she paused. She did not want to be social this day she relized. She just wished to enjoy the city alone.

    Within the commons a young elf seemed to be arguing with a women clad in golden armor. She walked passed, a tall man with Peltarch colors stood with his arms crossed listening to some begger whine and wale. The last was a young human girl, perhaps 16 years old. She sat in beautiful robes and was reading from a book with a golden spine.

    Noria passed by and headed towards the inn, the beatiful young girl spotted her and recognized the markings on the back of her tunic as old Loviatarite designs and got up. She did not call for help but instead seemed excited. She slammed the book and ran off to follow Noria.

    Noria reached the city hall, looking it over with a large grin. She wondered how the meetings must of been torture for some of the senators to sit through, being that bored must be torment, She jokingly thought.

    The young girl reached Noria and was panting slightly, "Oh I thought I lost you!" The girl spoke, in a soft angelic voice.

    Noria's teeth grit and she turned around with the voice. She peered upon the young girl and sighed, "Can I help you?" she spoke calmly.

    "Yeah actually… come with me" She gripped Noria's sleeve and tugged her along.

    Noria noticed the building they were entering was marked with "Senator Appartments" and rose a brow, "could this young girl be a senator?" she thought.

    They reached the top level and the girl took a key from her pack, sticking it within the door and turning it, there was no creeking these rooms were obviously well cared for.

    Noria stood at the door and slammed it shut with her foot, taking a deep breath and glaring at the girl, "What do you want of me, girl?"

    The beautiful woman bowed and smiled politely. "Hello! My name is Jen, my father is an assistance to one of the senators here! Sir Vino!"

    Noria nodded, figuring that made a lot more sense, she appeared to ease with it as well.

    "Oh and," Jen added, "I worship Loviatar as well!"

    Noria's eyes widened and she head snapped over to the young girl. The edges of her lips began to curl up into a smile. She placed her hands genlty upon the iron door handle and grinned to the girl.

    "Is that so... I do understand that many rich young girls with nothing better to do start to worship My Maiden as just a way to pass the time."

    Jen laughed, sitting down on a couch and kicked her feet up upon a table, picking at her fingers.

    "Though" Noria stated, "You don't seem to have many scars upon your body, that makes me wonder if you are just telling me this." She smirked, feeling she figured the girl out.

    "Pff" Jen stood up suddenly, removing a small dagger from under her robes. She stood there in a skanky tunic and her panties. She sat back down when her robes were removed and held her arm out, "I'll prove it" She grinned.

    Noria licked her lips, looking at the dagger in the girls hand, awaiting the moment for when it pierces her skin.

    Jen rose the dagger high into the air and screamed "Oh for LOVIATAR" She brought the dagger down slowly and poked her upper arm. She screamed and dropped it, she winces loudly and gripped where she had just prodded her arm.

    Noria's smile was stuck on her face though her jaw slowly started to drop. Then so did the corners of her lips, she held a flat expressionless face.

    "See?" Jen said, with tears forming in her eyes and held up her arm, with a single small pinhead of blood forming on the pathetic wound.

    Noria looked to it and couldnt help but bring her fingers to the corners of her eyes. "You have got to be shitting me" she spoke in a quiet, ashamed voice that she just witnessed that.

    "What!?" The girl glared at Noria, "Are my acts too much for you to handle? You can just get the fuck out my room than" Jen pointed to the inn door.

    Noria followed her fingers direction then nodded at the door, she started to walk towards it.

    "You wouldn't know the first thing about the Maiden" Jen said blunlty.

    Noria stopped and slowly turned around to the girl.

    "You wanted to meet me, because we worship the same deity" Noria said kindly, walking over and brushes a lock of hair out of the girls face, "but there is a lesson for you to learn here.

    With a swift motion Noria let the whip slide off her arm and to the floor, she drew her hand back and lashed the girl across the face, leaving a large bleeding crack from the girls forhead down the left side of her face.

    Jen screamed and gripped her face, falling backwards on the couch. Noria jumped at her and tipped the couch over, pinning Jen down with her legs.

    "Well then, I am going to be your little tutor here, Jennifer. First lesson," Noria removed a needle from her belt and spun it around in her fingers. "Be a better judge of character."

    She dug the needle into Jen's right eye, she felt as the needle popped the innards. Blood started to leak down her face and her screams were becoming ryhmatic. Noria laughed and pulled the needle out, staring down at Jen as she struggled to escape.

    "Second... just because we have similar interests does not guarantee you're going to like me" Noria stated, leaning forward on her fist and sighed, punching the girl in the nose, hearing it snap.

    Jen yelped and did her best to try and free her hands, she wished to comfort herself by gripping her wounds, a reaction to remind yourself you are safe if covered up. Though with Noria on her chest it just made her more nervous. She knew subconsiously that Noria was still in control, that just added to the emotional fear Jen's posture and struggling portrayed.

    She sighed and stood up off Jennifer, she walked over to a table in her room and layed her pack down upon it.

    Jennifer in the meantime was rolling across the floor, gripping at her eye, still screaming in agony. She slammed into the tipped over couch and couldnt roll any further, instead digging her face into the pillows as if they would comfort her pain.

    Noria looked over at her and rolled her eyes, removing a large wooden mallet from her pack and tapping it in her palm a few times, "This won't even bring my any absolution" she walked over to Jen and flipped her over.

    She rose the mallet high into the air and brought it slamming down onto her chest, it didnt kill her. Instead her eyes just rolled back and she breathed slowly, blood drooping down from the corners of her mouth.

    Noria snickered "Oh i'm sorry!" She rose the mallet once more and brought it crushing down upon the girls face. A tooth was flung clear across the room and Noria got sexual gradification with the snapping sound of Jennifers skull. She watched as a mixture of brian, tissue and blood leaked out of the holes where her ears were.

    Noria rolled her eyed and packed her mallet away, slinging the pack over her shoulder, "The people you find in the city.. " she rolled her eyes and headed out.

    _Two species under one name – human -- separated only by this working of their minds. This one is human only in appearance! A clever disguise for a simple animal. The real humans are harder to find.

    Sometimes it's easy to feel like youre suffocating in a world where the rotten ones are all you'll know but dont ever lose your clarity.

    Never forget that these thigns exist in all forms in all places in all colors.

    Recognize this and know that you are better!! There is nothing wrong with feeling above these sacks which are so obviously fucked up.


  • Well thanks 😉 I enjoy writting them heh

  • @dc07a90c24:

    This right now is just a collection of ideas for larger more detailed stories later. So forgive the shittyness of these…

    //Nonsense, i love reading them. 🙂 //

  • _As for protecting the people, well that's a bit of a paradox…
    At least from what I know.
    I'm sure that if you searched into the lives of some of these victims,
    you would find out that they, themselves, were the cause of their very deaths...

    In those cases, the so-called "victim",
    at some earlier time played some part in the creation of their "killer"
    I believe that the life ended was ended for the fact that it was wasted on something that would never evolve beyond the childish ceuelty so many never cast off..._

    “Rick, come on! I wanna see it!” a young woman spoke, she was perhaps ten years old, freckles all along her face, she wore a baggy tunic and pants that appeared to be an adults. She had a small dagger, jagged edged, on a small sheath upon her belt. Golden blonde hair rode down the back of her head and seemed to disappear into the beautiful weavings her tunic bore. Her eyes, green as an emerald gave off a small reflection of the torch in her hand.

    “Slow down, Kimmy! I don’t want to trip on a rock!” Spoke her brother, he looked to be a year or so younger than her, though they measured up to be the same size he appeared a bit more scrawny than her. He was holding a thick tomb in his hands as he tried to keep up with his sister. He obviously had hopes of becoming a wizard, shown in his make-shift robes, tailored most likely by his mother.

    The two children were running into a cave, exploring the surroundings as if training themselves to become brave adventurers, braving the depths of the small cavern within the town of Jiyyd.

    “Woah! Look at this!” Kimmy spoke, pointing up to the tops of the cavern, large growths of mold and fungus were forming beautiful patterns. She held her torch up to get a better look at the cave with a curious smile.

    Rick stood quietly, holding his tomb tightly to his chest, he peered the natural designs over and looked a bit annoyed. He hated to leave the safety of his room, all he wanted to do was study.

    “They’re ugly” He spoke flatly, sitting down and leaning his back against a small boulder. He held his hand palm up and traced a symbol upon the tips of his fingers. A beautiful flare of light appears and he held it to his waist lighting up a small area around himself. He opened his book and started to read.

    “Oh you are so boring, coward” The young girl snickered and started to run her hand along the edges of the cave, pulling off small rocks and tossing them over her shoulder”

    “What are you doing?” Rick spoke annoyed, not even bothering to look up at her.

    “I’m searching for a gold vain. I’m sure we have one in this cave. I could be rich!” She grinned to herself, closing her eyes a moment and imaging living within a house of her own. Having paintings and jewelry lining the walls, which were made of solid gold in her mind.

    “Moron” he muttered.

    She didn’t bother to fight with him, instead turning a corner of the cave and heading off into the darkness. Spotting a small rat within her path she drew the dagger from her belt and snuck up on it, stabbing it in the back. She could feel the blade pierce its spine and go straight through the creature. She picked the vermin up by its tail and tossed it into a small underground pond. She looked to the water a moment, holding her torch up to get a better view of the cavern.

    Her ears perked and she looked over her shoulder, the light of her brothers cantrip no longer was illuminating the rocks from behind the corner of the cavern. She shrugged it off and snickered, yelling into the distance.

    “Good going mage-boy. I see you have reaaaally improved with that.” She laughed, sitting down by the edge of the pond and laying her feet into the water, she began to wash off some dirt on her legs. She removed a small leather pouch from her belt and took out a small chunk of soap, scrubbing herself.

    A few moments passed and she looked behind herself, the light returned only it appeared to be fire this time, she blinked in puzzlement as she knew her brother had no torches on his being. She stood up and put what was left of her soap away, she tucked her dagger into its leather sheath and started to walk around the corner, she stopped in terror.

    Her brother was tied up and hanging from a rock on the top of the cavern by a dark chain, making a haunting clinking noise which echoed into the darkness of the cave. His robes were torn up and in pieces on the ground. His mouth had a small leather strap around it and what appeared to be the hilt of a dagger in his mouth, a sharp gag. Blood dripped down the sides of his mouth and formed small puddles below him on the ground.

    She started to walk forward, fearful. She paused in her steps as she felt something squishy below her foot, she held her torch down and saw her brothers tongue, she dropped the torch and shivered. Paralyzed at the sight she looked up at him.

    Rick appeared fully awake and aware, his eyes shaking with terror and torment and his body twitching as it started to sway gently. He appeared to have several lashes along his back, as he started to sway a bit more his body turned around. Upon his back were newly made cuts, shaped in common letters which read “Behind”.

    She read the words on her brothers back and paused a bit, not fully understanding but she understood perfectly when she heard a loud laughing cackle behind her. She snapped around and drew her dagger, a woman grabbed her wrist tightly and slammed a rock against her hand, crushing her fingers and forcing her to drop the dagger.

    Kimmy screamed in pain and dropped to her knees, though the woman was stronger than her and kept her up, she lifted the girl up a foot off the ground before dropping her, the girl teared up and gasped, looking up at what hit her.

    A woman who appeared to be in her mid 20’s looked down at her with a friendly smile. Her hair was closely shaved and she had several piercings all over her being, she wore tight black clothing and her left arm appeared to have been burned. She has hundreds of needles upon small organized pouches on her belt. The look of the woman froze Kimmy in terror.

    “Good day” The woman spoke darkly, leaning down and brushes some dirt from Kimmys face.

    Kimmy backed up quickly, wincing as she leaned upon her broken fingers, her jaw trembling as she peered at her brother once more, spinning and twitching directly above her, a few drops of blood trickled onto her face. She screamed in terror as she saw it and tried to scuttle away.

    The dark women grabbed her by the ankle and drug her across the cavern, slamming her against the rock wall and lifting her up. With her opposite hand she wrapped a cold chain about Kimmy’s neck; it appeared to be some sort of clasp.

    The dark woman took a few steps back and Kimmy attempted to sprint away, though she was flung a foot in the air as she tried, wincing she looked up and noticed the chain was connected to the rock above herself. She dangled a few feet in the air, struggling to breath she grabbed the chain and lifted herself up, gasping and looking down at the woman.
    “Who in the abyss are you!? What are you doing?” Kimmy spoke frightened.

    “Me? Oh, my name is Noria. Get used to your position for you will be in it for the next week or so.” Noria walked away from the girl and headed to her brother again, who started to make muffled noises and squirm around in fear.

    Noria removed a small whip from around her neck, covered in barbed wires and dripping a small yellow substance onto the rock floor. She raised the whip above her and let it unwind to the floor, wrapping about her legs she started to quietly pray.

    Kimmy hung there quietly, trying to unclasp the brace from around her neck, kicking the wall and pulling hard on the chains. She looked back to her brother and a few tears silently snuck down her cheek.

    The dark woman brought the whip behind her a moment then flung it forward, snapping it on Rick’s chest; he squirmed and screamed which was muffled by the dagger he appeared to be deep throating. The whip left a large inflated red line down his chest, it appeared as a form of art in her eyes, and she admired it, running her fingers across it gently with a soft smile.

    “Hey listen!” Kimmy spoke up, realizing she couldn’t get the clasp off her neck, Noria turned around and eyed the girl with a smile and walked over to her

    “Yes?” Noria looked up at the girl, ticking her foot.

    “Listen to me, you have to talk to me, tell me why you’re doing this! My brother… my brother needs help!” She glances over at him, twitching and crying, his noises muffled by the dagger which cause it to dig deeper into his lips, more blood rushes down his lips.

    “-and I’m helping him” Noria replied simply, turning around and heading back to her brother.

    “Why do you keep hurting him, why only him!?” She screamed, growling as she tried to tug herself to the ground.

    “Somewhere in you, you must enjoy this. Seeing your brother twitch at the feel of the venom his kind produce.” She reached for Rick’s robes, holding them up and pointing to the Illmater symbol on the backs of them, which appeared to be covered in his blood. “Admit it, his admirable qualities are less than prevalent, even in dealing with you, aren’t they? How could you not entertain thoughts of his getting what he deserves?

    “THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING” Kimmy screamed.

    “I have. Unsettling isn’t it?” Noria grinned up to her, tossing the robe to the side and lashing her brother a dozen more times, his back appeared to be criss-crossed with painful welts. Kimmy wondered how he was still living.

    Noria started to flutter around inside of her pack, pulling out a small pouch and walking over to Kimmy. She smiled to the girl and opened the pouch. She closed Kimmy’s nose. After a few moment she was forced to open up her mouth to take a breath, Noria stuck something inside of her mouth and wrapped a cloth around her head, tying it tightly behind the back of her head.

    Kimmy mumbled fearfully as she shook her head about, tasting what felt like a rock in her mouth.

    “Shhh” Noria spoke, putting a finger to the bridge of Kimm’y nose. “What I laid within your mouth is a devise that is quite useful. It is a stone that when pressure is applied to it explodes in a sonic blast. They call them thunderstones, I am not sure how they are made but if you clamp down on it your head is going to explode.” Noria giggled darkly and went back to lashing her brother, after a moment or so he went limp and she touches his chest.

    Kimmy watched on helplessly, unconsciously tonguing the thunderstone in her mouth. She couldn’t help but imagine what it must look like when it explodes, though the thoughts were quickly hidden in her mind as she realized it was in her mouth.

    Noria stopped lashing her brothers lifeless corpse and looked over to Kimmy, walking over and smiling

    “Tell your brother he should make better choices in his life.” Noria spoke flatly, glaring at the girl before lashing her on the legs.

    Kimmy screamed, which was muffled by the cloth covering her mouth then gritted her teeth to try and not give Noria the pleasure of seeing her suffer, Her teeth clenched down onto the thunderstone and her eyes widened. Her lower jaw was ripped off and her teeth shot across all the room like iron bolts, the sound of her skull cracking echoed beyond the sonic blast of the thunderstone. Noria stood for a moment, looking up at what was left of the girls head and smiled, she packed her things away and headed out the mouth of the cave, seeming in a good mood.

  • IDEA!!!

    A young mother, perhaps 17, is walking down from her inn room to fetch water. Upon her back is her three year old son. They both appear cheerful and happy. Well, as happy as anyone can get living within the small town of Jiyyd. It always seemed peaceful, I guess there is no reason to feel down or depressed?

    They walk out of the gates and she heads on a small dirt path, passing many animals for her son to gaze upon.
    "Whats that one called?" The curious three year old asked.
    "That is a deer, they are like brothers and sisters to the Druids, my boy. Like your father 't'was" She replied with a bit of sorrow, halting her movement a moment.

    "He died, didnt he?" A figure appears from the top of a tree, eating an apple. She is a dark figure, though with several needles and piercings reflecting the sun off her being give a small view of her face. With a closely shaved head of black hair she gives a nervous chill.

    "He did, last year." The young mother takes a step away from the tree, reaching back to protect her son.

    "A pity, was it a painful death?" the dark being atop the tree asked curiously.

    "Nay. He died quickly, he was the victim of bad magics" She speaks, hiding a blush and a tear.

    The dark figure hops down from the tree, landing limply to the ground, she rolls a bit before slowly standing up, her face appears bloody and blistered. Hundreds of piercings of large rings cover her entire body and chains appear to be running from piercing to piercing. She has closely shaved black hair and a greedy smile. She is holding gently onto a small iron mace.

    The woman takes another step back and protects her child further, reaching back with her other hand and holding his bum gently.
    "I am returning into the gates." she speaks nervously as she walks, never breaking eye contact with the figure.

    The dark figure smiles and hurls her mace vertically at the young mother, it flys quickly through the air before hitting her right in the gut. THe woman falls over and screams in pain as a few of her ribs snap with the contact. The dark figure rushes over and slams a hand upon the womans arm to keep her down, pulling the child away from her mother and putting a finger to his temple.

    "Di-sk'lar!" The dark figure speaks gently, the boy falls into a deep sleep and she drops him onto the dirty road.

    "Give me back my child" The woman pleads between gasps.
    "Give him back?" The dark figure chuckles, "I didn't take him, he is right there laying becides you. Though… you must pay for your husbands quick death with your own slow one."

    The dark figure digs a hook into the mothers lower belly and pulls upward, tearing her flesh open from her navel to between her breasts, the woman stuggles to get away but the dark figure has her arms pinned to the ground too well for her to move. The dark figure smiles gently to her as she screams.

    "My name is Noria" The dark figure speaks softly" I am a priestess of the Maiden of Pain. Welcome to my prayers"

    Noria removes several needles from her belt and digs them into the womans chest, she pulls them apart slowly with small grips on the end of each, pulling the flesh away from her and showing the womans internal organs and cracked ribcage.

    "You will pass out from the pain any moment now," Noria sadly speaks, though she develops a small smirk. "I will give you enough positive energy to keep you awake through the entire experience."

    Noria holds a hand to the womans temple and mutters quietly, the woman recieves enough energy to keep her awake and alert, but it does not numb the pain at all.

    Noria begins to remove the kind mothers organs carefully, as not to tear any tissue. She lays them gently to the side upon the dirt road and smiles to herself, giving her heart a small protective shield to keep it beating the entire time.

    The young mother, you would think, would try to fight back. But when you are in the kind of pain she currently is in, one cannot move. Your muscles lock up and you cannot think of escape. You are a pathetic unmoving lump of shite, but back to the story...

    Noria finishes removing the final area which she needed removed, the mother's eyes are wide and dull. Her jaw is slightly dropped and she has turned into a large vibrator. Shivering with each tingle of fresh air being blown over her internal organs.

    Noria wipes a small bit of sweat from her face and reaches for the child, still in a deep sleep. The mother notices and grits her teeth. Still in her pain she feels the need to protect her child.

    "You want him, aye?" Noria kindly holds the child in her arms. "You may have him"

    Noria leans down and places the three year old male within the mothers empty belly, he wraps the child within the abyss of his mother and begins to place her organs carefully around the child. She stands up and looks down, the mother and son are one once more. It is a beautiful sight, really.

    She holds her hand out and shoots a soothing wave of positive energy into the mother and child, the mothers ribs heal themselves and the wound in her chest closes, locking her son within her belly. A living tomb.

    Noria smiles and steps back, she flicks her wrist and closes her eyes in a soft prayer. THe previous magic is cancelled and the woman faints from her emotional pain.

    Four hours pass

    The young mother wakes up, she looks around puzzled if she dreamt the entire thing or not. She peels up her tunic and looks to her chest, there was no wound, perhaps it was just a dream... She stands up, she felt a bit weak and grunted. She rubbed her eyes and looks around. There were no footprints, just deer. The beautiful deer.

    She made her way into the gate, too the inn, and into the bar. She ordered an ale from Marry.

    "Tough day farmin'?" Merry asked happily, sitting on the table and pouring her an ale.

    "You wouldnt believe." The woman took a large gulp of her ale, "I had a horrid dream. A nightmare that would make Bane shiver in fear"

    "Oh Do tell!" Marry asked, sitting into the chair. She got comfortable and looked to Drudo, who was busy with paperwork.

    Marry looked the young mother over and blinked a few times, she was gripping her chest and bent over the table. She leaned her head back and let out a loud scream of agony. She fell off the chair and rolled around the floor. She reached to her belly where it appeared something was breaking through .The sounds of ribs cracking and the look of her flesh being stretched so far was enough to send most of the commoners out running from the inn. Drudo followed them.

    Marry stared in fear and slumped down in the corner of the inn room, watching as a hand broke through the young mothers navel, the sound of her ripping flesh was music to very fews ears. The hand was freed from the tomb and a head emerged, covered in blood and gore, fecal matter nad blood. It was the face of a crying three year old boy, no longer having a bright smile upon his face as he emerged, a second time from his mother...