Knocking On The Gate

  • _One morning, Hammerhand is found knocking on the gate at the gypsy camp.

    "Lo? Who's leading this camp? I want to talk to him.. or her."_

  • Hammerhand shrugs and takes a swig from his canteen, before moving off.

  • The guard leans on his staff and gives the young man a long hard stare

    You have just worn out my patience. Be gone.

    Both guards step behind the gates, locking it behind them, leaving Hammerhand standing alone at the gates

  • "Why in the name of Hoar?"

  • The guards at the gate exchange yet another glance, one rolling his eyes before he turns away. The second laughs before answering

    Tis our land. I'd say we can do with it what we want. No one asks you to use the bridge. Don't want to, go around. We force no one to use it. We bring no fight to anyone. However, if the fight is brought to us, we will fight in the name of Hoar, and for our land.

  • "Occupy, own.. whatever you want to call it. You don't think people are going to just let you stay here and charge them for travelling, do you? Sooner or later there's going to be a battle, and I'm curious to know just what you're going to be killing and dying for."

  • The two guards currently on duty, exchange a look before one replies
    We don't OCCUPY the bridge. We own it, therefore we charge those who don't own it for it's use. We then use that money to make improvements on the bridge, feed our families, and take care of the Camp.
    As for fighting…. what the 'ell are you talking about?

    The first part of the guard's answer sounds practiced, as if he's repeated it many many times, in answer to the same question asked many many times

  • _"I'm Hammerhand, and I want to know why you lot are occupying the bridge. And what you're going to be fighting for."

    He makes sure his symbol of Tempus is visible._

  • The guards who are rather used to this by now simply reply

    Who wants to know, and what business do you have here?