• Character: Marshal
    Alias: unknown

    Home and Location: Keep of the Fallen, Oscura
    Town Position: none
    Time Spent in Narfell: March 2009-Present
    Custom Items: Yes, of course!

    Cloak: "Shar's Blessing" (+1AC vs Good, +2 hide, Darkness 1/day)
    -Awarded by M_O_B for successfully freeing a Deva, and slaying the "Blackguard of Shar" who kept her bound.

    Sword: Masterwork Silver Longsword (jagged blade) - Made by Maythor
    Sword: **"Shadow Thief Longsword" (+1 Sonic dmg, +1ab, +1 reflex saves)-Awarded by M_O_B in an event to kill a bounty for Peltarch.

    Armor: "Plate of the Tyrant" (+1 AC, +1 AC vs Chaotic) Event awarded to Quelcoth and given to the Black Knight of Bane -Marshal

    Boots: _Padded Leathers (+2 Move Silently)
    -Awarded by Hkb for a learning that gnolls are tough, but given help by the bugbears, ick!

    Key to the Keep of the Fallen

    -Character since March 2009_**

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