My Build 8 Cast...

  • I have alot of mixed emotions when i think back to my first year or two in narfell…back then i didnt know anything about keeping ones self emotionally detached to what was actually going on in game (after all its just a game) and ended up hurting a few people and breaking the trust of some players along the way...I was immature, naieve, and too involved with Role playing to see what was real life and what was not.

    Before I share any of my memories I want to apoligize to anyone whose trust I may have broken or who I may have hurt along the way. For that I am truly sorry - that was never my intention, and resulted in a lesson in honesty that I assure will never forget.

    Atel Vai'sini:

    Now on a lighter tone, I'm trying to remember back when i first started playing narfell as that time with Atel is my favorite memory of her...I had come there a +1 year veteran of the Arabel server with a few years of experience in online Role playing under my belt. On Arabel i played a charecter named Atel'ethria Vai'sini, a half elf / half hin rogue who lived on the streets of Cormyr after her parents had died (then involved in a large scale drow war). I played her to lvl 3 then taking a bard class on the way as a way of making some coin but as the dm events / war grew more intense she kept dying and losing levels.

    And so I set out to find a new home.

    Thsi is how i searched for that home...logged into NWN multiplayer, hit PWstory (i think), and arranged by Player count.

    Lo and Behold i discovered Narfell in early build 8.something with fifty something people logged in and playing. And liking large player bases i connected and remade my Arabel charecter in Narfell. While building her I renamed the charecter using the nick friends had used Atel, and
    Atel Vai'sini the elfling bard had moved to Narfell.

    Once logging in I secured a weapon and armor from the newbie lounge, picked norwick eeni meenie minie moe style, and explored the town. I was logged in game for a total of 10 minutes however when a DM (cant remember who...) stopped me in tells asked about Atel's 'race'. (half elf / half hin) I had to explain for a good 15 minutes how Atel was basicly a hin with pointierr ears that I thre 1 point a level into listening to make it RPable and after a month or so of RPing her recived official approval to play the 'elfling.'

    But back to wandering norwick that first day...(I have ADD)

    Having no knowlage of how the preform and dice tools worked I snuck off to a secluded area of norwick and figured it all out after some trial and error. Then returned to the infamous Norwick southern gate and joined the people around the fire. I didnt know it at the time but my little bard had just sat down in front of 3 bards from the bard school in Peltarch. (I beleive it was Clandra, Lunieth, and someone else but i really dont remember that well..may have been Zyph or Meril...).

    Armmed with my +4 to preform, hands and forehead sweating I played the flute to the best of her ability...rolling a grand total of 8ish on the preform check and earning a few laughs from the local babarians passing through.

    Blushing Atel ran off almost in tears from embarressment (I was embaressed as well) and sitting by herself next to a tree for the remainder of that RP session i had. later on Lunieth convinced Atel to join the bard college of which she would be a member of the remainder of her carrer...

    It was a few days later though that her life as a charecter changed forever when by same said fire she met a hin barbarian by the name of Zak Spear. First impressions were "thats a small guy with a big *** sword." But Atel and Zak quickly befriended eachother ... something just clicked with them. Quickly they became norwick's newest Item which as I remember was annoying at times but the longer they were together the 'hype' died down. old news i guess.

    After that Atel was in a whirlwind of adventures always insisting on going with Zak to 'protect him' most times he left the gates. This usually got me in more trouble than not but Atel didnt die once until level 5 bard im proud to say. I didnt know this at the time but apparently that is quite a feat for bards in narf.

    I retired the charecter shortly after the great Orc war in Jiyyd citing her age as a reason to stop playing her. ((Btw if i knew at the time that Jiyyd was going to get blown the crap up i would have simply moved to Norwick lol))

    Though I'll never play her again I'll always hold her memories special in my mind as she was my first Narf charecter, and the one I spend the most time with. My Whole experience with her is one of my favorite memories. I'll share more later I have many many chars and am at work lol.


  • Eleine:

    At least thats how i think i spelled it, I cant remember anymore.

    This was my little hin Druid that was welcomed into the druidic family with open arms. Never made it too terribly far with her even though i played the charecter alot but it was ALOT of fun to play.

    My favorite event with here was when she was kidnapped by a worshiper of Aruil (I think it was Aspera…but my memory fails me so i wont drop names) and taken to a small abandoned hut outside of norwick. It was there that Eleine was bound and her companion was sacrificed to Auril, Eleine almost was as well but the Druids (Fadia is the only name I remember being there another started with an A...someone help!why am i so bad with names?!) Burst in and the aurilite escaped through invisibility.

    The wholeevent left Eleine with a black scar in the shape of a snowflake on her left cheek and without a companion until she finally leveled again.

    What i remember most about that was the role play was fantastic as well as the concept. Fadia (I beleive) held Eleine until she woke up and held her longer while she sobbed for the loss of her panther. The experience changed her as a charecter and her personality was a little darker from that point on.

  • Tanya Spear:

    After thinking a while this is my second favorite charecter I ever played.

    She was the result of Atel and Zaks marrige, and after a few months had passed from her birth I was allowed to RP her starting from age 10.
    Though she never quite lived up to the concept i had for her playing her was never boring.

    I rolled her up as a Sorceress figuring thats what happens with barbarian rage meeds elven magic. Walaa emotion fuled magic that would sometimes cast charm person or color spray on people when she was younger. Most of the Wizzards she met were facinated with her emotion controlled magic and a few even tried to study her. There are a few wizzards who i owe a great deal to with this charecter as they helped with her tutalige in how to control her magic. (Cant remember any names…I think Kasumi was in on it though) meanwhile Zak tried his best to teach her self defence (poor thing only had 8 str lol)

    In her teenage years Grag 'adopted' her and became her self proclaimed uncle, and with him most of the male officers of the Legion (with one exception - im looking at you Elith 😉 ) all of whom saved her life at one point or another. My Favorite time with her though has got to be when she met Elith, the elven cleric. He was showing someone or something (I dont really remember) a new spell he had learned and was very proud of. everyone stood back for him to demonstrait and Tanya wandered into the line of fire due to an accidential click on my part. the then lvl 2 sorceress took a direct blow from the AOE spell and was face down in a corn field unconcious.

    She survived but the best part of that whole story was when Zak found that some elf knocked out his daughter...

    fun times! ^_^